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A Race to Remember, 16 Nov 2008

The 7th New Balance Power Race at Clark, Pampanga

I registered for the New Balance (NB) Power Race during the Run for Hope fun run two months ago. As race day got nearer, the more apprehensive I became and couldn’t help thinking whether I could make it to the finish line or not. Just a few days more before the race, I had to fly back home to visit my ailing mother. I only did a four-kilometer practice run before this race. I just couldn’t give up New Balance Power Race despite not having enough sleep and rest. This was my first 25k run.

Saturday was a long day for me. Spent most of it by traveling—from south to north. From the airport, I went straight to my apartment to unpack and pack stuff, then, off I go to Clark with a newfound friend, Willy, who was nice enough to offer a ride from Manila to Clark. As we were traversing North Luzon Expressway, I received a text from Tanya inviting us for dinner at her Lola’s place in Tarlac. Willy was game to go to Tarlac. Tanya was our navigator and GPS at the same time. Voila! We arrived safely at her place just right on time for dinner.

Arriving at Villa de Lara with Willy of Club Adventure

Exotic Race Meal

Tanya Lara, Our Host, with Barracuda Running

Meeting Barracuda Running

Wayne, a Happy Feet based in San Francisco, California, journeyed many miles just to be at the VSO Kabahagi Ako Fundraising Run and NB Power Race

Happy Feet (L-R) Bobby, Doc Gigi, Vballrunner, Kinderdorf Leben, Gene, Tanya, Mon, SFrunner, RunningDiva, Que, Manokan Express, owner of, and Sensei John

Race day…

Start/Finish Line

Weather was cool and partly cloudy with slight drizzle. There were a number of runners already and I saw most of the Happy Feet runners. I had to tell myself over and over this was only a practice run with four more kilometers added to what I ran during the Adidas King of the Road half marathon last month. My goal was to finish this race with no walking. Also, having had the chance to wear a radio-frequency identification chip made NB race a cool one!

L-R: Running Diva, Johnny, SFrunner, Barracuda Running, and RunningDATcom

I had some photo ops with some of the runner bloggers. The race started a bit late. During the first few kilometers, I was so focused with my pace that I didn’t even notice Mark and Renz beside me who cheered and tried to catch my attention. Thanks, Mark and Renz. I couldn’t keep up with you guys… you were too fast for me!

There were enough water stations with ample supply of bottled water. The distance markers were also strategically placed. The marshals not only guided but also cheered the runners. I saw the very fast 10k runners on their way back to the finish line. Man, they were fast!

As I was on my way to the 12.5k turn around point, I already saw some familiar faces of the fast 25k runners on their way back–Foreign runner gave me a high five, Vener greeted me and smiled, Baldrunner said my name and waved his palm, vballrunner smiled at me, and the bullrunner with runners who paced with her and many more.

After the 12.5km turn around point, Glenn cheered, “Go, Roselle!” Thanks, Glen for the cheer and for the Gu gel!

At the 20k marker, I felt anxious again. Ahead of me were five or seven runners walking already. I almost did what they were doing but I had to continue running even if it was a slow one. I felt pain and my thighs were getting heavy but seeing the red NB finish line, made me go on. On the last four kilometers, I saw Ben and Joms walking. I wondered why? Anyway, thanks Ben and Joms for the cheers!

The 23k marker… Two more kilometers… then that was it. Yeesss! I did it! Woohoo! I finished my first 25k with no walking with a time of 3:00.29(unofficial results). I wasn’t so sure if I did all right but after asking some of the coaches,including Coach Rio, I think I did fine. Thanks, Ipe and Charles for congratulating me at the finish line!

Still Have Something to Smile About … Finishing 25k Was No Easy Feat

Recovery Tent

Happy Feet Will Always Be HAPPY FEET

Free photos … cool!

These photos are available online. The catch, however, is you need to search your photo manually. See them at:

Overall, it was a well-organized race. Kudos to all finishers as well as to the winners!

Official results are now published at New Balance. Extribe was the organizer of the New Balance Power Race. More power!

Check it out!