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Adidas Goes Barefoot

First there was the launch of Vibram Five Fingers in the Philippines in 2010. It was followed by the unveiling of Merrell “One Finger” Barefoot Collection—Pace, True, and Trail Gloves on April 2011. And there are those online articles about the Nike Free 3.0.

So what’s common among them?

The one I’ve mentioned, regardless of its brand name, are feet gloves designed to mimic the experience of running barefoot with minimal protection. I think the shoe industries are abuzz with this latest craze—barefoot running—given the many shoe models that are coming out in the market lately. Visit the local specialty running stores and you will see a vast array of running shoes.

The Adipure Trainer

And Adidas doesn’t want to be left behind. In fact, it introduces its first barefoot training shoe, the Adipure Trainer.  

According to a recent Yahoo! article it will be made available in the U.S. market in November this year. How long it will reach the Philippines, I predict not for long. I wouldn’t be surprised if I get to see this latest model in future races.