A 25K Run from University of the Philippines (UP) to Tiendesitas C5 Pasig City and Back

Sometimes we runners can be a crazy lot, eh? Well, in a good way, of course.

For the past month, the longest distance I’ve run after finishing the 70K ultramarathon, was only 10K each week. I repeat, each week. Last Sunday’s long run was by far the longest I’ve done since my time away from running and racing. Thanks to Pojie aka Forefoot Runner for inviting me in their 25K run.

Excited, I already imagined running around UP area. But when the route was announced, it caught me off guard to find out, when we were about to take off, that we would be using UP as the starting point only and Ortigas, where Tiendesitas is, as the turnaround point. Come to think of it, it was like running from Quezon City to Ortigas and back.

Since I was not familiar with the route, I contented myself to run within the middle pack. Who would have thought I would end up running that long flyover along Katipunan? But, I admit, it was the best part. The downside, well, you get to breathe the fumes from vehicles plus you get heckled by some passing motorists. At times, people along the road would stare at you like you were some kind of an alien from a far off planet.

Overall, it was still a good running experience for me even if I initially couldn’t find my way back to UP. The run ended with a sumptuous brunch at Mang Jimmy’s with some friends from Takbo.ph.