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Fitbit Holiday Gift Guide

With only a few weeks to go before Christmas, connected health and fitness market leader Fitbit helps your sports-loving family and friends by finding the perfect activity tracker to keep them moving.


Fitbit Flex 2 for swimmers
  • slimmest band
  • 50-meter water resistant
  • automatically tracks laps on the pool, duration of the swim, and calories burned
  • features SmartTrack technology which automatically records exercises, reminds you to move, and incoming call and text  notifications via color-coded LED lights
  • P 5,499
Fitbit Charge 2 for your overall health
  • best-selling activity tracker
  • upgraded to have a new, sleek look, and an easy-to-read display that is four times larger than its predecessor
  • more engaging, motivating, and personal experience to help you reach your fitness goals
  • PurePulse® heart rate tracking
  • tracks calories burn
  • features ‘Cardio Fitness Score’ based on your estimated VO2 Max,  ‘Relax’, a personalized deep-breathing sessions soothe your mind and body, and ‘Interval Workout Mode’   for high-intensity exercise and recovery to maximize workouts
  • five-day battery lifespan
  • P 8,499
Push your limits with Fitbit Surge 
  • ultimate fitness watch for the sports enthusiasts
  • designed to keep up with your active lifestyle
  • perfect for cyclists and marathoners
  • fitness tracker with a built-in GPS
  • reviews routes and splits times
  • records elevation, distance, and pace
  • PurePulse® heart rate tracking, music control, and smart notifications
  • five-day battery lifespan
  • P 12,899

Available at Fitbit’s major Philippine retailers such as Digital Walker, Beyond the Box, select Toby’s stores, iBOOK, iCENTER, Mobile1, Globe, Gadgets in Style, Hivemind, Lazada, Zalora, Timeline, The Inbox Store, iLiberty and RUNNR stores.

Merry FITmas!

Press Release: adidas holds FitFest, the first and biggest fitness festival for women in the Philippines  

adidas culminates its monthly workouts as it holds on November 13 the adidas Women FitSquad FitFest, a fitness, food, and music festival rolled into one. Over a hundred women come together at the Globe Live Amphitheatre in Bonifacio Global City, to move a step closer towards their fitness goals and give support to other women to become creators.

“adidas Women FitSquad FitFest serves as the fulfillment of FitSquad’s mission to inspire all women, regardless of age, physique, or level of athleticism, to discover their true strength and push their limit, ultimately, to become their fittest and healthiest selves. We know that doing this can pose a challenge, but FitSquad cultivates a strong culture of support,” says Jen Dacasin, Brand Communications and Sports Marketing Manager, adidas Philippines.


Having an entire day filled with activities ranging from rocket yoga to combat training, FitFest aims to engage all women with unified commitment to fitness. The day starts off with a morning run, followed by a series of fitness activities led by adidas Women influencers Nikki Torres, Ida Paras, and Rachel Que-Love including adidas girls Isabelle Daza, Solenn Huessaff, NT Sweat creator Nikki Torres, Ms. Gold’s Gym 2016 Cassie Umali, Polecats Manila Founder Kayleen Ortiz, and others were there to help empower FitSquad members to achieve their fitness goals.

“It’s surreal to have witnessed FitSquad grow through the months since the start of the year, to what it has become today. Aside from ensuring that we offer quality workout sessions every month, we have always placed collaboration and camaraderie at the core of adidas Women FitSquad. We keep that in mind as we invite everyone – FitSquad members and non-members alike – to join FitFest and be part of a community of women who inspire and empower each other,” shares Dacasin.

While adidas Women welcomes FitSquad non-members to their group with utmost enthusiasm, they celebrate the squad’s first year by awarding its loyal members during FitFest.

 More than giving an opportunity for women to achieve their fitness goals, FitSquad continues to provide a platform for women to form a community that thrives in mutual support and encouragement.


“This is just the beginning. Recognizing the success of this campaign, we are looking forward to having more and better FitSquad initiatives in 2017,” ends Dacasin.

Train harder, faster, and smarter with ultimate training tool SUUNTO Spartan Ultra!

In classical history, no other breed of warrior has struck fear into rival civilizations such as the Spartans. Trained to deal with adversity and succeed against seemingly impossible odds, the Spartan warriors continue to inspire modern day feats of heroism among athletes who drive themselves to ever higher peaks of excellence.

Today’s athletes need not fight to the death to excel but then the same ethos that drove the ancient Greeks to heroic feats is what drives today’s competitive warriors. The hunger for excellence and passion for continuous progress drives the modern day Spartans. Whether it is in the pursuit of running, cycling, triathlon, powerlifting, or plain and simple badassery, the Spartan athlete is about pushing the boundaries of human potential—to work harder than the rest, to keep going when others are about to quit, and to be the last one standing. It is the passion to progress.  It is about being part of Team Progress Beyond Logic.


Finnish company SUUNTO, known for its tough-as-nails-line of wrist-top computers, unleashes its first most capable device and training tool made specifically for the unbreakable athlete: the Spartan Ultra (SU). Featuring a space grade titanium bezel, high contrast color touchscreen display, and a multitude of features in its quiver, the SU is what a modern day warrior needs!

Spartan Ultra (all black titanium)
Spartan Ultra (all black titanium)
Key Features

•Titanium bezel and proven durability make SU light and incredibly tough, enough to take the knocks and drops of everyday training without skipping a beat.

•Outdoor grade color screen provides high contrast display, which is easily visible under any light condition. SU’s intuitive menu lets the wearer easily set features according to athlete’s training needs.

•Preset sport modes are designed for the multisport athlete.  Preset modes include cycling, outdoor/indoor running, swimming, weight training, and more. These can be further customized in the Movescount site.

• Multi-info display shows three to eight lines of information depending on the mode, reducing the need to scroll between display modes, and distract one from the workout.

•20-200H battery life, efficient Bluetooth, and GPS technology minimize energy consumption—a must for IRONMAN athletes, ultra distance runners, and multiday trekkers.

•Its Bluetooth connectivity can be paired with SUUNTO cadence/HR pods, third party devices like power meters, and can also be synced to a mobile phone for e-mail alerts.

•Provides smart training insights every time SU is sync at the Movescount site where athletes have access to helpful training metrics such as time in Training Zones, Training Effect, Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption, and training logs.

•Community powered progress is another feature that offers connectivity to the Movescount community, and where athletes can reach out to coaches, discover new routes using the heat maps, and even plan next ride or run by downloading the route to SU.

•Personal best and peer group training insights function informs the wearer when a new Personal Best or Personal Record is hit during a workout as well as compares performance with fellow athletes.

Spartan Ultra (black)
Spartan Ultra (black)
Availability and Pricing

SUUNTO Spartan Ultra is distributed by Time Depot and available at the following stores nationwide:

Metro Manila Time Depot Rockwell, Shangri-La, Festival Mall, SM the Block, SM Mall of Asia, Robinsons’ Manila, Maximus Athlete’s Café Shop

North Luzon Time Depot Harborpoint Subic

Visayas and Mindanao Time Depot SM Cebu, SM Davao, Centrio Cagayan de Oro

•Spartan Ultra All Black Titanium – P 45,000

•Spartan Ultra Stealth Titanium – P 40,000

•Spartan Ultra Black – P 40,000

•Spartan Ultra White – P 40,000

Spartan Ultra Stealth Titanium
Spartan Ultra Stealth Titanium

Fitness Trackers Fitbit Charge 2 and Flex 2 Launched

Connected health and fitness market leader Fitbit recently introduced two new fitness wristbands, the Fitbit Charge 2™ and Fitbit Flex 2™.  With its new sleek looks, both can track your health and fitness stats and help you experience a more engaging and motivating activities to eventually reach your fitness goals.

The new Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Flex 2
What’s New?

•    Charge 2™ – In addition to PurePulse® heart rate tracking, it now features smart notifications, it has a new design with a larger display, interchangeable bands–from workout to a night out accessory, and enhanced exercise fitness tools, eg “Relax” guided breathing sessions, cardio fitness level (estimated VO2 Max), all-day activity tracking, auto sleep tracking, multisport tracking modes (run, bike rides, weight, yoga), connected GPS, auto exercise recognition, smartphone notifications, reminders to move to motivate you to stay active throughout the day, wireless syncing, long battery life of up to five days, and a hi-res tap display which can be personalized to best fit your activity or style.

The all-new fitness Fitbit wristbands
The all-new fitness Fitbit wristbands

o    Charge 2™ will be available late October 2016 in colors black, blue, plum or teal.  Its classic accessory bands in four colors are sold separately.  Luxe premium leather accessory bands in blush pink, brown, and indigo.  Coming soon is its special edition in gunmetal and rose gold.  Check prices on  (Note: pricing at retailers may vary)

Style it uour wY with accessories.
Style it your way with accessories.

•    Flex 2™ – Its ultra-slim and minimalist design is thirty percent smaller. A swim-proof fitness wristband which is water resistant up to fifty meters and can track pool swims, laps, duration, and calories burned accessible via the Fitbit App.  It can also be transformed into a chic piece of jewelry or fashion accessory either as a bangle or pendant to be made available in 2017.  Check prices on  (Note: pricing at retailers may vary)



o    Flex 2™ tracker in colors black, lavender, magenta or navy.  Its classic three-pack fitness accessory bands are coming soon in pink – blush pink, lavender and magenta and sport – gray, navy, and yellow are sold separately.  Bangle accessory in gold (rose gold), and silver stainless steel.  Its pendant accessory in gold and silver stainless steel .  Flex 2™ will be available soon at major Philippine retailers including Digital Walker, Beyond the Box, select Toby’s stores, iBOOK, iCENTER, Mobile1, Globe, Gadgets in Style, Hivemind, Lazada, Zalora, Timeline, The Inbox Store, iLiberty, and RUNNR stores.


For more information about Fitbit products and services, kindly visit or for other details.  Connect and share your Fitbit experience on their Facebook or Instagram.

Southeast Asia country manager Louis Lye and Asia Pacific product marketing manager Alex Healy at the launch of Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Flex 2.
Southeast Asia country manager Louis Lye and Asia Pacific product marketing manager Alex Healy at the launch of Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Flex 2.


About Fitbit, Inc. (NYSE: FIT)

Fitbit helps people lead healthier, more active lives by empowering them with data, inspiration and guidance to reach their goals.  As the leader in the connected health and fitness category, Fitbit designs products and experiences that track everyday health and fitness.

Fitbit’s diverse line of award-winning products includes Fitbit Surge®, Fitbit Blaze™, Fitbit Charge 2™, Fitbit Charge HR™, Alta™, Fitbit Charge™, Fitbit Flex 2™, Fitbit Flex®, Fitbit One® and Fitbit Zip® activity trackers as well as the Aria® Wi-Fi Smart Scale.

Fitbit products are carried in 54,000 retail stores and in 64 countries around the globe.  Fitbit Group Health uses the power of the Fitbit activity trackers, software, and services to deliver innovative solutions for corporate wellness, weight management, insurance and clinical research.

Fun Health and Fitness Book Hot Sos Launched

Actress, singer, TV host, model, painter, make-up artist, fashion designer, and all-around fitspiration Solenn Heussaff has made it her mission to help you achieve your best body—and have a blast while you’re at it.

Out now from Summit Books is Hot Sos, a fun fitness book where Solenn—whose nickname is “Sos”—guides readers in their journey to getting in shape, eating right, and most importantly, loving their bodies.

Solenn’s personal journey to health and fitness is an inspiring one. She makes no secret that she was a hefty child, who was called “Free Willy” by her peers, up until her teen years. Even as an adult, her eating habits were indulgent, and her exercise regimen entailed hitting up clubs and spending the next day in bed. Her less-than-healthy past is what makes her a truly believable role model for those hoping to turn over a new leaf fitness-wise—if Solenn can do it, so can you!

Even after sticking to a healthy lifestyle for a while now, it’s still an everyday struggle for me,” Solenn admits in Hot Sos. “To be honest, the only thing that keeps me going is my goal. I don’t work out to become skinny; I do it to be healthy.


In Hot Sos, Solenn shares lessons and techniques that have helped her get the hot body and health-oriented mindset she has enjoyed since her fitness awakening. Hot Sos contains workouts that can be done solo or with friends, indoors or outdoors.  Also inside are Solenn’s own recipes for healthy and nutritious meals including some helpful tips.  Hot Sos is out now in bookstores, newsstands, supermarkets, and convenience stores nationwide for P295.

For updates and more information, follow Summit Books on Facebook, on Twitter via @SummitBooks, and on Instagram via @summit.books.

About Summit Media
Summit Media is the largest magazine publishing company in the Philippines, with over 20 magazines, 13 websites and counting, book imprints, and a thriving out-of-home business.
Today, it has become the leading lifestyle and entertainment digital network in the country.

Fiber Up to Combat Hypertension

World Hypertension Day is celebrated annually to increase global awareness on the condition and issues surrounding hypertension. Besides commemorating medications Losartan, Lipitor, and Atenolol, one natural way to control hypertension is through the Big F or Fiber.

Fiber keeps the heart and colon healthy hence better blood circulation and detoxification. Good blood circulation prevents hypertension.  Sapping bad cholesterol and toxins out of the body by consuming fibrous food such as oatmeal promotes digestive health and prevents colon cancer.

Variants of oatmeal include instant, quick-cooking, whole-grain rolled oats, and oat bran.  One brand, Australia Harvest Oatmeal, boasts of quality as it prides itself coming from the world’s best oat producing region, West Australia.


Perhaps the quality product is what made the Philippine Volcanoes, the country’s official rugby team, choose the Australia Harvest Oatmeal brand as their Official Fiber Partner for good reason—the team won the Bronze medal in the recently concluded Asian Rugby Competition.

Medical online publication reveals “adding fiber to diet [shows] a significant reduction in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure in people with high blood pressure.”   Said site also mentions that other lifestyle and dietary improvements like weight loss, reduced sodium intake, moderation in alcohol use, increased potassium intake, increased physical activity, and following dietary approaches to stop hypertension or DASH diet can keep blood pressure levels under control.

Anyone who wishes to gain the benefits of fiber simply has to eat more fruits and vegetables.

So celebrate life by staying healthy.  Fiber up for Life!

Tap your Hidden Strengths to Unleash your Inner Alpha

To be an Alpha means to be the best. And best equates to being strong. When you’re strong, everything becomes easy. “Becoming stronger is not that easy though. It will test you. At times, it will disappoint. And like life, it is not a walk in the park,” says Alpha Strength and Alpha Strike head coach Aaron dela Cruz.

Train like an Alpha demonstration
Train Like an Alpha demo

Alpha Strength provides strength programs—Be Alpha, Alpha 365, and Alpha Mode—to fix incorrect movement patterns to achieve fitness and health-related goals. In the Be Alpha program, it starts with an assessment of current health and capacity of the person. The program incorporates the use of equipment, eg, mace bells, dumbbells, kettle bells, and medicine balls to get people move their bodies the way the human body is designed to move.

Warm-up exercises
Alpha Strength warm-up exercises

The simple science behind the Alpha 365 is to make the human body adapt to stress. In Alpha 365, the stressors work in two ways. First, progressive overloading helps the body achieve its goals within a specific timeframe of training. Second, it utilizes multi-joint compound movements and powerlifting exercises (squat, press, and deadlift). Combined with weightlifting (snatch and clean and jerk), the program optimizes strength, agility, coordination, speed, power, and endurance.

Alpha Strength powerlifting


A show of strength
A show of Alpha Strength

The Alpha Mode is about maximizing on strength. It is a by-appointment class or a consultation with Alpha Strength coaches.

Alpha Strength physical fitness facility is located at the G/F of Sparta Philippines, Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City. For inquiries or reservations, you may contact 0917.794.3776 (mobile/Viber/WhatsApp). Follow @alphastrength on Instagram and Like Alpha Strength PH on Facebook.

Kickass Sports and Fitness Expo Kicks off this August!

Fresh from her marathon stint abroad, Ruby Gan came home with the intention of sharing what she had experienced.  In partnership with Queenie Gavan of, the duo designed an expo that is suited to the local running community, thus, the brainchild Kickass. Through  Kickass,  Ruby and Quennie will be bringing in the pros to share their knowledge, skills and passion through classes, trials and challenges—and for FREE!

Kickass Schedule

Kickass was finally launched on August 1, Saturday at the Slice Cafe, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Gobal City with Ruby, Queenie, and Mitch Felipe sharing to bloggers and media friends what Kickass is all about 

Kickass is the brainchild of Ruby (center) and partners Mitch (left) and Quennie (right).
Kickass is the brainchild of Ruby (center) and partners Mitch (left) and Quennie (right).

Watch out for the first ever Kickass Sports and Fitness Expo this August in Alabang!  

Enervon Activ We Got Your Bike Promo

Have you been wanting to own a bike, but can’t or still saving for it? Here’s your chance to own one with Enervon Activ’s We Got Your Bike promo!


Promo period is from 15 June 2015 – 15 October 2015.  To join, simply follow these steps:

1.  Buy 10 capsules of Enervon Activ multivitamins from any of the following participating stores: Mercury Drug, Watsons, South Star Drug, Rose Pharmacy, St. Joseph Drugstore, HB1, Metro Gaisano, Puregold, Robinsons Supermarket, Rustan’s SaveMore, Shopwise, Shoemart (SM), 7Eleven, FamilyMart, and other participating drugstores and supermarkets.  For every 10 capsules bought in a single receipt entitles you one (1) promo code.

2.  Scan Official Receipt (O.R.).

3. Email clear scanned O.R. together with your complete contact details, i.e., name, address, gender, birthdate, e-mail address, civil status at

4.  Wait for the confirmation via e-mail within 48 hours.  It’s your proof of a raffle entry.


Great prizes await lucky winners!  63 consolation prizes (physical therapy packages at Health First Clinic, gym memberships worth P 67,000 at Fitness First, P 50,000 total worth of  Toby’s and RUNNR gift certificates, P 55,000 worth of Skechers gift certificates) to be given away!  The Grand Prize Winners may win up to P 100,000 worth of Light’N Up products (including a  bike) plus P 20,000 worth of Zoot sport and apparel items.  


So what are you waiting for?  JOIN now for greater chances of winning that “dream bike” and other prizes!

To top it off, taking Enervon Activ brings out the #MAMAW (beast or a strong athlete) in you.  Why? Enervon Activ is a royal jelly multivitamin with minerals and ginseng to help physically active people build stamina and combat sports fatigue to ensure better performance.

2015-06-29 23.04.33

Are you up to a #MAMAW challenge? Then #exceedyourself by trying out these Enervon Activ #MAMAW exercises: 100 reps of forward lunges, 100 reps of jumping jacks, 100 reps of squats, 100 reps of plank rows, and 100 reps of mountain climbers.   

To know more about the Enervon Activ #wegotyourbike promo and #MAMAW campaign, please visit Unilab Active Health for details.