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A DAtE to Fight Climate Change

A year ago, this blog posted about volunteering, disaster response, donations, among others, when typhoon Ondoy (International code name: Ketsana) flooded Metro Manila and nearby provinces on September 26. With almost 500 deaths and billions lost became the inspiration for the United Architects of the Philippines, the Climate Change Commission, the City of Taguig and the MyShelter Foundation to go beyond the traditional way of repairing after the storm, but building better habitat braced for a cycle of climate challenges.

Climate change is happening more rapidly than expected. As in many developing countries in the tropics, the Philippines’ poorest are already directly hit and they are the first ones feeling the impact yet least able to adapt.

The Philippines is consistently on the top ten on the Climate Index Risk as having the most deaths and property damage. Therefore, more and more there is a need to reorient the focus from Low Carbon initiatives, and look to a vision of Zero Climate Casualty initiatives.

It takes only seconds to destroy what takes years to build. Help reduce the painful cycle of environment destruction and post-disaster reconstruction through design. The best donation to a country at risk to the effects of climate change is not just financial aid, but ideas. This year’s challenge is to prepare communities before the next disaster.

Design Against the Elements (DAtE) is global design competition to look for new blueprints from the best architects from around the world for urban solution for communities already being hit by the early manifestations of climate change. Through this project it would be a way to bridge the movement of new ideas on how to build resiliency through the use of design and architecture which can lessen the impact of the yearly expected flooding and drought which cause massive migrations of low income urban sectors.

The winning design will be built in the prototype community for displaced teachers in Taguig City, Philippines.

There are currently 74 professional architects registered as of present for category 1 and another 110 for student entries from around the world. Easily one of the most participated design competitions in Philippine history.

The registration to this competition is extended to October 15, 2010.

For more info about the DAtE Competition, please log on to designagainsttheelements website.

The short introduction of this project is on youtube .