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2014 Year-end Summary

It’s time again … time to look back at how the year of running has gone.  I’ve written blog year-ender posts since 2008 and l just couldn’t let 2014 pass without writing one.

2014 has been very good to me not just in the sport of running, but in so many ways, so l’m excited to get this rolling.  First, I’ve finished a total of 17 races: four 10Ks (38th 10K in my list), five 21Ks (30th 21K in my list), a first 30km trail race for me,  a 34km road race, two full marathons, two endurance races, and two aquathlons.  Out of these, two podium finishes for two races and ranked third place in each.  Winning was just a bonus.  Not bad at all for a comeback run after over a year of hiatus from racing.

If l were to sum up the year in one or three words, “simply awesome!” Why? After seven years, Jambalayamuzika site is now  Yes, finally it has a domain of its own. Thanks to Carlo Isles and Tonette Nicolas for their hardwork in launching the web site sometime in October.  Of course,  if not to Que of Life of Que and, l wouldn’t have known Pinay  Also, the web site wouldn’t be complete without the help of these equally talented graphic designers Royce Reyes and Ziggy Tura.  Both updated the header and logo pro bono. The site is currently performing well in terms of viewership.   Since its informal launch almost three months ago,  it has been viewed 4,000 times plus. With the help of my tech savvy friends, we’ll try our best to improve the site to make it more informative. Who knows? There might be a race for all divas out there soon!  Maraming salamat, po!

Though there are great races this year, the 1st Empire Angkor Marathon in Cambodia (August 2014),  l considered my best race experience and the 38th Milo Marathon in July 2014 as my best run.  Based on running performance,  I believe l was more prepared for the Milo Marathon than with the Temple Run.  Oops! This is a tough one.  Can l add one more?  Men’s Health Urbanathlon in Nuvali sure was a best run for me, too.  So it’s a tie! 

To have garnered the Frisbee Award (no matter how simple the announcement was or even if it was done just for fun), acknowledged by Jérémy Callegher of Under Armour Philippines and Judith Staples of Soleus Team, the announcement made me really happy! Again, maraming salamat, po! 

The ever reliable Garmin Forerunner gadget is by far my best friend in running.  If not for this toy, l wouldn’t be able to measure the distance, pace, etc.   Best piece of running apparel … oh well … this is tough! l’m still in the middle of reviewing two running apparels.  Can l skip on this one, please? Hahaha! Alright, this goes down to the last one.  World renowed ultra distance runner Scott Jurek gave me the inspiration to try harder or to “dig deep”.  Let’s see in 2015.

Of course, l’m  grateful to Coach John Lozada for his patience and constant prodding, and for believing “l can”.  Maraming salamat Coach John.   Grateful, too, to swim coaches Bernard and Brian.  Looking forward to our training.

To those l may have wronged, l ask forgiveness.  To those l may have helped, l wish l did more.  To my family, co-workers, and friends, thank you for the support and encouragement.  To those who have followed, visited, commented, and liked and its Facebook page, let me THANK YOU for being part of my 2014!

“We will open the book.  Its pages are blank.  We are going to put words on them ourselves.  The book is called OPPORTUNITY and its First Chapter is New Year’s Day.” – Edith Pierce

Bye, bye 2014!

HELLO 2015!

Under Armour Frisbee Award : an Award for Me?

I was introduced to the world of Philippine Ultimate in 2003. Thanks to my good friends Tim, Rob, Lawrence, Rick, and Chris. I didn’t get to play in any of the leagues though. A personal choice then.  So I contented myself cheering and watching teams compete in local leagues.

Throwing Disc with Choirmates in Coron, Palawan, 2009

Only recently, I was invited as media to the launch of the second store of Under Armour (UA) Philippines, and got this UA shirt as one of the giveaways.  On the back is an ultimate disc print. It sparked my interest to post it online with the intention of buying one for me soon. It would be a welcome addition to my special disc collection.

My Ultimate Disc Collection

Who would have thought I could own one that fast?  In less than a week, I received this good news via text telling me to check the current post on Facebook.   And what l saw caught me entirely by surprise!  What did I do to deserve such an award–The Under Armour Frisbee Award? Speechless. I felt elated, was over the moon, absolutely excited, and bursting with pride for the recognition from someone whom I’ve just met. What a blessing for my 7th Blog Anniversary!

So Nice for these Powerhouses for Recognizing Yours Truly as Recipient of the Under Armour Frisbee Award 2014

Thank you so much Jérémy Callegher of Grupo Athletica, and Judith Staples of Soleus for this pleasant surprise.  I would treasure this always.

A Heartfelt Thank You Readers : Six Years of Blogging

July 2013  Wow! Six years ago, this month of July, I started this blog to put in writing my running experiences.  Now six years later, this blog is still ON and yours truly is still into the sport of running and sweats it out every now and then.  

My proudest two pieces of writing to date would have to be, first, the article I wrote for the April 2011 issue of Front Runner magazine entitled, “Happy Feet” and second, the blog post called, “Too Much, Too Soon.”  
Running Laurel, Batangas-Tagaytay route

with the view of Taal Volcano

in the background
(Photo by the Running Contessa)

Not much racing for me though lately since these past two or three months I was busy with lots of stuff such as taking a trip or two, doing long runs outside the metro, la la la, that blogging was put on hold for a while. I’m happy that my Garmin FR 305 is back and in working condition.  Running  more exciting now that I get to wear the watch again.  Thanks to NAVCO personnel, especially to Ethel and Joy, for their assistance.
I couldn’t let this moment pass without thanking my good-humored ultra runner friends, Ivy and Tess, photoholic Tina, and my niece Jing Jing, who made my long runs last summer more fun and enjoyable.  Will write about my escapades until the right mood strikes or when inspiration strikes any time soon.
Thank you all for reading my blog posts, liking and leaving comments on them these past six years!  Cheers!

Five Years of Blogging

July 2012 – Five years ago, one night on July 2007, I explored the Net and tried so hard to learn the basics of blogging. And, after a grueling 48 hours of tinkering the computer, RUNNING DIVA the blog was born.  

This is my 446th blog post.  What started as a personal (and secret) journal or medium where I could pen my thoughts on my running experiences has become an integral part of my life.  

In summary, I have run a total of 100 races within the five-year period—four ultramarathons, six marathons, twenty half marathons, thirty-three 10Ks, fourteen 5Ks, two aquathlons, one barefoot, three special short distances, two 32Ks, one 30K, one 25K, four 16Ks, nine 15Ks—where it only started with a 3K race in 2003 and the rest is history.

Through this blog, I came to know so many wonderful friends and readers.  My heartfelt gratitude, appreciation, and thanks for all the support.  It has given me so much and I hope that you have been inspired in some way by this blog.     

This Blog is Now in its Fourth Year

VSO Kabahagi Fun Run 2010
Wow, time flies so fast.  Never knew this blog would reach this far.  Yep, it’s now in its fourth year.  Before putting this post into writing, I revisited what I’ve written in the past three years and it amazed me really to read some of my previous posts and had to ask myself silently, “Did I really write this stuff?”
So how was it this past year?  I’ve published on the Net 133 blog posts—some about various races and the rest were my experiences as a runner.  This runner and blogger finished 19 races in various categories, from aquathlon to running five 10Ks, two 15Ks, five 21Ks, one 32K, two full marathons, and three ultra marathons.   This year, if you’ve noticed, there are not too many races for me especially after finishing the Bataan Death March 102-kilometer Ultramarathon last March.  A separate post will come out detailing the reason soon. 
Anyhow, I’ll end this post sharing with you a guide that keeps me going or why this blog is still here even if the majority has migrated to other social network sites. Technology sometimes will make a slave out of you if you don’t have control over it. 
This year’s anniversary post is all about achieving your greatest potential (even if sometimes you doubt yourself).   
Let’s start with PURPOSE.  Why do you run? Or, why are you into multisport? Or, why do you blog?   You have to be clear about this.  Don’t be a copycat. 
Next is COMMITMENT.  How committed are you to your training plan?  Or,  you just follow what others are doing even if you don’t know why you are doing it in the first place.  Remember you have a choice.  Some of my friends are inviting me to join and train for multisport events but I opted not to (for now). 
Lastly, HAVE some FUN in whatever you do.  When you take running so seriously you missed out the fun.  If you had a DNF (did not finish), so what?  Bounce back.  If you got injured then take time out to heal your body then train when you’re in good shape again.  Don’t forget to do the other things you like (or love) doing.  When I don’t have anything to write about, I don’t force myself. When there’s no inspiration to write, I just leave this blog as is. 
The other reason why I keep going?  It’s because of the one or two readers of this blog.  Yes, you are the reason why this blog is still on. 
For this milestone, my heartfelt thanks to you fellow runners, runner-blogger friends, the readers, followers, and visitors of this site.   

Happy Second Anniversary & Congratulations!

Congratulations to on celebrating its second anniversary! Two years of being active as a blog, not only as an avenue for discussion but also as a bridge to runners in the country as well. is a brainchild of Jinoe aka Manokan Express. If I remember right, he created it to answer a personal need, that is, consolidate and list all races being organized in the metro. At the same time, a one-stop shop site for runners was considered.

He didn’t expect that its followers would grow the way it is today. With over a thousand active members, I’m sure it’s quite an experience for him and his wife, Queenie.

The first ever Runfest held on July 25, a testament of his commitment to give what’s due to his supporters and followers, turned out to be a huge success.

Again, my heartiest congratulations on reaching your second year!

This Blog is now in its Third Year

Back in 2007, I wrote:

My running background is like almost every newbie runner in the world. One day a three-kilometer run for a cause by a non-governmental organization was organized and that was it. I was hooked. Started training on my own and never realized that I would be seeing myself joining races ...

So what were the triumphs of this runner? I would say not much. There’s just so much to do and many things to improve on.

But if I have to dissect each year, this past year showed one 5K, two 10Ks, five 15Ks, fourteen 21Ks, one 30K, three 42Ks, one ultramarathon, and two aquathlons, coupled with some awards and as an official pacer for a half marathon distance in an international event.

The above achievements didn’t matter at all. What matters really, if I have to dig deeply, are friends gained and lessons learned during my journey as a runner. For this milestone, I thank God and the many people who made it possible.

Running and Blogging Connection

If you were fond of watching movies in any of the Ayala Malls, you would see this video ad on Ovi users featuring bloggers. One of them is Anton Diaz, a fellow runner and blogger, who owns Our Awesome Planet blog.

I met Anton three years ago during the Mommy Milkshake run at the Fort. Jaymie, the Bull Runner, introduced him to Happy Feet runners. I also learned that he finished his first 42-kilometer run at a Milo Marathon race at that time. Awesome, indeed!

The second time I saw Anton was during a fund raising run for Ariel (see photo below) which started and ended at Villamor Air Base. Then, last year, I had the chance to run with him again during the Timex Run.

Back to my story.

Rachel a.k.a. Eichbar who might be planning to conquer that (I quote Morgan) “freaking 42 kilometers!” attended The Bull Runner’s bull session on marathon running and took a picture of Anton Diaz while he was mentioning those first few bloggers he met when he started running. I was one of those bloggers. Thanks, Anton!

L~R (Screen): Jaymie The Bull Runner, Running Diva, speedy G. “Totoy” Santos, Ben Chan of Photovendo Photographer on the Run, and Anton Diaz Our Awesome Planet (Photo Courtesy of Rachel)

Eo M., on the other hand, said I was “extra” in Anton’s post. Find out why by visiting Our Awesome Planet blog.

Yes, back then, there were just a few of us. I linked mostly with Happy Feet bloggers. Then, running became popular in the metro and this site started to receive some comments from people I haven’t even met in person.

I couldn’t help but smile at the thought that, “wow, time flies so fast … I never knew what blogging could do and where it would bring me as a runner.” It dawned on me, finally, at last year’s QCIM carbo-loading party when strangers approached me to have a photo taken with them because they recognized me thru my blog. I felt humbled by that experience.

This blog, not so popular and rarely visited, is my outlet after running races and LSD (long slow distance). In fact, I called it a “lurking blog.” For quite sometime, I included this blog in a site ranking the country’s top blogs in the sports category but I decided to put a stop to it. After all, my goals when I started blogging are either to share my running experiences and develop or improve my writing skills and not be stressed with rankings or get freebies for bloggers.

And if along the way, some surfers may come across this site or you’ll find this, I thank you for dropping by.

R & B and Running



Rhythm and blues

Nope. It’s not about music. But of reading, blogging, and running. I am a great fan of Reader’s Digest and National Geographic magazine. I can still remember so well … that one fateful day at a university library … when I happened to reading the story of Titanic and how it was discovered many years later, I appreciated READING more than ever. Then it was immortalized in the greatest ever movie blockbuster Titanic (1997). If not for that chance to read it, I wouldn’t have valued its story.

Children sometimes do innocently say things with a ring of truth in it. Read the funny story below which is taken from As Kids See It, Reader’s Digest, Feb. 2009

When he received a journal as a gift, my eight-year-old son was
mystified. “Mum, what do I do with this? The pages are blank.”
“You write down interesting stuff that happens to you,” I said.
“So it’s like a BLOG … on paper
.” Beverly Taylor

Funny, isn’t it?

I made attempts before to maintain a journal but never got the chance to do it. Many years later, if not for running, I wouldn’t have discovered blogosphere. After the birth of this blog two years ago, a number of blogging friends have been added and the list is growing. It’s like a library.

And I have readers, though not many of them (and it’s OK), and followers as far as the northern hemisphere who give their comments. Isn’t that amazing? Knowing that from time to time people access my blog and read it, in itself, is good. Why? They’re reading. And I also love reading their blogs. So the feeling’s mutual.

I’ve known a school administrator who writes so well. He can make a simple story alive with his skills in writing. Then one day I asked him, “how come you’re so good at it?” His simple answer, “Just read. Read. And read.”

To my fellow bloggers (who at the same time are runners) … keep the stories going!