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Another 5K Race (for me) at the FIC Run Event

25 March 2012 – Personally busy with other things and for some reason, I totally had forgotten about checking the time for the 5K race. I blogged about this event yet here I was not remembering either the assembly time or the gun time, oh well, my bad, I said to myself. Based from previous racing experiences, I deduced that the race would start between 5:30 AM and 5:45 AM.

Avoiding being late, I played it safe by arriving early at the venue. I had plenty of time to explore the place. The weather seemed to be fairly good in spite it had rained lightly the previous night. There were already quite a number of runners who donned their respective race shirts, majority of which were from the 5K category.

After doing my warm up exercises, I carried on to join those who have assembled at the start line. Along the way, I saw two of my ultramarathon friends from Team Boring, Rod aka Rod.Runn3r and Gab aka Dirty Sanchez. Both did the Bataan Death March 160-kilometer Ultramarathon race held early this year. They were already in the 10K coral just waiting for the race to start. I dropped by to say hi and we agreed to meet again after the race to run another five kilometers.

I finished the race more or less the same time as I did the previous Sunday but definitely not a PR for me considering the few seconds difference (official results: 0:32.53) on my chip time. After claiming my loot bag, I cheered on the runners in the 500-meter dash, a costume race category for children and adults. To my utter surprise and delight, the children could run faster than the adults. Man, they were fast! I even saw fellow blogger, Let aka The Running Mom, who supported her twins.

My FIC Run ended with another five kilometers of LSD (long slow distance) with fellow runners, Rod and Gab, by retracing some parts of the 5K and 10K routes. I did a total of 10.93 kilometers based on my Garmin, a distance way, way too short as compared to my previous LSDs of 30++ something in the previous years. Overall, I had fun and it was, indeed, a very good race.

Super-duper thanks to Coach Rio, the Runrio Team thru Vimz aka Kulit on the Run, and Fox Channels for inviting me during FIC Run’s launch and for the complimentary race kit.
Congratulations to Fox Channels for bringing this colorful and exciting event to our budding runners out there. Hoping this wouldn’t be the last and looking forward to more FIC Runs in the coming years!

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Fox International Channels (FIC) Run, March 25

Consider me a movie aficionado. I love to watch varied movie types. Except for horror and science fiction movies, I like to watch action, drama, comedy, animated, buddy, documentary, family, romantic comedy, thriller, and western movies.

And when in the cinema, the best part is when I get to watch trailers for upcoming movies.

When on rest mode, that is, free from running or training or racing on certain weekends, I read books or watch some of my favorite shows on TV. One of my favorite channels is Star Movies. It’s where I could watch movies that I’ve missed watching in cinemas. This channel oftentimes features good movies and they’re subtitled too, which is a good thing.

During my college days, I would always find time to read back issues of National Geographic (Nat Geo) magazines. I found these mags as very informative and the photos incredibly astonishing. In one of these reading adventures, it was where I learned the story of Titanic and how the wreck was discovered in 1985; 73 years after it sank. Years later, Titanic became a megahit movie.
I love watching Nat Geo’s The Dog Whisperer, The Incredible Dr. Pol, the biography of the legendary Bruce Lee, WWII history, Mad Scientists, among others. Next month, I look forward to watching the premiere of Inside Malacañang. Whether on magazine or on TV Nat Geo, with its non-fiction stories, never fails to amaze me.

I’m also an avid follower of Junior Master Chef Australia for two seasons now. The children’s cooking skills are really amazing! I wish I could cook like them. One time, I accidentally clicked on Star World and never failed to follow American Idol since then, well, except on four seasons I think.

Yes, I’m a “suki” or regular customer of Star Movies, Star World, Fox, and Nat Geo.

And this year, for the very first time ever, Fox International Channels (FIC), the same company that brings these movie hits and famous series on TV has finally caught up with the running bug. An opportune time to make running enthusiasts and serious runners alike tries a bit of each TV channel’s menu through a fun run dubbed as FIC Run on March 25, 2012 at the Bonifacio Global City.

500m category – Come dressed in your favorite character and gets a chance to run alongside fellow enthusiasts and sponsor mascots.

3K category – If you are a movie fan, run with writers, film producers, and movie directors. Movie trivia and popular quotes from movie characters will also be setup along the course.

5K category – Brush elbows with models, celebrities, and other prominent personalities. To mimic the paparazzi scene, this run features a red carpet along the route. This is really fun!

10K category – The first 500 registrants in this category will compete in the name of their advocacy. FIC Run has partnered with ten non-government organizations to raise awareness for their respective advocacies.
Participants may register in the 500m Fox Costume Run (P150) or the 3K Star Movies Blockbuster Run (P550) or the 5K Star World Lifestyle (P650) or the 10K Nat Geo Run for a Cause (P750).
Limited edition of Fox DVD, a home entertainment system, and gift certificates for a shopping spree are up for grabs in the raffle draw. Finishers of this fun run will get their finisher’s shirt made especially by Penshoppe.

Please note that slots for this fun run are very limited. Register now!

For details, log on at: