2011 in Pictures

Recapping my 2011’s posts and great moments in the sport of running through images.  

In summary, RUNNING DIVA finished the Bataan Death March 102KM Ultramarathon, Cebu City and Condura Skyway Run for Dolphins marathons, a 32-kilometer run, two half marathons, 2-mile barefoot race, and joined fun runs like the Nike We Run Manila, Adobo Run After Dark and Women’s Health Athena.  Her blog celebrated its 4th year anniversary.  

She has reached a new soaring distance record of 3,000 km (excluding mileage accumulated in 2003-2008).  She was a recipient of the Runrio Trilogy Award for completing the trilogy distances of 21K-Century Tuna Superbods, 21K-Nature Valley Run, and 32K-Run United 2 Afroman Distance.  Her article ‘Happy Feet’ running group a.k.a. impromptu runners was featured in frontRUNNER magazine (April 2011).  

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for being part of my 2011!

Running 2011: the year in photos
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