Another 1000KM is Reached

And what better way to celebrate it, running with buddies during my practice run at Mall of Asia grounds last April 13, Tuesday. Not another kilometer shirt for me but a simple recognition of my feet for allowing me to run this far. I look forward to achieving not another 1000KM but more kilometers to run as far as my body will allow me to.

Initially a fun runner … tried trail running … found road running as passion … met great people along the way … trained (and still training) … to running and pacing with friends … to finishing half and full marathons … to aquathlon (swim/run) … to wherever my feet will bring me to …

During my two thousand-kilometer journey, I’ve met some people who left a dent on who I am as a runner today. Here’s Running Diva‘s journey to reaching the 2,000KM mark as seen in the following images.

Super thanks to those who have run with me and to you, dear readers, for appreciating this blog! See you at the starting line!