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Corregidor Marathon Training, 21 December 2014

It was not only after four years after that l had the chance to run the Corregidor lnternational Half  Marathon (CIHM) event since its inception in 2010.  Proud to be invited by a high performance Corregidor International Half Marathon team to test run the route a few years back. Note: Both the Corregidor Marathon (CM) and CIHM events, however, were rescheduled to January 11 and 12 respectively instead of December last year to give way to relief operations in areas affected by typhoon Yolanda.

                                                             El Lobo supports Corregidor marathon training

Yes, running races back to back, a full marathon on a Saturday and a half marathon on a Sunday of the same weekend in January 2015, is slightly nutty and a new challenge which l haven’t tried before. To prepare myself on this, last Sunday, l joined the last batch of participants  who went to Corregidor Island to train with them and run portion of the race route. Training started with a three-part warm up exercises led by the CIHM founder, Edward Kho. For our main training, we did seven repeats up a hill, increasing effort each time until we were confident enough to continuously run the hill.  So glad to have come and learned new ways to tackle it. Training ended with cool-down stretch exercises.   This is it! No more backing out! 

Corregidor Marathon and CIHM participants and soon-to-be-soon-to-be Corregidor brave warriors

Super duper thanks to El Lobo Energy Drink through Sir Willy and Sun Cruises for the warm support.   Also, kudos to one of the lady Philippine Masters athletes who assisted Edward and took beautiful photos during the training session.  It was also nice to meet newfound friends.  See you at the starting line!

Run Corregidor 2015: Registrants’ Bulletin

Beginning this coming 2015, race participants to both Corregidor Marathon and Corregidor International Half-Marathon will only be paying for the race itself. Team Run Corregidor is giving back to race participants the option to choose their mode of transportation to the island.

Advance Registration 
(Jul 7 – Aug 20)
(Aug 21 – Oct 31)
(Nov 1 – Dec 31)
(Jan 1-11, 2015)
P2000 (USD 45)
P2500 (USD 55)
P3000 (USD 65)
P3500 (USD 75)
P900 (USD 20)
P1000 (USD 22)
P1250 (USD 28)
P1500 (USD 33)
P1250 (USD 28)
P1500 (USD 33)
P1750 (USD 39)
P2000 (USD 45)
P1000 (USD 22)
P1250 (USD 28)
P1500 (USD 33)
P1750 (USD 39)

2nd CORREGIDOR MARATHON (Day 1), 17 Jan 2015
42K Full Marathon
Gun Start: 6:00am
NO qualifying time; NO race finish cut-off time
Race Registration inclusions:
Finisher’s Medallion (0.5kg, 5-in diameter)
CM Dri-fit Race Shirt
Race bib w/ RFID timing chip
CM Race sling bag
Runners’ Briefing (10 & 11 Jan 2015)
CM Post-Race Party
CM Digital Finisher’s Certificate
P1,000 SOLEUS Gift Voucher
*For race participants attending the Carbo-loading Dinner (16 Jan 2015), Carbo Dinner ticket may be availed at P250.00 at the Runners’ Briefing.
5K Blitz
Gun Start: 8:00am
NO qualifying time; NO race finish cut-off time
Race Registration inclusions:
5K Blitz Finisher’s Medal
CM Dri-fit Race Shirt
Race bib w/ RFID timing chip
CM Race sling bag
Runners’ Briefing (10 & 11 Jan 2015)
CM Post-Race Party
5K Blitz Digital Finisher’s Certificate
P1,000 SOLEUS Gift Voucher
*For race participants attending the Carbo-loading Dinner (16 Jan 2015), Carbo Dinner ticket may be availed at P250.00 at the Runners’ Briefing.
21K Half-Marathon
Gun Start: 8:00am
NO qualifying time; NO race finish cut-off time
Race Registration inclusions:
Finisher’s Medallion (3-in diameter)
CIHM Dri-fit Race Shirt
Race bib w/ RFID timing chip
CIHM Race sling bag
Runners’ Briefing (10 & 11 Jan 2015)
CIHM Post-Race Victory Party
CIHM Digital Finisher’s Certificate
P1,000 SOLEUS Gift Voucher
*For race participants attending the Carbo-loading Dinner (17 Jan 2015), Carbo Dinner ticket may be availed at P250.00 at the Runners’ Briefing.
10K Challenge
Gun Start: 8:15am
NO qualifying time; NO race finish cut-off time
Race Registration inclusions:
10K Challenger Finisher’s Medal
Race bib w/ RFID timing chip
CIHM Dri-fit Race Shirt
CIHM Race sling bag
Runners’ Briefing (10 & 11 Jan 2015)
CIHM Post-Race Victory Party
10K Challenge Digital Finisher’s Certificate
P1,000 SOLEUS Gift Voucher
*For race participants attending the Carbo-loading Dinner (17 Jan 2015), Carbo Dinner ticket may be availed at P250.00 on Nov 30 & Dec 1 during the Runners’ Briefing.
Advance Registration Procedures:
1) Pay the corresponding ADVANCE RACE REGISTRATION fee by way of a bank deposit at any BDO branch using the following details:
BDO Checking Account
Account Name: Big Big Big, Inc.
Account Number: 000410417114

*For international participants, as follows are the details when depositing corresponding race registration fee through bank transfer:
BDO (Banco de Oro Unibank, Inc.)
Branch details: 041 Bel-Air
Swift Code: BNORPHMM
Acct details: Checking Account
Account Name: Big Big Big, Inc.
Account Number: 000410417114 
2) Send the photo-captured copy of the deposit slip as a direct message/private message to the applicable FB fan page (“Corregidor Marathon” or “Corregidor International Half-Marathon”) indicating your full name and chosen distance category. 
3) In 24 hours, an alpha-numeric code reply to your message will be sent to you by the page moderator. This code CAN NOT be shared with another person. This code is needed for the filling up and validation of your on-line registration form.
4) Once you have received your alpha-numeric code, on the applicable FB page, complete your registration for the race by clicking the on-line registration form link.
5) Once race registration is validated, you will receive in 48 hours your race inclusion confirmation via email. On the confirmation email, you will be notified when you may claim your race registration kit. It will coincide with the Runners’ Briefing. The venue will be announced via personal email and blog posts at a later date.
SPECIAL BONUS for CM & CIHM Advance Registrants:
Running the full and half-marathon distances in Corregidor is no easy feat. Serious preparations must be undertaken. To all advance registrants, Team Run Corregidor is providing a free monthly training on the actual race course, beginning August 13. For more information, visit the FB fan pages of Corregidor Marathon and Corregidor International Half-Marathon.
Event partner Sun Cruises is generously giving special rates for race participants of both the 2nd Corregidor Marathon and 5th Corregidor International Half-Marathon: P1300/person EXCLUSIVE to race participants ONLY (inclusive of round-trip ferry, lunch buffet, and entrance fee to the island).
Room accommodations are limited. In consideration of this, Sun Cruises will be offering Camping Tents for rent (P500 flat rate).
Sun Cruises will start accepting ferry and accommodations booking for CM & CIHM participants beginning 21 Aug 2014.  For booking concerns, please contact Sun Cruises (8am to 5pm – Mon to Fri; 8am to 12nn Sat) at 527.5555 loc 4511 and 4512, 0917.545.9917, 0917.808.4641, 0922.847.5418. 

Corregidor Half and Full Marathon 2013 Rescheduled to 11-12 January 2014

Received an email from Team Corregidor Race Director about the rescheduling of the Corregidor running event. Below, please find the full text of the organizer’s email.

The entire Filipino nation is grieving.  In light of our country’s current state of calamity and our of respect to all our suffering compatriots and to make way for the relief efforts of individuals and organized groups for all those affected by this calamity, Corregidor Marathon and the 4th Corregidor International Half Marathon is rescheduled to 11-12 January 2014 respectively.   

Further convincing us of the decision to reschedule the events is the forecast of the local weather agency that there are 3 to 4 more typhoons expected to hit the country before the year ends. It is more prudent to decide as early as now than deciding on it a few days leading to event day when all preparations have been set. 

The Runner’s Briefing on November 30 and December 1 will push through at 100 Miles Café in Fort Strip, however.  All race participants’ bookings with Sun Cruises will automatically be transferred to the corresponding new dates.   Likewise,  race registration will continue up to 3 January 2014.

We are encouraging everyone to help in any way they can during this difficult time. 

Thank you for your understanding. 


Edward Kho

Race Director

Team Corregidor-4th CIHM

Related link: Corregidor Half and Marathon Organizer’s Official Statement 

Corregidor International Half Marathon and Corregidor Marathon 2013

The running community will once again converge in Corregidor Island to participate in two events: the 1st Corregidor Marathon (CM) on the December 7 and the 4th Corregidor International Half Marathon (CIHM) on December 8 respectively.
The 1st CM will usher in a new level of challenge in the running scene. With a total distance of 42.195km, the event is designed to be the common ground of marathoners, ultrarunners, and triathletes.

Participation in the 1st CM will be reserved for 88 seasoned marathoners only, with a set qualifying time. Because the half-marathon course of Corregidor could be viewed from the top as forming an “8”-shaped loop, runners must race through the course twice to complete the race, hence a “double 8.”
The race is an open competition. All participants upon crossing the finish line will receive a Finisher’s Medallion and a rank-indicated Finisher’s Trophy. There will be one male and one female overall winner whose title will be Corregidor Marathon Man and Woman, respectively. Each winner will receive a P 30,000 cash prize and a champion’s trophy. Age bracket top finishers will also be declared and will be awarded with a certificate of achievement.
In addition to the full marathon distance, CM will have shorter distance categories: the 5K Blitz and the 3K Thrill. Each of these distances shall have 150 slots. These shorter distances will cater to those who are just getting started with the sport of running and who would like to experience running in the island. There will be no qualifying times required for the participants of these sub-categories nor will there be a sweep time or cut-off time.

Meanwhile, close to 1,000 participants and visitors are expected to turn up for the 4th installment of CIHM. Runners from different backgrounds–from intermediate recreational to hardcore runners, will take a shot at dethroning the reigning King and Queen of the Rock. The 4th CIHM is designed to thrill, surprise and challenge runners, from different parts of the country and from around the world, by testing their mettle on all types of running terrain.
The race route, covering a total of 21.0975km, will encompass a combination of paved uphills and down slopes and intermittent segments of dirt trails. But what would differentiate CIHM from the usual running experience of avid runners is that it will take the race participants to key historical hotspots on the remarkable isle. Right at the start of the race, the runners will experience an adrenaline rush as they race past the full length of the Malinta Tunnel. The exhilaration will continue to unfold as the runners exit the tunnel’s east access en route to the interior of the atoll. The thrilling highlight of the race surges as the runners negotiate the tricky span of a thickly foliaged trail draped in rays of sunlight, culminating in a run along the rocky cliff of the island with a breathtaking view of Manila Bay, to dramatically finish at the south dock breakwater facing the vast West Philippine Sea.
The 4th CIHM will be an extraordinary opportunity for passionate runners to set a new norm for personal achievement as finishing the race will be akin to recapitulating a fortress that is home to the resilient and valiant. There are 300 slots to be opened for the 21K distance. A qualifying time of 2h30min for male runners, and 3h00min for female participants will be adopted for this category. First time 21K runners must have run a 10K race within 1h15m (male) or 1h30min (female). However, for CIHM alumni 100 slots will be allotted as wildcard entries waiving the qualifying time requirement.
Aside from centerpiece 21km event, there will be a 10k Challenge for running aficionados who are yet to be familiar with the challenging terrain of Corregidor but yearn to discover and experience its distinctive scenic course. There will be no qualifying time to join this race category. Likewise, no sweep time will be observed. The top male and female runners in this event will be awarded with a certificate of achievement and winner’s plaque. All finishers in this race category will be awarded with a 10km Achiever Medal. Only 200 slots will be opened for this side event.
Registration for the 1st CM is ongoing and, for the 4th CIHM, registration has started last 1 October 2013. 

For Corregidor Marathon (and sub-events) registration details, click here.

For Corregidor Half Marathon (and sub-events) registration details, click here.

For FAQs, click here.
21K Finisher’s Medal

10K Finisher’s Medal

21K Dri-fit Race Shirt

21K Sling Bag
3K, 5K, 42K Finisher’s Medal

42K Trophy

42K Race Shirt

42K Backpack
For inquiries and updates on the two races, interested runners can like the separate Facebook fan pages or send an email to or Runners can also contact (02) 403-0246.

The 1st Corregidor Marathon and the 4th Corregidor International Half Marathon are managed by Big, Big, Big, Inc. and presented by Smart Communications, Sun Cruises, Soleus together with event partners Corregidor Foundation, Galileia Events Place, 100 Miles Café, L Time Studio, Runningmate, One Sceniques, Active Link, Toby’s, Runnr alongside with media partners Philippine Star, Pinoy Fitness, Mellow 94.7 FM,, Inquirer Libre, Solar News and medical aid partner UERM Medical Center.

A Call to Arms

On Friday, November 23 at 11:59pm, is the final day for registration for the upcoming third edition of Corregidor Half Marathon (CIHM) slated to happen next weekend.  I’m sure participants to this race, the locals and those from the other parts of the world, are all laced up and ready to race. I couldn’t join this race again. 
Corregidor Island, being an arena of one of the last major running events of the year, is already mapped out and ready for the participants from all over parts of the world such as Ireland, the U.S., Australia, Japan, the Netherlands, France, Canada, Indonesia and Vietnam.
This run is not only a test of a runner’s mettle but also a historical one since Cavite, Bulacan, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Batangas, Tarlac, Laguna and Manila, the first eight provinces that rose in arms against Spain, are well represented by runners coming from those provinces. There’ll be other participants from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao as well.

Like King Leonidas’ army in the movie 300, the professions of the participants will no longer distinguish the runners.
This year, the organizers see a good mix of medical practitioners, lawyers, policemen, government employees, businessmen, salesmen, journalists, actors, call center employees, advertising executives, athletes, HR practitioners, OFWs, architects, engineers, chefs, artists, tech gurus, finance experts, international relations specialists and airline executives, the CIHM 3 will provide a level playing field for everyone. 
They are expected to be on the island on November 30. Though the race on December 1 will be hard, the runners will be expected to party harder. Before the race showdown begins, participants will be treated to a delicious carboloading dinner courtesy of Yellow Cab and a traditional bonfire at the South Dock. 
A rave party will erupt courtesy of Manila Beer and will be hosted by the tandem of DJ Chris and DJ Chloe from Mellow 94.7 after the race. Exciting prizes will also be raffled off during the party courtesy of Soleus, Yellow Cab, Sun Cruises, Igco Skim Milk, and other sponsors.

The 3rd Corregidor International Half Marathon is managed and organized by Big, Big, Big, Inc. presented by Soleus and Sun Cruises, Inc., in cooperation with Yellow Cab, Manila Beer, Corregidor Foundation, Running Mate, One Sceniques, ROX, L Time Studio, Igco Skim Milk, 38 Energy Drink, and the official hydration partners Summit Mineral Water and 100Plus Sports Drink and media partners The Philippine Star, Total Fitness Magazine, Business Mirror, Kulit Runner,, MultiSport Magazine, Pinoy Fitness and Mellow 94.7.

Corregidor International Half Marathon 2012 Launched

The 3rd Corregidor International Half Marathon (CIHM) which is organized and managed by Big, Big, Big, Inc. was launched last Thursday night, October 11 attended by media people including runner-bloggers.  

This year’s edition dubbed as Showdown on the Rock is expected to intensify a runner’s competitive spirit.  Notable changes are also expected to happen this year such as the NO SWEEP TIME for the participants of both race categories and exemption from the race qualifying time for the first 500 registrants:
       Half Marathonor 21K             3:30hrs Male         3:45hrs Female
       10K                                     1:30hrs Male         1:45hrs Female
Finishers of the 21K will get the CIHM Medallion while the 10K finishers will get the 10K Achiever Medal upon crossing the finish line.  Registration will start on October 15, Monday and will end on November 23.  To register, participants need only to go to any SM Tickets outlets at all SM Cinemas nationwide.  For more information and complete race registration details, you may log on here.
The press launch, which took place aboard in one of the Sun Cruises’ ships that toured along Manila bay, concluded with a simple buffet dinner, acoustic music and a raffle on the ship’s deck.  
I believe the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is therein connived with me that night allowing me to win the raffle grand prize, a Soleus watch, which was so timely since my Garmin Forerunner 305 won’t charged anymore.  It conked out on the final lap during a 32-kilometer race last month.  

I take my hats off to the sponsors and the organizer of this launch.  Thanks,  too, to Art M. for the nice photos taken during the event.  The blogging bug  has finally caught up with him. Hahaha! Go Art!  

Be the Next King and Queen of the Rock!

If you get to join the 2nd Corregidor International Half Marathon you’ll have the chance to be hailed as one.  There will be male and female top 10 Finishers, respectively. 

All top 10 finishers will receive a certificate of achievement. There will be no age category winners. However, a special citation will be given to the oldest finisher of the 21km race. 

Top 3 winners from each category will receive cash prizes and trophies. On top of the trophy and cash prize, the male and female champions, to be hailed as “King and Queen of The Rock”, respectively, will be ceremonially awarded with the CIHMChampions Cup. Inscribed on the trophy are the names of the set of champions and of succeeding winners in the ensuing editions of Corregidor International Half-Marathon. The Champions Cup will be on display in Corregidor Island under the care of Sun Cruises, Inc.  

*Corregidor is also known as The Rock