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Corregidor International Half Marathon Finisher (4th : 2014 : Corregidor Island, Cavite City)

Finally, a post from me!  Been such a long time! No christmas nor new year greeting, no running recap for 2013, not even a countdown.  Oh well, just one of those days when sometimes we just have to cut ourselves some slack. Late post but still wishing everyone a blessed 2014!
On Joining and Finishing the 4th CIHM
There were attempts made to join the Corregidor International Half Marathon (CIHM) since its inception in 2010, but for some reason it just wouldn’t work with my schedule until last year.  Both the Corregidor Marathon and CIHM events, however, were rescheduled to January 11 and 12 respectively instead of December last year to give way to relief operations in areas affected by typhoon Yolanda. Months have passed since my last post yet no matter how hard I tried, the words just wouldn’t flow or it was difficult to recap in words so let me show you some pictures instead.
Crossing the Finish Line in over two hours
Half marathon runners took off early Sunday morning.
Can you find me in the crowd?
This is but one of the picturesque views of the Island.
(Photo courtesy of 
Jing, my niece)

The Mile-long Barracks said to be the longest in the world.(Photo courtesy of Jing, my niece)

Running near the Mile-long Barracks ruins.

With the newest Soleus Brand Ambassador celebrity Gerard Pizzaras (on my right) who amazingly finished both the 42k and 21k distance categories. I also had the chance to meet
his equally famous runner friends who are also into running and multisport events. 
With my niece, Jing, who regrettably didn’t make it in time for
her supposedly first 5K race in Corregidor because of work assignment.
There’ll always be a next time, niece!
With beaming 10k finisher fellow Fishers of Men choir member, Jessica D.
Congratulations, Jess!
The Finish Arch for 21K and 10K finishers.  That tiny orange speck is me on my way to
the Finish Line.  Woohoo!
Seeing fellow blogger Atty. Raymund aka Everybody Loves Raymund at the Starting Line on a cold early Saturday morning. We were both spectators and waiting for the Corregidor Marathon side event runners to take off.  

Congratulations to Big, Big, Big on both a successful and a memorable half marathon running.  Such a smoothly run event.  Awesome job by everyone. Many, many thanks to Edward Kho on the work you are doing for the running community and tourism.  Great thanks to Mr. Rolando Portes, General Manager of Sun Cruises for ensuring our stay in the Island comfortable and welcoming. I look forward to doing the event again!

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Corregidor Half and Full Marathon 2013 Rescheduled to 11-12 January 2014

Received an email from Team Corregidor Race Director about the rescheduling of the Corregidor running event. Below, please find the full text of the organizer’s email.

The entire Filipino nation is grieving.  In light of our country’s current state of calamity and our of respect to all our suffering compatriots and to make way for the relief efforts of individuals and organized groups for all those affected by this calamity, Corregidor Marathon and the 4th Corregidor International Half Marathon is rescheduled to 11-12 January 2014 respectively.   

Further convincing us of the decision to reschedule the events is the forecast of the local weather agency that there are 3 to 4 more typhoons expected to hit the country before the year ends. It is more prudent to decide as early as now than deciding on it a few days leading to event day when all preparations have been set. 

The Runner’s Briefing on November 30 and December 1 will push through at 100 Miles Café in Fort Strip, however.  All race participants’ bookings with Sun Cruises will automatically be transferred to the corresponding new dates.   Likewise,  race registration will continue up to 3 January 2014.

We are encouraging everyone to help in any way they can during this difficult time. 

Thank you for your understanding. 


Edward Kho

Race Director

Team Corregidor-4th CIHM

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