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Under Armour Frisbee Award : an Award for Me?

I was introduced to the world of Philippine Ultimate in 2003. Thanks to my good friends Tim, Rob, Lawrence, Rick, and Chris. I didn’t get to play in any of the leagues though. A personal choice then.  So I contented myself cheering and watching teams compete in local leagues.

Throwing Disc with Choirmates in Coron, Palawan, 2009

Only recently, I was invited as media to the launch of the second store of Under Armour (UA) Philippines, and got this UA shirt as one of the giveaways.  On the back is an ultimate disc print. It sparked my interest to post it online with the intention of buying one for me soon. It would be a welcome addition to my special disc collection.

My Ultimate Disc Collection

Who would have thought I could own one that fast?  In less than a week, I received this good news via text telling me to check the current post on Facebook.   And what l saw caught me entirely by surprise!  What did I do to deserve such an award–The Under Armour Frisbee Award? Speechless. I felt elated, was over the moon, absolutely excited, and bursting with pride for the recognition from someone whom I’ve just met. What a blessing for my 7th Blog Anniversary!

So Nice for these Powerhouses for Recognizing Yours Truly as Recipient of the Under Armour Frisbee Award 2014

Thank you so much Jérémy Callegher of Grupo Athletica, and Judith Staples of Soleus for this pleasant surprise.  I would treasure this always.

An Award for this Blog!

This blog was meant as a vehicle to hone my skills in writing.  What better way to do it than by journaling something about that interests me most, running.  It never occurred to me that I could be a blogger since writing is my waterloo in my secondary years.  I tried to improve step-by-step, did my best, especially during my English classes in college.  Thanks to a former supervisor and mentor who once told me, “you just need to read … and read … and read.”  It helped … a lot!
A pleasant surprise came in last year from one of the readers of this blog who nominated and recognized me for the Versatile Bloggeraward.  The reader is also a blogger like me and she owns not one but two blogs, very nice blogs, in fact.  One is about healthy lifestyle and the other is about her random thoughts on anything.  
As a recipient of the award, I am tasked to say something about me and in turn, nominate other bloggers.  I think my previous post in 2008 on how I became a runner and how this blog was born would address the requirements.  The post was a saga on how I embraced the sport of running and the persons who influenced and inspired me most were also mentioned. On nominating other bloggers, oh well, there are just too many and I didn’t want any of them to feel left out, so I have decided to leave them as is.
The underlying principle of the award is like a chain letter but with a different twist.  That’s why it took me sometime to do something about it because I was trying to figure it out. Nevertheless, I am so grateful for the recognition of my work and happy that I helped some runners get motivated to keep running.
I don’t know what I did to deserve the award, but just the same, super duper thanks!