101 Swim, Bike, Run: the Multisport Series

Been putting much of my energies in ultramarathon training and races recently that my love for aquathlon (swim/run) has had to take a back seat.  Anyhow, for those of you who are interested to join a multisport training, MultiSport Philippines, a monthly publication of Hinge Inquirer Publications, will be holding its first-ever series of seminars on swim, bike and run. The event is entitled 101 Swim Bike Run: The MultiSport Series.

Participants will learn about correct technique, injury prevention, proper nutrition, heart rate training and more from the country’s premiere coaches including Patrick Joson, Nonoy Jopson, Jay Sales, Ani de Leon, Guy Concepcion, Ria Mackay, and other experts in the field.

101 Swim Bike Run: The MultiSport Series is a great opportunity for everyone to get into the multisport lifestyle. Below are the details of the event.

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