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New Balance Raising Hope 2, 21 September 2008

I decided to join the Raising Hope 2 Fun Run in Rockwell, Makati City instead of the PMI Run in UP for some good reasons. Firstly, I did remember that i missed this run last year due to a previous commitment and I didn’t want to miss it once again. Secondly, the venue of the fun run is pretty near where I live. Thirdly, this was a fun run for a cause. The two hundred pesos registration fee served as donation to support the Cancer Resource and Wellness Community. After I registered, I was given a cute red Carewell/New Balance wrist band. Initially, I wanted to run as a renegade runner. However, when I heard that this run was a run for a cause, I didn’t hesitate to join it. In my own little way, I knew I made a difference. Thankfully, Mon, a fellow Happy Feet, also registered. While waiting for the race to start, I’ve met some newbies, Pam and Tina.

I arrived exactly on time. There were still few runners. I believe most of the runners joined the PMI Run at UP. This didn’t stop the organizer as well as the sponsors to push through with the race. There we went… running around Rockwell Power Plant mall. On my last lap, I saw Glen, who arrived a bit later but joined nonetheless.

The runners were treated well. Breakfast was surely a feast.

Kudos to the organizers as well as to Carewell Community!

Oh, before I forget, I registered early for the New Balance Power Race slated on November 16 at Clark. Events are 5k (P250), 10k (P350) and 25k(P550). I was told by a friend that registration will start on October 11, 2008.

Mamang Pulis Subic Legacy Run featuring a Happy Feet’s late evening marathon experience, 7 September 2008

For the second time around, I ran Subic Legacy Run. This time with a different atmosphere as most of the runners were from our very own Philippine National Police force. I learned that there were over a thousand runners who participated the run, including PCSupt. Samson R. Tucay, Race Director and who retired last September 8, 2008. What a way to spend retirement day!

Here’s our story (my version)…

The HF group met at Velasquez Park, Salcedo Village at around 9AM. However, we left Makati City a bit later due to some errands of some of the HF runners including me. I wanted to thank Aljo and Mon for their patience. In the car, I saw Ipe, Sensei John Ting, Totoy, and Mayen.

It was an awesome experience for me to see and traverse, for the first time, the newly completed highway going to Subic which made the trip shorter than expected. Almost everyone in the car couldn’t stop admiring the view, especially, the almost endless road which was a sight to behold. We arrived at past 12 noon and after leaving our stuff at Subic Homes apartment (courtesy of Aljo), we looked for a good place to eat and headed back to the apartment to rest.

Other HF runners, Zimm, Cecil, Tin, Lito and his wife, arrived later in the afternoon while Mon and Sir Ipe went out to have a beer session with the HF Lost Command camp whose apartment is just further down the road.

That night we had dinner at Aristocrat’s. Doc Oknoy, a 42km runner, joined us at dinner time. After carbo loading, we headed back to the apartment for guitar and singing session. It was really fun! To top it off, we enjoyed posing before the camera. Tin’s great idea, of course!

Anyway, there are other HF people whom I wanted to feature also in my blog. HF group, as you well know, is composed of diversed people and very talented too. It just suddenly dawned on me, why not post their best moment after finishing a run? I believe they’re very inspiring, especially, to runners like me or to runners out there. I did ask him through SMS or text if it’s OK. I had the GO signal. He has his way with words. He could have been a writer other than being a doctor.

This is Doc’s own story …

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Marie Caesarea (marie@cargosafeway) and Ms. Gay Maddela of RUNCPI for allowing me to run the unforgettable Subic Legacy Marathon last 7 September. The run was supposed to be by invitation only, but I wanted to be part of the legacy of a great officer and a gentleman in General Samson Tucay. This man leads by example, Gen, Tucay was able to reform and transform the rotten eggs in the police force into men of valor and he was able to mold new police officers who carried his ideals. The midnight marathon was his graduation run. I wanted to be part of his legacy not only because I firmly believe in the man and what he stands for, but also, I want to be reformed too. I have talked this over with my colleague, Dr. Gigi and we agreed that this run will be my Rubicon, crossing that line of no turning back.

So I pestered Ms. Marie, Ms. Gay and Mon Sunday (Domingo) for me to get into this race and for that I am so grateful. I haven’t been running so I know that I was in no shape for this run, the only thing running in my mind was Perfecto De Castro’s 10-string guitar rendition of the Leopoldo Silos and the great Levi Celerio’s classic, “Dahil sa Isang Bulaklak” (Because of a Flower), with that and the majestic sunset at Manila Bay, I was trying to take Dr. Gigi one afternoon but she was buried with her books. It was splendid and after the sun was gone, it rained. But like the crazy man that I am, I welcomed it with a smile and went home drenched.

I would also like to thank Ms. Rivka for cheering me on, and a fast running friend egging me to run. Hopefully I will be able to chase this friend in future runs………means a lot to me what you did.

I intended to do this run alone, so I deliberately did not join the group (I hope you understand by now folks), arrived in Subic and watched “For the First Time” to kill time. Eto na naman. Seeing KC, last time I saw her was in her Mamita’s (Madame Elaine Cuneta) room trying to choose what to play in her big laser disc player. KC has grown. Naiyak ako (I cried). I must admit……ang bigat sa dibdib (with a heavy heart). Naiyak ako sa inggit………buwisit na Richard yan ang sweet sweet, ang presko-presko… ang sarap gulpihin!

Anyway, I knew Mon will be worried, and I miss the gang too. After seeing For the First Time. Boy, you don’t want to be alone anymore. So I called and met up with the group at Aristocrat and we had fun and went back to Subic Homes, bonded with the guitar, covered two chordbooks full of songs from the 60‘s to the 90’s…. Roselle was the diva that she is. Then Lito, Mon and Mikey sent Ka Totoy and me off to the marathon.

It was exciting. I think it was the first midnight 42k marathon in the country, the intended 50 runners swelled to 61 then 72 and we were about 100 I the starting line. Me up with Don who was in a full race mode wearing his tri-team shirt.

General Tucay gave his valedictory and we went off. My plan was to stick with Gen Tucay’s group so that the sound of the stampede will hopefully scare away the wild animals along the route, and of course, the support was there for runners, figured out it will be impossible to support all 100 of us running when we are on the road……. The agreement was, we will all run with Gen Tucay as a pack until the 30km mark and then the rest can sprint away (the 30km mark is from the airport to the Remy track field, the idea was we stick together in the forest and breakaway when there are lights present in the streets to the finish) But runners as we are……we tend to be excited…our adrenalines are bursting. So what the pack did was they broke away when we reached the airport at the first 8km mark. We were scattered. So this will be a nightmare for the limited support staff for the marathon.

My plan sticks, stay with the general or be lost in the woods…………….stay I did , but struggled…obviously, the General lives and breathes in Subic, he was in great shape, because he was talking all throughout the run…….giving instructions, concerned with the welfare of all the runners in his race. He was not thinking about himself, but the people who were around him! It was 90 percent uphill in the first 21k and I tried my best to stay with the pack, near the turn I met up with ka Totoy then, Don Ubaldo who was with some elite runners and he had his sweet wife as back-up, driving the car, lighting their way. Reminded me of Richard and KC and how they cared for each other.

I was lagging behind from the pack by the 25th kilometer and I realized I got what I wanted for in the first place………………………. I was alone in the dark……………. No one was with me……. I have to change my plan………. Run slow at the lighted portions of the mountain road…and run as fast as I can in the dark stages….where wild boars, naughty macaques, hungry bats, big boa constrictors and the deadly Philippine cobra might be in the middle of the street lurking…. (I remembered how the
tiger from the nearby Zoobic safari fell victim to the bite of the cobra……the tiger became a Smithsonian skeleton display in that park). I don’t have the strength and the agility of a tiger…. So I sensed that I am no match to the Philippine cobra which was my main concern never mind the slow boa falling out of a tree. It did not help that I saw a dead snake in the middle of the road on the way up…… they are for real…

I deliberately left my water container half empty, for me to have some left in the race with the hope that the noise from the jiggling water and my galloping run will scare away the beasts in my mind. In effect I was doing a fartlek, intervals while I was running the marathon. Along the dark downhill bend, I tripped and fell had a sprain but had to carry on like a wounded Rambo….. by the time I reached the airport…..I was a goner……………the legs were not there anymore ……I was dead tired, I have no other way but to finish the course, I remembered singing this song with Mikey and Roselle when we jammed (thanks guys, this kept me up)

“It is the night. My body’s weak.
I’m on the run. No time to sleep.
I’ve got to ride.
Ride like the wind to be free again;
And I’ve got such a long way to go……………”

Finally met an officer in Rambo camouflage who showed me the well lit road back (the road crossing binictican and subic homes) I was tempted to call Mon to pick me up since they were nearby, I think friend Bro Aljo sensed this, for HE DID CALL ME…. But my fone as always was in silent mode so I did not see it…so I walked that lonely highway alone……with the strange slithering sounds prowling in the grass at the side of the road, I was too tired to be scared…. I just carried on………………. with a smile and a welcoming Ms. Gay at the finish line……. I did my sixth marathon….

From: oknoy poblete
Subject: SEptember races and Subic
Date: Tuesday, September 9, 2008, 3:03 PM


There you go… I decided to exclude his last two paragraphs. For me, they were too personal. May be… he might publish that reflection in his book someday.

So, back to our group’s story…

The full marathon started at 11 PM. So there went Mon, Lito and Sir Ipe to send off Doc Oknoy and Totoy for their run. Awesome! By the time we woke up prior to race, these two great guys
were already done with their full marathon! Amazing!

Race day, 5:30 AM …

Had to do some laps and stretching.

The race didn’t start on time as we waited for the last runners of the full marathon to reach the finish line. And when they did finally arrive, everyone cheered!

The race started after the sounding of the trumpet (seven times) and followed by the firing of the gun. There we go… 5k and 10k runners … both civilians and military alike… with one passion … RUNNING.

I was about to overtake Tisha (who was my target then) but she, who just recently did a 21k, overtook me. She was fast! In fact, I overheard some police personnel saying, “Grabe, ang lalakas nung babae, o!” (Wow, that lady is pretty strong!) It sure was a nice feeling, that while running, some of the police runners would say “Hi!” or “Go, Ma’am!”

I think most of us did well.
No injury.
New PR.

Practice RuNs … RACES… rUnnING…

Practice Run at University of the Philippines (UP)

I looked forward to this practice run as it was my first time to run at UP at night with QC HF runners. To top it off, I’ve met some of the HF newbies. The practice run started past 8pm. According to Gigi A, we ran a distance of over eight kilometers. I didn’t even notice that. The original plan was to run only within the three to five kilometer range. During the cooling stage, I had the chance of getting to know some of the newbies, including Gigi (thefitmommy). Thank you Gigi for sharing your story. As what lonerunner said, “run on my friend.” The post run dinner ended at no other than the much loved restaurant of Mon, Chowking. It was nice of Carmen and Gelo to drop by while we were having our late dinner. Thanks to Sir Felipe for the ride home. He made sure that everyone went home safely. If it was not for Daniw, the group wouldn’t have experienced the Betty Go-Belmonte moment. That was really hilarious! If you are wondering what happened? Ask Vimz or Doc Gigi.

Doc Gigi, Lito, Jan, Vimz, Felipe, Daniw (partly hidden), me, Cecil, Sheila, Mikey and Gigi “thefitmommy” (seated)

Practice Run at Salcedo Village, Makati City (taken at Velasquez Park)
Judah, Glenn, Mon, Mikey, Vimz, Doc Oknoy, Doc Gigi, Aljo and me

One Run. One Family. One La Salle at the Fort

Waited for Judah to arrive so I can give him his race pack.
Ana also joined in this run.

Saw some familiar faces–former students and colleagues in school, and some DLS Brothers.

A 5k run for me but I ended running a distance of 3k only because I did a wrong turn and followed a wrong pack of runners.

A fun run in the rain.

Fit & Fun Buddy Run at the Fort

I ran under Tanya’s race bib so that Mon will have a buddy in this run. Mon thought that I was trying to chase Cecil on our way to the turn around point but, actually, I was just having fun pacing with him. It was indeed a privilege to run with one of the Masters. We finished the run with a time of 0:36.52 hand in hand near the finish line and not HHWR.

FEATI Blue and Gold Fun Run at Roxas Boulevard, Manila

Cecil and I were planning our way on how to go to the Fort when out of nowhere Pat said “hi” to us. Earlier in the run, I already saw Pat and waved at him. I was glad to finally meet in person our HF singlet sponsor.

Cecil, Caesar, Pat Concepcion and me

Thank you Pat for taking this photo.
Thank you Cecil for the ride–me as your navigator; and us zooming from Feati run in Manila to Mommy Milkshake run at the Fort.
It was also nice meeting Caesar here.

Mommy Milkshake Fun Run 2/e at the Fort

Marvin, Missy, Jeune, Thelma, Cecil, Mikey, Trish (Vimz’ daughter), me, Felipe, Art, Mon, Tanya, Madj, Ana, Raf

Me and Running: a Personal History

My running background is like almost every newbie runner in the world. One day a three-kilometer run for a cause by a non-governmental organization was organized and that was it. I was hooked, started training on my own and never realized that I would be seeing myself joining races almost every Sunday of the week, and as long my schedule will allow me to … I will. I was inspired to run when I saw a friend, a 57-year old guy, running the 10k event. Wow! I said to myself, “if he can do it, I can too!” Honestly, easier said than done.

Looking back at the history of road running, the Marathon is probably the most popular. Despite its popularity, so I’ve learned from our Happy Feet e-group and through my own research that, women were officially allowed to run only in 1972 and in the 1984 Olympics. I was only one year old then in 1972 and just graduated from grade school in 1984. Surely, time flies so fast, eh? I thought, this incident wouldn’t happen again. But I was wrong. Recently, a race in Metro Manila, Philippines, excluded women from running a 21k event for reasons that really baffled me. According to Tanya, a fellow HF runner, I quote,”I thought it was an affront to all women around the world, not just runners.” I couldn’t agree more with her opinions stated in the recent Sunday lifestyle article. Thanks Tanya for that superb article and for featuring the Happy Feet group. I’ve kept a copy of that article as memento.

Let’s talk about the Happy Feet. As far as I can remember, this group, also known as impromptu runners usually register on race day itself. I’ve seen it. I’ve witnessed it during the Nike+ Fun Run in April 2007 when Ben a.k.a. Photographer on the Run and Chester (whom I haven’t seen since then) registered on-site. This was a very memorable run for me because each runner was given a free red shirt where one can write a power song. I chose We are the Champions by Queen. I can still vividly remember seeing one of the runners wearing the Nike shirt with a power song Moon River emblazoned on it. That was cool! This was my comeback after a one year plus hiatus. Oh, no injury or other reasons. Just simply lazy then. My award? I finished the 5k run horribly.

It was also in this run that I’ve met Mon Domingo known also as Marimon, Jedi Master, Monski, Monsky, Chito, etc. I became a member of impromptu running group after almost two months (and not three weeks as previously posted). There was never a dull moment during the members’ e-group exchanges even if we were still few then. Thanks to Mon, Smith and Joms’ funny antics. One of the funny experiences I had with the group was when I came across with the acronym TBR and I thought this must be one of those running terms. I was wrong. TBR simply stands for The Bull Runner. With that name, came an imagination of a large, strong and aggressive person. I was wrong again. Then there was Ben. The Ben whom I thought one of the photographers that offer photo services in Luneta. Mon’s humor insinuated that Ben’s like that—you know, the big, fat, old kind of guy. I was wrong, wrong again. Ben’s a very talented lensman. He has his blog to prove it. It was also because of TBR and Ben that I got hooked to blogging. Yes, folks, for 48 straight long hours, I tried to understand the nitty-gritty of blogging. Voila! Running Diva was born after two days.

So, why use the moniker, Running Diva?

I gave the credit to Pia, a fellow VSO volunteer who is now currently on assignment in Zambia, Africa. She gave that moniker to describe my hobbies—running and singing.

Then on July 1, 2007, after the Adidas King of the Road run, I’ve met another batch of impromptu runners–Michelle, the creator of impromptu runners site and Michelle’s special friend; Joms, Doc Brent, Tisha, and Ben. See my older post. You’ll find a photo of us. The members just keep on growing, growing-Smith, Chaia, Banggi, Doc Oknoy, Lost Command, Tisha, Aljo-are just but some of the HF members I’ve met. Some of my friends who, at one time or another, decided to join HF group are Judah, Ana, Ruth, April, Wilbert and Thelma. Some members of the group, however, remained lurkers or are just simply too shy. The run in July 2007 was followed by one race after another. Once you’re in the e-group, you just can’t miss each race. Below is the partial list of marathons, fun runs and other races where I joined (and never joined):

Runnex @ 25 Executive Classic Run, 10k, 7 Dec. 2008, 1:07.22
UNICEF Run, 10k, 23 Nov. 2008, 1:03.38
New Balance Power Race, Clark, 25k, 16 Nov. 2008, 3:00.29
VSO Kabahagi Ako Fundraising Run, 15k, 9 Nov. 2008, 1:45.57
United Nations Paabilisan Road Race Series in Cooperation with Botak, 10k, 19 Oct. 2008, 1:04.12
Adidas King of the Road, 21k, 11 Oct. 2008, 2:33.42
Hope in Motion 3, 10k, October 2008, no race results (a fun run/walk for the benefit of SOS Philippines)
Raising Hope 2 Fun Run of New Balance, September 2008, no specific distance (an annual fundraising activity of New Balance for Carewell Community where one can run, walk or jog as way of helping people affected with cancer)
Mamang Pulis Subic Marathon Legacy Run, 2/e, 10k, September 2008, 1:12.16 (unofficial race results)
Mommy Milkshake Marathon, Year 2, 2.6k, no race results
Feati Blue and Gold Fun Run, 10k (8.9km+), August 2008, 1:03:06
32nd National Milo Marathon, 10k, August 2008, 1:14:24
Fit & Fun Buddy Run, 5k, July 2008, 0:36.52
One Run. One Family. One La Salle, 5k, July 2008 0:30.29
PSE Bull Run, 10k, January 2008(Missed it for not waking up early; too tired)
Takbo Para sa Kalikasan Year 9, 10k, February 2008 no race results
Pinay in Action, 10k, March 2008 (couldn’t find my name in the list)
Soroptimist Takbo! Breast Friends, 10k (Missed it for not waking up early)
New Balance, 10k, (Didn’t run due to a conflict in schedule. It’s matter of choosing CLASS or RUNNING.)
Condura “I Ran for Tubbataha”, 10k, March 2008, 1:08:19
Subic Marathon: Live the Dream, 10k, January 2008, 1:16:24 (Originally registered for 5k but decided to run under April’s 10k race bib
GK Bayani Marathon/Adidas Run for Love, 10k, October 2007, 1:18:23
Go Marino, Go!: 2nd F.A.M.E. Fun Run for a Healthy Body and Mind, 10k, September 2007 (no race results)
Fil-Mus Run for Peace, 10k, September 2007, no results
Media Sports Club Open, 10k, August 2007, no race results
Takbo Para Kay Ariel Fun Run, 5k, August 2007, no race results
UP Great Run, 10k, August 2007, 1:02:36
Runnex Pharmaton 5k/10k Executive Classic, 10k, December 2007, 1:10:05
Yakult 10 Miler, 16k, December 2007, 1:55:56
Animo! Run, 10k, November 2007 (Didn’t run due to a conflict in schedule. It’s matter of choosing CLASS or RUNNING.)
31st Milo Marathon Finals, 10k, no race results
31st Milo Marathon Elimination, 10k, July 2007, 1:15:26
Mommy Milkshake Marathon, 3k, August 2007, no race results
Adidas King of the Road Finals, 10k, July 2007, 1:04:26
Nike+ Fun Run, 5k, April 2007, no race results
Adidas King of the Road, 10k, October 2005, no race results

Why do I run?


It’s painful, tedious and most of all, exhausting. It goes beyond the physical benefits. The intense exhilaration and euphoria that comes after finishing a run is what motivates me most. My practice runs gave me a wonderful and rewarding experience.

I have continued to run, recreationally and competitively, and have even won some awards including a cash award for winning first place. It’s not much but I was happy with it. Thanks to the constant prodding and encouragement of John Ting, fondly called, Sensei which means “teacher” in Japanese. I believe, running is not about who can run the farthest and the fastest. I’ve known some of HF runners who are seriously on training. I congratulate them for their dedication and for their passion for it. Some have set a quite impressive personal record (PR). Good for them! As for me, I will run for the sake of keeping in shape. Running is still, as what my blog says, a quest for self mastery.

Benefit Concert, 26 June 2008

This year’s 7th anniversary with the theme, “Panibagon Simula, Ibayong Sigla,” wouldn’t be complete without the much awaited benefit concert of Transchorale, Transco’s finest talent group. The concert is made possible through TLFI. Almost three weeks in the making. Eleven songs are with choreography. Repertoire includes …
Tayo’y Mga Pinoy
Hibang Sa Awit
Babae Ka
Bakit Ngayon Ka lang/Nandito Ako Medley
Rosas Pandan
Sanay Wala Ng Wakas
Salamat Musika
Sa Tabi Ng Puno Ng Saging (Men)
Waray Waray (Women)
Lady Is A Tramp
Fyer Fyer
Prende la Vela
Paraiso-Better World

A karate pose after singing Waray-Waray

Singing Fyer Fyer

Singing the opening song, Tayo’y Mga Pinoy

Decee Joy, Ana and Judah as my guests

Fun Run, June 23, 2008

Receiving my award of assorted groceries. Woohoo!
With some of my HR colleagues
A pose with our proud HR managers, Sirs Jay & Eli
Winners (age category): Rodel, Abby, me, Thelma
Stopped running for almost three weeks. This is my practice run after being busy practicing dance steps/choreography prior to our upcoming benefit concert. I joined this fun run last year and won third place (age category). This year, our company is celebrating its 7th founding anniversary and weeklong activities are already lined up. One of them is this fun run. Guess what? I won first place (age category) and emerged as champion (women division) this year. Toot! Toot!

Voyages: A Wonderful World of Music, May 9, 2008

This year, in cooperation with Philippine-American Life and General Insurance Company and the Philippine Madrigal Singers present Voyages: a Wonderful World of Music, a musical festival continuing the proud Madz Et Al tradition. Our group, TransChorale, performed last May 9, 2008 at the Philamlife auditorium, UN Avenue Manila. The festival showcased various choirs from all over the Philippines.

May 7

MILK Children’s Choir (Oscar Pantaleon)
Manila Chamber Singers (Joel Aquino)
Coro Cantabile (Sharon Abesamis)
Anima Christi Chorale (Joel Boragay)
Woodrose Chorale (Lala Kliatchko)

May 8

NAPOCOR Chorale (Anna Abeleda-Piquero)
University of the East Chorale (Anna Abeleda-Piquero)
Philippine Male Singers (Robert Delgado)
Lifeline Chorale (Warlito Yalung)
St. John Mary Vianney Parish Choir (Marivic Llamas)
UP Los Banos Chorale Ensemble (Joey Vargas)

May 9

Pfizer Chorale (Oscar Pantaleon)
Supreme Court Chorale (Fred de Santos)
Coro de Sta. Cecilia (Chris Borela)
TransChorale (Robert Delgado)
Our Lady of Fatima University Chorale (Warlito Yalung)
Coro de San Sebastian (Elsie Eranista)

May 10

Ateneo College Glee Club (Malou Hermo)
Novo Concertante Manila (Arwin Tan)
Cultural Center of the Philippines Chorale (Arwin Tan)
Caltex Chorale (Oscar Pantaleon)
PAG-IBIG Fund Chorale (Fred de Santos)
Chorus Paulinus (Fred de Santos)
Global Holdings Inc., Chorale (Oddette Galura)

May 11

Kilyawan Boys Choir (Mark Anthony Carpio)
Our Lady of the Pillar Cathedral Choir (Oscar Pantaleon)
Maryknoll Sanctuary Choir of Baguio City (Joey Soliman)
KHP Coro Techniuv (Steve Collado)
Shrine of Jesus Academy Children’s Choir (Mary Louise Macanaya)
Koro Ilustrado (Romel Lomarda)

May 12

Magsaysay Chorale (Joel Aquino)
Adventist University of the Philippines Celestial Echoes (Warlito Yalung)
University of Makati Chorale (Elsie Eranista)
Pansol Choir (Mark Anthony Carpio)
College of the Immaculate Conception Chorale, Cabanatuan City (Alfred Samonte)
POEA Chorale (Alfred Samonte)

Our repertoire includes:

Fyer Fyer
Negrita, Prende la Vela

Gawad Kalinga Bayani Run

Will join the GK Bayani Run this Sunday, April 13, 2008 at Mall of Asia (MOA) instead of the On Your Mark : run for a cause by Kapuso. Hope I can improve my PR this time. I remembered last time, during the Adidas Run for Love: GK Bayani Marathon, I didn’t do well. It was my worst 10k run.

Race recap:

Race started at past 6AM. There were not so many runners (approximately more than a hundred runners or so). Spotted Ben, Joms, Marga and Tisha from afar. It was a long, slow run for me and finished it 1:11:00. Not bad if I have to compare it my previous GK Run for Love PR.