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Podium Finish : Splash ‘n Dash Aquathlon 2014 (Leg 2)

It has been five years since my last aquathlon.  My first attempt was in an open sea competition in Corregidor.  It was not really to test how fast l was in swimming,  but it was to get over my fear of swimming in an open sea water.  I learned to swim late (in my early 20s) because of fear of drowning in deep water.  In fact, as my graduation rite back then, my swimming instructor made me jump in the deepest part of the pool, around 11 feet deep.  

By the way, the deepest pool we have in my home city is 13 feet deep, good enough for diving lessons since it is equipped with a springboard.  After l successfully swam towards the shallow end of the pool, l realized that the actual depth of the water makes no difference.  If l didn’t overcome my fear of drowning, l could have said “sayonara” to sport competition such as an aquathlon.  

I may have stopped joining aquathlon competitions, but swimming has been part of my workouts.  Running is best for cardio.  Swimming is best for the muscle. I do both. Yes, when legs are sore and aching from pounding the roads, swimming is my therapy.  Thus, finding myself in another aquathlon competition after five years is in itself exciting.

As competition neared, l got sick.  It was may be caused by stress at work.  l suffered a mild cough and a runny nose, common cold symptoms.  Did try natural remedies by getting a good night’s rest, drinking lots of liquids, and eating congee with herbs. Thanks to the advice of a friend. Prescription was also considered. Of course, l didn’t forget the power of prayer.  So when l woke up early Sunday, though still feeling a bit wobbly, l noticed that my cough has stopped somehow.

I arrived at the venue with enough time to claim my race kit, and for the arm and leg number markings.  l just stayed at the audience area to prepare my stuff while waiting for my Wave to be announced.  At the same time looking forward to the arrival of my choirmates, a first time for them to see me compete. 

l had the feeling of déja vu when our Wave was finally called.  There was supposed to be 13 of us in our wave, but two or three didn’t make it. A quick race briefing followed. Then the dreaded countdown.   I had a good head start when almost halfway in the lane l suddenly stopped. I thought l heard someone calling me to stop and go back. As l was about to turn around that was when l saw my fellow competitors coming towards me. 

Since not feeling well, l had to take a quick rest in each lane before proceeding.   Honestly, that wasn’t a good performance.  I knew l was slower.  And breathing (because of my cough) was kind much of an effort.  It was not for the win, but to just finish.  Besides, l didn’t want to disappoint my friends who came all the way to Marikina just to watch me (and take note … on a Sunday morning). Adult aquathletes were expected to complete the 600-meter distance by swimming the eight lanes thrice. 

Transition time happened quickly.  Running a 5-kilometer distance came next.  Again, just like in the swim leg, l was slower.  I just maintained a comfortable pace since my thighs were still sore from the speed workouts with my running coach two nights before the race. In the run leg, where each loop measures 2.5 kilometers, all of us had to complete the loop twice.  With just a few meters to go … at the last road bend/corner, a runner whizzed past me. I thought, “Oh well.”  “Why do l have to be sick on race day?” “… Of all days!” Then FINISH LINE. 

Since l didn’t plan to stay longer,  l looked for Bave to thank and bid her goodbye.  To my surprise she asked me not to go yet.  She quickly checked the time record in the computer and came back smiling. It turned out, l won third place in my Wave. “Wow!” Didn’t expect it. A second podium in aquathlon.  “Really?” What a comeback. Couldn’t be more happier! 

Thank you F.O.M. choirmates, RJ, April, and Doinks for the support and cheers; Ivy M. aka Running Contessa for facilitating access to the swimming pool for my swim training; to my other friends who wished me well, thank you; and, Bave for patiently answering my queries. Congratulations to all participants and finishers of the 2nd Leg of the Splash ‘n Dash Aquathlon 2014!  Kudos to the organizers, volunteers,  marshals, aid station personnel, and sponsors for a job well done! 

Until next time!

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PRC Run : Professionals Run for a Cause,15 June 2014

The Philippine Association of the Professional Regulatory Board Members, Inc. will spearhead the PRC Fun Run with the theme “Professionals Run for a Cause: Rising in Unity for Nation-Building” happening on June 15.  The Fun Run is a kick-off activity celebrating the Professional Regulatory Commission’s 41st Founding Anniversary during the Professional Regulation Week on 16-22 June 2014.  
At least 3,000 professional association members and their families are expected to join in any of the 5-km, 2.5-km or 1-km distance categories. 

Registration is ongoing and will end on 8 June 2014. You may register at any of the SM Business Center registration outlets: SM MOA, SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, SM Southmall, SM Fairview, SM Makati, SM Harrison, SM Marikina, SM Sucat, SM Bicutan, SM Manila, SM San Lazaro, SM Sta Mesa, and SM Quiapo.  The fun run is organized by C-Squared Events and Marketing Services. 
For queries, contact any of these numbers (02) 735.1488 or (02) 735.6933 and look for LIN, RANDIE, MURIEL and LILY.

Another 5K Race (for me) at the FIC Run Event

25 March 2012 – Personally busy with other things and for some reason, I totally had forgotten about checking the time for the 5K race. I blogged about this event yet here I was not remembering either the assembly time or the gun time, oh well, my bad, I said to myself. Based from previous racing experiences, I deduced that the race would start between 5:30 AM and 5:45 AM.

Avoiding being late, I played it safe by arriving early at the venue. I had plenty of time to explore the place. The weather seemed to be fairly good in spite it had rained lightly the previous night. There were already quite a number of runners who donned their respective race shirts, majority of which were from the 5K category.

After doing my warm up exercises, I carried on to join those who have assembled at the start line. Along the way, I saw two of my ultramarathon friends from Team Boring, Rod aka Rod.Runn3r and Gab aka Dirty Sanchez. Both did the Bataan Death March 160-kilometer Ultramarathon race held early this year. They were already in the 10K coral just waiting for the race to start. I dropped by to say hi and we agreed to meet again after the race to run another five kilometers.

I finished the race more or less the same time as I did the previous Sunday but definitely not a PR for me considering the few seconds difference (official results: 0:32.53) on my chip time. After claiming my loot bag, I cheered on the runners in the 500-meter dash, a costume race category for children and adults. To my utter surprise and delight, the children could run faster than the adults. Man, they were fast! I even saw fellow blogger, Let aka The Running Mom, who supported her twins.

My FIC Run ended with another five kilometers of LSD (long slow distance) with fellow runners, Rod and Gab, by retracing some parts of the 5K and 10K routes. I did a total of 10.93 kilometers based on my Garmin, a distance way, way too short as compared to my previous LSDs of 30++ something in the previous years. Overall, I had fun and it was, indeed, a very good race.

Super-duper thanks to Coach Rio, the Runrio Team thru Vimz aka Kulit on the Run, and Fox Channels for inviting me during FIC Run’s launch and for the complimentary race kit.
Congratulations to Fox Channels for bringing this colorful and exciting event to our budding runners out there. Hoping this wouldn’t be the last and looking forward to more FIC Runs in the coming years!

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My 5K Race Against Raze at the Bonifacio Global City

18 March 2012 – I arrived at the venue very early, with enough time to leisurely walk towards the starting line. Along the way I passed lots of runners. They must be 16Kers, the first group to take off in the race. From afar, I could hear the emcee made a few words welcoming the participants of each race category. There were a lot of runners at the starting line. Not bad for a fun run since there were other races going on in other parts of the metro.
I used the available time to do some warm up and stretching exercises. My, my, not one familiar face in this race, I muttered to myself. Oh, well, what the heck, you only need to run in 30 minutes or so then you’re done, I said to myself again.

At the starting line, I observed that the crowd was composed of parents with their teenage children, some teens taking their photos, newbies based on their running attire, and other runners in all shapes and sizes.

Ten seconds before 5:40 AM, the countdown began and the starter released, to my estimate, not more than a thousand 5K runners and most swept down the road as if being chased by bulls. This is a classic mistake of a beginning runner. They run fast as they can, even out of breath, suddenly stop,  and then crash and burn their race goal even before reaching the finish line.  

The certificate is still definitely in! Yes, after finishing a thirty-minute plus, plus (official results: 0:32.15) 5K race on Sunday; I received a finisher’s certificate as reward. It surely brought me back in the early part of 2007 where runners get certificates after finishing a good run. 
The 5K race was a test to my training program for the past two months. Yeees! My race pace is back! Some more abs exercises are needed though to get rid of these mini pan de sals or monays around the belly! Ha-ha!
Seriously, I need more core training as I’m really lagging in this area.
Overall, the event was a success.  Kudos to the race organizer for starting on time, to the marshals who also cheered on the runners plus hydration was not a problem. The distance, based on my Garmin Forerunner,  was really a 5-kilometer race.  A spray of water from a fire truck was also made available near the finish line to cool off runners.  To top it off, race results came out early, too!
My entry to this race wouldn’t be possible if not for Rhix Gabriel of Pep Squad Events and Marketing Services, Inc., who sent me the invite to run for free in their event. Thank you so much Ms. Rhix. 
I was also glad to be part of the fire safety and prevention advocacy through this fun run led by the Philippine Institute of Quezon City Alumni Association. 

I take my hats off to Pep Squad Team and the Philippine Institute of Quezon City Alumni Association for this opportunity!

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Garfield Runner’s Cup, 12 Nov. 2011

Garfield is one of my favorite comic characters.  Sometime in 1994, I did a painting of Garfield using latex paint as a medium and it was included in an art exhibition during the fiesta celebration in my hometown. Yes, I used to paint still life and cartoon characters as my sujects.  I was trying to hone back then the visual artist in me.  But it was just a short-lived hobby.  Most of those paintings are tucked away to where I don’t even know where. 
And here’s another adventure with Garfield.  This time not through painting but through a fun run dubbed Garfield Runner’s Cup 2011. It introduces an exciting adventure not only for children but also for families as well, promoting the importance of healthy lifestyle, fitness, and family bonding.  The Garfield’s Runner’s Cup is happening on 12 Nov. 12 at Manila Ocean Park.

“We wanted to create a new dimension, and transform the usual fun run event. Expect a different kind of run. Expect a journey of fun-filled memories and experience catered for the whole family,” says Garfield Apparel Marketing Manager Kyle Ong.

Garfield and other cartoons are joining the race.  Louise Abuel, who plays as the kid brother of Sophia in 100 Days to Heaven, a prime-time children’s television series, will also grace the event.  It will be a fun-filled day for everyone!  Proceeds of the fun run would go to a children charity organization.

Registration has started last September 20 and still ongoing.  You may go to any Chris Sports branches at SM North EDSA The Annex, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, and Festival Mall; and on October 10 onwards at ROX Bonifacio High Street. Registration period is until November 10.
Garfield Runner’s Cup would accept limited runners for the safety of the participants. For more information, please visit or like them on Facebook at

For inquiries, please do not hesitate to email or call 09175746323 or 09239347332.

Newbie 101: The 5K Run

Running in a 5K race in 2007 after a year of hiatus from training, mind you, I could hardly reach the finish line.  Without proper training, a five-kilometer run would’t be that easy.  

Recently I came across two websites that discuss how the 5km races help one’s fitness and motivate runners to train and improve their personal best or record (PB/PR).  Here are the links: 

3 Reasons to Run a 5K

Five-kilometer runs boost for fitness, charities