2014 Year-end Summary

It’s time again … time to look back at how the year of running has gone.  I’ve written blog year-ender posts since 2008 and l just couldn’t let 2014 pass without writing one.

2014 has been very good to me not just in the sport of running, but in so many ways, so l’m excited to get this rolling.  First, I’ve finished a total of 17 races: four 10Ks (38th 10K in my list), five 21Ks (30th 21K in my list), a first 30km trail race for me,  a 34km road race, two full marathons, two endurance races, and two aquathlons.  Out of these, two podium finishes for two races and ranked third place in each.  Winning was just a bonus.  Not bad at all for a comeback run after over a year of hiatus from racing.

If l were to sum up the year in one or three words, “simply awesome!” Why? After seven years, Jambalayamuzika site is now RunningDiva.ph.  Yes, finally it has a domain of its own. Thanks to Carlo Isles and Tonette Nicolas for their hardwork in launching the web site sometime in October.  Of course,  if not to Que of Life of Que and Takbo.ph, l wouldn’t have known Pinay Healthjunkie.ph.  Also, the web site wouldn’t be complete without the help of these equally talented graphic designers Royce Reyes and Ziggy Tura.  Both updated the RunningDiva.ph header and logo pro bono. The site is currently performing well in terms of viewership.   Since its informal launch almost three months ago,  it has been viewed 4,000 times plus. With the help of my tech savvy friends, we’ll try our best to improve the site to make it more informative. Who knows? There might be a race for all divas out there soon!  Maraming salamat, po!

Though there are great races this year, the 1st Empire Angkor Marathon in Cambodia (August 2014),  l considered my best race experience and the 38th Milo Marathon in July 2014 as my best run.  Based on running performance,  I believe l was more prepared for the Milo Marathon than with the Temple Run.  Oops! This is a tough one.  Can l add one more?  Men’s Health Urbanathlon in Nuvali sure was a best run for me, too.  So it’s a tie! 

To have garnered the Frisbee Award (no matter how simple the announcement was or even if it was done just for fun), acknowledged by Jérémy Callegher of Under Armour Philippines and Judith Staples of Soleus Team, the announcement made me really happy! Again, maraming salamat, po! 

The ever reliable Garmin Forerunner gadget is by far my best friend in running.  If not for this toy, l wouldn’t be able to measure the distance, pace, etc.   Best piece of running apparel … oh well … this is tough! l’m still in the middle of reviewing two running apparels.  Can l skip on this one, please? Hahaha! Alright, this goes down to the last one.  World renowed ultra distance runner Scott Jurek gave me the inspiration to try harder or to “dig deep”.  Let’s see in 2015.

Of course, l’m  grateful to Coach John Lozada for his patience and constant prodding, and for believing “l can”.  Maraming salamat Coach John.   Grateful, too, to swim coaches Bernard and Brian.  Looking forward to our training.

To those l may have wronged, l ask forgiveness.  To those l may have helped, l wish l did more.  To my family, co-workers, and friends, thank you for the support and encouragement.  To those who have followed, visited, commented, and liked RunningDiva.ph and its Facebook page, let me THANK YOU for being part of my 2014!

“We will open the book.  Its pages are blank.  We are going to put words on them ourselves.  The book is called OPPORTUNITY and its First Chapter is New Year’s Day.” – Edith Pierce

Bye, bye 2014!

HELLO 2015!