Another adidas Boost Innovation for Urban Runners: the Pulseboost HD

adidas Pulseboost HD
  • Pulseboost HD delivers more stability
  • Pulseboost HD offers the first iconic midsole technology called Boost HD
  • adidas collaborates with urban runners from New York, Paris, and Berlin to opensource the creation of Pulseboost HD

Introducing the Boost HD, a new innovation in boost technology. adidas engineers Boost HD with the same unrivaled energy return and comfort. It’s a new expression of the best.

Sitting lower to the ground, Pulseboost HD is ready for the unexpected. A sudden stop, juke, or quick change in direction on a busy city street is not a problem with a completely new package of performance benefits for runners.

–   Boost HD is engineered for more stability with the same best-in-class comfort and energy return—a new expression of the best.

–   Continental Adaptive Traxion is a new Continental™ Rubber outsole developed by artificial intelligence, giving maximum grip to quickly change direction on any surface, dry or wet.

–   Adapt Knit is a new flexible upper that stretches where you need it.

To highlight the design and collaboration story, the shoe features the GPS coordinates for New York, Paris, and Berlin where runners from each city helped develop Pulseboost HD.

Women’s Pulseboost HD
Men’s Pulseboost HD

In partnership with Spotify, adidas put a QR code on the tongue that links directly to a custom playlist based on where you are in the world, ensuring every runner is ready to move. Scan the code with a mobile device to launch Spotify and unlock an exclusive playlist.

The limited-edition monochrome colorway is now available in stores and at

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