10 Reasons Why Asics Running Watch is Awesome!

In my experience five or seven years ago, buying a running watch is done in two ways either via online purchase (a bit pricey by the way) or through a friend overseas.  One great thing on the local running scene nowadays is seeing an array of running gadgets and accessories made available in specialty or running stores.  Athletes, specifically runners, are lucky to have such access.

Asics GPS_AG01

Popular brand Asics recently launched its running watches with GPS capabilities.  Lucky enough to be invited as one of the guests during its launch. To top it off, other Asics models were on display and its functions explained during the briefing.


The Asics LED light is a good companion on your night run.  The LED will flash for 30 minutes and this helps visibility when running in darkness.

Asics LED Night_AP08_20150727232005848

Choosing a running watch is a personal choice and most often depends on the information you want from your training or run.  Of course, there’s no such thing as perfect watch.  But that’s not all, Asics running watch comes with special features—so I have highlighted what it can do and listed ten (10) reasons you might also prefer in a running watch.  Here you go…

1.  At a glance, the specs in Run Mode include distance, speed, lap running distance, split time lap time, current time display which are minimum requirements in most basic running watches.  But a basic thing can be awesome at the same time.  This brings me to reason number two.

2.  Asics GPS watch is not just your regular or basic running watch.  You have to remember the watch is designed in the manner as Asics shoes which gained the respect of athletes of the highest caliber.  Other than  Run Mode, it also features time display, chronograph, data, alarm, timer, adjustable display contrast, setting among others.

Asics running watches ambassadors
28th SEA Games silver medalist in marathon Mary Joy Tabal, silver medalist decathlete Jesson  Cid and long  jumper Khay  Santos are Asics watches ambassadors

3.  This feature is what I usually look for in a running watch—the global positioning system (GPS) capability.   Prior to running an eight-kilometer test run of the watch, switching its GPS is no rocket science.  My verdict: easy and fast lock-in GPS satellite meaning you can get out for your run quickly.

2015-07-27 22.16.51

4. The large font size and great visibility makes information displayed on the watch easy to read while running.

5. I’ve used the watch twice and these are my initial impressions.  The white color was personally and highly recommended by Judith, the hardworking lady behind its launch.   And what a good choice! I love it! With its eye candy colors (borrowed this description from Running Adik Abet), the watch can even be worn as perfect fashion accessory especially on non-running or casual days.  Hoping it doesn’t get dirty easily though.  Just like any standard watch, the device felt secure and snug on my wrist.

6. The watch has 10 hours battery with activated GPS, which is good enough for a 50-kilometer ultramarathon race.  If battery is fully charged and GPS is not used, the battery will last approximately one year.  How’s that for a watch, eh?

7. You can easily manage your running data by installing  the AG01 RUN application in your PC.   In this  mode, you can review information retained.  

8.  You can customize the combination of display items in each run display to suit your needs, ie running pace, split time, running speed, current time, calorie, total distance, etc.

9.  The watch can be be used as alarm. Really nice feature.  Best companion to remind you of your race or training time!

10.  Lastly, it’s reasonably priced at P 7,950 and the watch is now available. You don’t even have to send the gadget abroad for any repair since service center is also provided locally.    

These are basically the characteristics I look for in running watches and Asics have it.

Go! Check it out, and try it yourself!