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(Photo courtesy of I Love To Do This)
13 July 2014 — When I looked at my mobile phone clock it said it was 3:24 AM and I have a race at 4 AM. Failed to set the alarm.  Yikes!  Luckily, I had everything readied the night before.  That was the quickest dress changing ever done by me! Whew!
I arrived at the race venue with just 10 minutes to spare. From afar I could see the start arch where frontrunners have congregated.  I was finding people I knew who were running but couldn’t see any familiar faces except the ones on stage.  A lady marshal approached and instructed me to have my bib checked.  When all of a sudden, I heard my name being called.  It was Jez D., my choirmate.  Beside her is another familiar face, that of Ferdie from the earlier batch of runners whom I’ve met years before.  Didn’t even know they knew each other.  What a surprise!
My goal for this race is “to run by feel” since I intentionally didn’t wear my Garmin watch. Then the countdown begins… 
I have run this race route quite a number of times already.  More or less, it was familiar.  A much preferred route actually.  After the first turnaround point along Buendia near the South Superhighway, a runner said to me, “I think I know you.”  It was Patrick Concepcion aka Running  Shield or PatCon to us, Happy Feet.   We’ve known each other from the forum site called Impromptu Runners way back in 2007. Suddenly, I found myself running with PatCon.  Unbelievable! Running Shield is a fast runner.  No way could I run with him. Yet here I am, running with him.  And we conversed.  Epic!  Thank you Running Shield for the opportunity.  Eventually, I had to slow down a bit and let him go ahead.  We saw each other again along Lawton Avenuenear McKinley Road, did a high five and cheered. Him done with the second turnaround point. And me, still on my way there.  

Impromptu pacing with Tagumpay Bros/Triabetics Reggie S.
(Photo courtesy of Flat Ironman)
With a few remaining kilometers, approximately 7 KMs to go…it was here that I chance upon again with another founding forum members and now an accomplished sports person himself, Reggie or Rej to his teammates. It was just a spur-of-the-moment decision to run/pace together.  Rej is an ultra distance runner. He finished the Bataan Death March 160 (BDM) ultramarathon recently and is also into multisport events. I had the chance to run with him in past races and LSDs (long slow distance) especially during training runs prior to my Bataan Death March 102 ultramarathon race in 2011.  
We attacked the remaining kilometers by combining power walk and running, and targeted each hydration station as a good break or rest.  The last kilometer where the new overpass to C5 northbound from Bonifacio Global City, we tackled it by walking the uphill, stopping at the last water station, and running all the way to the finish line. Just a few meters ahead, we bumped into another Team Boring ultra runner, Doc Topher on his bike, who exchanged jokes with us and was kind enough to hand us a bottle of energy drink which we gently declined.  The finish line is not too far, anyway. Then there it was, the Finish Line right before our eyes.  Done!  What a great half-marathon running! 

A personal congratulations to Jinoe and Queenie Gavan of, and the rest of the crew of the Leadpack Team for organizing such a good race yesterday.  It was my first time to run the new overpass to C5 and to me, a best feature of the race. Two thumbs up! There was no problem with hydration, bananas are a plenty, energetic cheerers and volunteer marshals.  I had a blast!  One of my favorite organized races I have done so far.  

Until next time!

38th National MILO Marathon 2014 Factsheet


Registration Details

Interested participants are required to pay a non-refundable entry fee plus one (1) MILO® 300g empty pack alongside the accomplished and signed official registration form. 
Registration may be accomplished online or by downloading the registration form for submission to the area race organizer.

Entry fees for Provincial Races
Entry fees for Metro Manila Races
21K Half Marathon Elimination Race
P 630
42.195K Elimination Race
P 730
10K Run
P 530
21K Half Marathon Race
P 630
5K Fun Run (Adults)
P 110
10K Run
P 530
3K Kiddie Run & 5K Fun Run (Students)
P 80
5K Fun Run (Adults)
P 110
3K Kiddie Run & 5K Fun Run (Students)
P 80

P10 from the registration fee will be donated to the HELP GIVE SHOES advocacy.

NOTE: Registration is on a first come, first served basis.  Participants should wear their MILO® Marathon singlets and race numbers during the race or they will not be allowed to run.
Participants must be 18 years and above on the race day to participate in the Full Marathon (42.195K) and Half Marathon (21K). Each will have to secure an official ‘Fit-To-Run’ medical certificate signed by a licensed physician within 2 months before race day.

Participants must be 16 years and above on the race day to participate in the 10K race.

Participants must be 7 years and above on the race day to participate in the 5K Fun Run.

Participants must be 7 to 12 years old on race day to participate in the 3K Kiddie Run. They are required to have their entry forms signed by a parent/guardian and must submit a photocopy of their NSO birth certificate or current school ID.

Participants below the age of 18 must seek their parental/guardian consent and fill up the entry form where the parent/guardian is required to sign.
Schedule of races is as follows:
Jun 29
Jul 6
Jul 13
Jul 20
Manila Eliminations
Jul 27
Aug 24
Aug 31
Puerto Princesa
Sep 7
Sep 14
Sep 21
Sep 28
Oct 5
Oct 12
Oct 19
Cagayan De Oro
Nov 9
Gen. Santos
Nov 16
Nov 23
Manila Finals
Dec 7
Only local participants (Filipinos and foreigners with working visa) can join and win in the 42.195K and 21K elimination races. Overseas participants may join and compete in the 42.195K and 21K National Finals for as long as they fulfill the requirements (To qualify, overseas runners must provide proof of finish in any AIMS/IAAF accredited races dating back at least one (1) year before race day or they mayqualify in the Manila elimination race. They must have a finish time within the specified age-bracket and time identified in items 18 (for 21K) & 19 (for 42.195K).

Start time per category is as follows:
42K (Manila only) 3:00 AM
21K 4:30 AM
10K 5:00 AM
3K 5:30 AM
5K 5:35 AM

Participants may claim their official race packets (containing the race number with timing chip attached, safety pins, and route map) upon complete registration. Race numbers are non-transferable.

About MILO
The MILO brand is the world’s leading chocolate malt beverage that can be prepared with hot or cold milk or water. MILOalso promotes participation in sports through its Summer Sports Clinics, MILO-B.E.S.T. Center Training Program, MILO Marathon, and MILO Little Olympics. The leading beverage brand believes that these contribute to the holistic development of Filipino champions in sports and in life. 2014 marks MILO’s 50th year in the country.
About the National MILO Marathon
The National MILO Marathon is an annual marathon event open to amateur and professional runners. From its humble beginnings in 1974 as a single marathon race in Metro Manila attended by 747 participants, the National MILO Marathon has grown to be the biggest, longest, grandest national running event in the country attracting more than hundreds of thousands of runners across the country. The race is organized by RunRio, Inc.
3K Kiddie Run
Boy’s and Girl’s Divisions:
Champion: P1,500 + Trophy
Runner-up: P1,000 + Trophy
3rd Place: P500 + Trophy
4th Place: P250+Medal
5th–10th Place: P150+Medal
5K Fun Run
Men’s & Women’s Divisions:
Champion: P2,500 + Trophy
Runner-up: P1,500 + Trophy
3rd Place: P1,000 + Trophy
4th Place: P500+Medal
5th–10th Place: P250+Medal
10K Run
Men’s & Women’s Divisions:
Champion: P5,000 + Trophy
Runner-up: P3,000 + Trophy
3rd Place: P2,000 + Trophy
4th Place: P1,000+Medal
5th–10th Place: P500+Medal
21K Run (Eliminations)
Men’s & Women’s Divisions:
Champion: P10,000 + Trophy
Runner-up: P6,000 + Trophy
3rd Place: P4,000 + Trophy
4th Place: P2,000 + Medal
5th-10th Place: P1,000 + Medal
21K Run (National Finals)
Open Category
Men’s & Women’s Divisions:
Champion: P15,000 + Trophy
Runner-up: P12,000 + Trophy
3rd Place: P10,000 + Trophy
Local Category
Men’s & Women’s Divisions:
Champion: P8,000 + Trophy
Runner-up: P6,000 + Trophy
3rd Place: P4,000 + Trophy
4th Place: P2,000+ Medal
5th–10th Place: P1,000+ Medal
Note: All 21K finishers within the cutoff time will receive a medal and loot bag.
42.195K Metro Manila Elimination Race
Men’s & Women’s Divisions:
Champion: P50,000 + Trophy
Runner-up: P30,000 + Trophy
3rd Place: P20,000 + Trophy
4th Place: P10,000+ Medal
5th–10th Place: P5,000+Medal
42.195K National Finals
Open Category
Men’s & Women’s Divisions:
Champion: P300,000 + Trophy
Runner-up: P250,000 + Trophy
3rd Place: P200,000 + Trophy
Local Category
Men’s & Women’s Divisions:
Champion: P150,000 + Trophy 4th Place: P30,000+Medal
Runner-up: P100,000 + Trophy 5th–10th Place: P10,000+Medal
3rd Place: P75,000 + Trophy
Additional Notes: Fastest Filipino 42.195K winners (male & female) will be dubbed as the 2014 MILO® Marathon King and Queen respectively and will be given the opportunity to compete in an international race outside the country. All expenses will be shouldered by MILO.
About Help Give Shoes Advocacy
The National MILO® Marathon is the biggest running event in the country, with an immense popularity that has attracted runners from all age groups to participate, including children.  However, a lot of driven young runners don’t have shoes.  Imagine seeing a little boy run kilometer after kilometer of rough cement barefooted.  This moving scene inspired MILO® to make this year’s run more meaningful, by giving out running shoes to deserving public school children. 

The root of this advocacy lies in MILO®’s belief that they are not just providing children with running shoes, but are giving them something that they can wear to school, for sports and other activities.  It’s definitely a step to help them reach their true potential and be the best that they can be. In 2010, the National MILO® Marathonprovided 4,200 running shoes to public school children nationwide with the “Help Give Shoes” advocacy. Since its conception, MILOhas donated a total of 34,200 pairs of shoes across the country.

The running event continues the advocacy with an aim to donate 160 pairs of running shoes to 100 students in 100 schools in select Typhoon Yolanda-hit cities —amounting to 16,000 more pairs of shoes and dreams fulfilled. In the same way that Nestle has been a part of Filipinos lives throughout generations, the National MILO Marathon invites Filipinos to be part of the cause to help make the shoe-less child today a champion tomorrow.

Php 10 from every registration fee will be allotted to the advocacy. MILO will then match the proceeds and work with the Department of Education to select 16,000 public school student beneficiaries in Tacloban, Ormoc, and Eastern Samar cities. MILO aims to reach its 50,000 advocacy mark by the end of the 38th marathon season.

For more information on the National MILO® Marathonbeneficiaries and to get an up-to-date count of shoes donated, log on to

About the 38th National MILO Marathon Side Events

Biggest Company Delegation Competition
To join, companies must submit their entry forms at the same time. Employees must indicate the name of their company on the entry form and submit a photocopy of their company ID (front and back). To qualify, a minimum of 10 employees must finish the race. Top three companies in each area with the most number of employees finishing the 5K and 10K Run will win the awards. In case of a tie, the winning company will be determined according to the best time recorded.
First Prize: P 10,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque
Second Prize: P 7,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque
Third Prize: P 5,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque
Inter-Company Running Competition
To join, company teams must have at least 10 employees competing in the 10K Fun Run. They must submit their entry forms at the same time. Winners will be determined through the average/aggregate time of the team’s first 10 finishers.
First Prize: P 10,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque
Second Prize: P 7,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque
Third Prize: P 5,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque
Biggest Club Delegation Competition
To join, running clubs must submit their entry forms at the same time. Club members must indicate the name of their club on the entry form and submit a photocopy of their company ID (front and back). To qualify, a minimum of 10 members must finish the race. Top three running clubs in each area with the most number of members finishing the 5K and 10K Run will win the awards. In case of a tie, the winning running club will be determined according to the best time recorded.
First Prize: P 10,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque
Second Prize: P 7,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque
Third Prize: P 5,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque
Inter-Club Running Competition
To join, running clubs must have at least 10 members competing in the 10K Fun Run. They must submit their entry forms at the same time. Winners will be determined through the average/aggregate time of the team’s first 10 finishers.

First Prize: P 10,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque
Second Prize: P 7,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque
Third Prize: P 5,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque
Biggest School Delegation Competition
To join, schools must submit their entry forms at the same time. Students must indicate the name of their school on the entry form and submit a photocopy of their school ID for the current school year (front and back). To qualify, a minimum of 50 students must finish the race. Top three schools in each area with the most number of students finishing the 5-K Fun Run and the 3-K Kiddie Run will win the awards. In case of a tie, the winning school will be determined according to the best time recorded.
First Prize: P 10,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque
Second Prize: P 7,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque
Third Prize: P 5,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque
Inter-school Running Competition
To join, school teams must have at least 25 student runners competing in the 5K-Fun Run. They must submit their entry forms at the same time. The team may be composed of grade school, high school, and college runners. Winners will be determined through the average/aggregate time of the team’s first 25 finishers.
First Prize: P 10,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque
Second Prize: P 7,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque
Third Prize: P 5,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque
Cheer Leading Competition
There are three divisions: Grade School, High School, and College. Each division will have a separate set of winners who will receive cash prizes and plaques as follows:
First Prize: P 10,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque
Second Prize: P 7,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque
Third Prize: P 5,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque
Consolation: P 3,000 worth of sports equipment + plaque

About MILO R2
MILO R2 is a blend of PROTOMALT and cocoa formulated for active adults. PROTOMALT is a special malt extract made from malted barley grains found only in a MILO drink, which naturally provides energy. Its power-boosting content and nutrients brings a rich chocolate flavor that helps sustain body activity for a well-balanced lifestyle.
About the MILO-APEX Running Academy
With the aim of leading Filipinos to a healthier lifestyle, MILOhas partnered with one of the country’s top athletic training programs, the APEX Running Clinic. Headed by locally renowned fitness coach Jim Saret, the MILO-APEX Running Academybrings elite training workouts and sports medicine based running principles for beginners, amateurs, and professional marathoners. Currently on its 8th season, the program offers various assessment sessions to guide runners into the world of athletics based on their physical condition and skill level. RUNFEST 2014, July 13

Regular registration starts on May 23, Friday at select Chris Sports branches and at 100 Miles Café, Fort Strip,  Bonifacio Global City (BGC).  For the regular registration, registrants will get their race kits at once which include the race bib, timing chip, and the singlet. Singlet sizes are available on a first come, first served basis. Race bibs are NOT PERSONALIZED.  

Current available slots for the following distance categories are: 5Km – 350 slots | 10Km – 350 slots | 21K – 500 slots.  Meaning, only limited slots are up for grabs!  For details, please click here.

PhilHealth Nationwide Run (Manila Leg) Race Registration Bulletin

A five-day special in-store registration in partnership with Toby’s and RUNNR for the Manila leg of PhilHealth Run will kick start on January 30, Wednesday and end on February 3, Sunday.  Runners who wish to participate in the Manila leg PhilHealth Nationwide Run may visit select Toby’s branches and RUNNR outlets:

Toby’s SM Manila
Toby’s SM Fairview
Toby’s EDSA Shangri-La

RUNNR Alabang Town Center (ATC)
RUNNR Bonifacio High Street, BGC
RUNNR Trinoma Mall

In the meantime, here’s an update to the initially publicized race information. RUNNR ATC takes the place of Toby’s SM Southmall due to logistical reasons. All race registrants may claim their complete race packets at the Sports Loop, 3rd Level of Robinson’s Galleria from February 2 to 11.
Those who have yet to register may also use the one-stop race registration facility provided at the Sports Loop throughout the same period.
PhilHealth Run Manila offers runners four distance categories to choose from–18K (P750), 10K (650), 5K (550), and 3K (P350). Roughly P6M or 85 percent of the proceeds of the race registration fees will be given to the Manila leg’s beneficiaries, the Philippine Children’s Medical Center and Cottolengo Filipino orphanage.


PhilHealth Nationwide Run 2013 Launch and Press Conference

Philhealth Run 2013 Launch and Press Conference 

Manila Run Ambassadors Gwen Zamora-
GMA Artist Center (L) and Chris
Everingham-Philippine Volcanoes Rugby Team (R) 

February, through Presidential Proclamation No. 1400 in 2007, is National Health Insurance Month. 

In line with PhilHealth’s 18th year anniversary celebration on February, a simultaneous running event for mother and child protection called PhilHealth Nationwide Run 2013 will be staged across the country in 18 major cities namely: Manila, Baguio, Dagupan, Tuguegarao, Clark, Malolos, Santa Rosa, Batangas, Legazpi, Iloilo, Cebu, Tacloban, Zamboanga, Iligan, Davao, Koronadal, Butuan, and Marawi.   
With Run Ambassador Chris Everingham 
This event is open to all.  Young runners considered minors can also join the fun run provided that a waiver is signed by a parent or guardian.  Roads will be opened to normal vehicular traffic after 8:30 am.  Top three finishers of each category for every site will receive cash prizes.  Participants will have the chance to win one of the 10 raffle prizes of Php 1000 or other special prizes.  Only the 18K finishers are given a finisher’s medal.
In its efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goal on reducing child mortality and improving maternal health, proceeds of the run will be used to support national and regional institutions promoting the importance of health and protection of mothers and children in the country. The Philippine Children’s Medical Centerand Cottolengo Filipino will be the beneficiaries of the PhilHealth Run 2013 Manila.  Other regions will support local beneficiaries.
PhilHealth local health insurance offices: Quezon City, Rizal, Caloocan, Manila, Mandaluyong, Las Pinas, Makati, and Pasig
Regional PhilHealth Express
Robinson’s Novaliches, Galleria Sports Loop 3/L, Metroeast, Otis, Ermita

All SM Bayad Centers
Toby’s and RUNNR branches from January 30 to February 3
Toby’s: SM Manila, Southmall, Fairview
RUNNR: Trinoma, EDSA Shangri-la, and Bonifacio Global City

Queries may be directed to:
PhilHealth Central Office
T: (02) 637.6237

The Philippine Star Run for Mom, May 8

This is not a run for females alone or that mommies are the ones who will run. The run is open to everyone.

The Philippine Star Run For Mom
Date: May 8, 2011
Venice Piazza @ Mckinley Hill
2.5K and 5K (in commemoration of Star’s 25th year anniversary)
Registration Fees and Inclusions:
2.5K (P 450) and 5K (P 750) ; Singlet, Gift to Moms for all finishers 
Top 25 placers for each race category (2.5 and 5km, regardless of gender) will win P 2,500 each, for a total of 50 winners!
On top of this, all finishers will pick a prize for a gift for Mom. Up for grabs are Havaianas slippers, David’s Salon Gift Certificate, Lay Bare Waxing Salon Gift Certificates, Del  Monte and Kelloggs gift packs.
Free body jam session, beauty treats for moms, lootbags and raffle prizes at stake: watches and surprise gift packs.
You may register online using credit card or opt for manual registration at RUNNR, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City.  Registration period is from April 1 to May 1, 2011.  For more information, please visit their website at or contact

Goldilocks Fun Run, May 15

Back in the 90s, every time I get to visit the big metro, I would always find time to buy this product from Goldilocks, my favorite polvoron*.  Sometimes I would bring more as pasalubong** to my family and friends back home.  


This year marks a significant milestone as Goldilocks celebrates 45 years of  sweet and delightful memories with the  Filipino.  Within those years, I could say I was part of it … and still is. Yes, as a consumer.  Anyway, one of the  highlights of this year’s celebrations is the Goldilocks Fun Run scheduled on May 15, 2011 at the Bonifacio Global City.  

Running enthusiasts can choose from 5K (P600), 10K (P600) and 21K (P750) distances. There will also be a 500M (P250) category for kids ages 5-12 years old.  
With the month of May being the fiesta month, the Goldilocks Fun Run is set to be a fun-filled event for the whole family with fiesta themed activities and games that every family member will surely enjoy.   
Registration will start on April 8 and will last until May 1, 2011 only.  It will be done at the following venues:


G/F Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City
12NN–8 PM, Tel. No.  403-1787
Level 2 R.O.X. Building
Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City
12NN–8PM, Tel. No. 856-4638
Toby’s SM Mall of Asia
G/F Entertainment Mall, Roxas Blvd., Manila
12NN–8PM, Tel. No. 556-0445
Planet Sports Glorietta
2F Glorietta 3, Makati City
12NN–8PM, Tel. No. 817-7896
The Athletes Foot Alabang Town Center
Muntinlupa City
Planet Sports Trinoma
2nd level, Trinoma cor. North EDSA, Quezon City
12NN–8PM, Tel. No. 916-7451
The Athlete’s Foot Robinsons Galleria
3/F Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas Pasig City
12NN–8PM, Tel. No. 636-3162
Goldilocks Store Shaw Boulevard
349 Shaw Boulevard Mandaluyong, City
12NN–8PM, Tel. No. 727-6505

Through the years, Goldilocks has made significant contributions to the upliftment of the lives of Filipinos. With the company’s commitment to its continuing Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, the fun run will also be a fund-raising activity for the benefit of the Goldilocks Foundation and its Feeding Program, Education, Environment, and Disaster Assistance or F.E.E.D. initiatives.

The Goldilocks Fun Run is sure to be a memorable event not only for running enthusiasts but for the whole family.   

The event is the first leg of the Runrio Series Manila


*Powdered milk candy
**A Tagalog word which if translated in the American English language would be “keepsake” or “presents”. It is a souvenir brought for loved ones.   (Pasalubong.  Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.  Retrieved April 7, 2011, from

Is Singing Like Running?

Singing the national anthem at the recently held Runfest Fun Run last Sunday was no easy task, especially, if one has to sing it a cappella. I tell you why. (Photo courtesy of

I only learned about it just two days before the event.

The first thing that I did was get in touch with previous musical maestros for tips.

You see, aside from the usual things that a performer had to contend with, like nervousness, butterflies in the stomach, thoughts on forgetting the lyrics, missing a note, not hitting the right pitch, and the list goes on and on, one had to consider also the proper way of singing the anthem as prescribed by the National Historical Institute.

However, with practice, these dilemmas are either minimized or totally eliminated.

Anyway, two out of three of the maestros were not available. I took the last resort, Youtube.

On Saturday, even while doing the usual house chores, I sang the anthem from time to time. I eventually stopped when I heard my voice started to sound croaky.

The dreaded day finally came. While I was on my way to the venue, I hummed and did the “kika, kika” “azo” “mona” vocalization. I did this while inside the taxi. It was a good thing that the driver allowed me to and even shared his advice on how to sing properly. O, yeah!

With few minutes to go before the moment, I saw Craig of Team Logan walking back and forth near the stage. I asked him what was bothering him. He told me that he gets nervous every time he speaks before a crowd.

Oh, la la! I felt relieved to discover that I was not alone in this.

So when Craig learned that I was nervous, too, he suddenly put his arm on my shoulder and prayed for me. I didn’t know how to explain it but somehow it helped appease my nervousness and somehow I felt alright afterwards.

As far as singing is concerned, how one can be so lucky?

Well, I consider myself as such.

Two years ago, I had a short stint performing with a choral group and working with one of the country’s best musical directors and composers. From him, I learned new stuff such as how to properly project when performing, the dynamics of voice and choral singing, and the HOW TOs of reading musical notes.

The climax of this experience was when our group performed with other well known choirs in the metro during the Madz* World Music Festival held at Philamlife Theater and when we did a concert.

In running, warm up exercises and stretching are equally important prior to a race.

Same goes with singing. Vocalization is like doing warm up exercises. Without this, the voice will just not come out. Singing early in the morning and hitting a high note would be difficult.

In running, one needs to train to be more strong. In singing, one needs to train by practicing regularly.

In my experience, while I was still a member of the choir, I had to practice five times a week. And prior to a big concert, I had to learn more than sixteen songs and memorize choreography at the same time.

This simply means that even if running and singing are two different disciplines, there is at least some commonalities. One of which is that regular practice or training helps.

There are times when one doesn’t have any good training at all prior to a race. But somehow ends running it the best way he can. Same goes with singing. Sometimes one is asked to sing and belt it out the best way he can.

So, is singing like running after all?

*Madz a nickname given to Philippine Madrigal Singers