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2011 in Pictures

Recapping my 2011’s posts and great moments in the sport of running through images.  

In summary, RUNNING DIVA finished the Bataan Death March 102KM Ultramarathon, Cebu City and Condura Skyway Run for Dolphins marathons, a 32-kilometer run, two half marathons, 2-mile barefoot race, and joined fun runs like the Nike We Run Manila, Adobo Run After Dark and Women’s Health Athena.  Her blog celebrated its 4th year anniversary.  

She has reached a new soaring distance record of 3,000 km (excluding mileage accumulated in 2003-2008).  She was a recipient of the Runrio Trilogy Award for completing the trilogy distances of 21K-Century Tuna Superbods, 21K-Nature Valley Run, and 32K-Run United 2 Afroman Distance.  Her article ‘Happy Feet’ running group a.k.a. impromptu runners was featured in frontRUNNER magazine (April 2011).  

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for being part of my 2011!

Running 2011: the year in photos
Enter the Dragon 2012!

Happy Feet Running Group Featured in Front Runner and Multisport Magazines

It came as a surprise when I got a text message from Jonel Mendoza, editor of Front Runner, that Happy Feet running group was featured finally in their magazine (Front Runner Magazine, April 2011).  

Many thanks to Jonel and the staff of Front Runner for giving me the opportunity to write about the group and for including said article in one of their issues.  Thanks also to James Rosca, a fellow Happy Feet, for providing us a photographer Mr. Loel Lamella, whose talent is clearly shown in the photos he took in September last year. And of course, to Z for the initiative to gather HF members for the photo shoot.

Another feat for Happy Feet running group when it was featured again in another magazine.  This time in MultiSport Philippines (May 2011).  Article is written by Paola Belle Ebora. Some members of this group are also into multisport events.
Kudos to all Happy Feet peeps!

2010 in Review

A repository thread of my running experiences in 2010. Featured are fellow runners, multisport enthusiasts, the bloggers Happy Feet and running groups, friends, acquaintances, test runs, fun runs, practice runs, races, and my singing stint. In summary, RUNNING DIVA finished three ultramarathons, two full marathons, five half marathons, one 32K distance, two 15Ks, five 10Ks, and one aquathlon.

Let me THANK YOU for being a part of my 2010! The cliche, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” is put to the test indeed.

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” ~ Edith Pierce

Bye, bye 2010!

HELLO 2011!

We’re Happy [Feet] Together

Last Sunday, August 22, was somewhat a reunion for Happy Feet (HF) runners, both the pioneers and new ones. Do they look familiar? Some of the faces you see in the photos below, well, they are just but some of those who started the running buzz, two or three years ago, through their blogs.

Many thanks to Z for gathering the HF runners in this photo shoot. Photos courtesy of Zimm aka The Kenyan Runner.

Jump shot

Me second from left, front row

Different versions of Happy Feet singlet

White with green (2007), black (2008), mostly green (2010)

Ready, get set …

Happy Feet Photo Shoot on August 22 at
Bonifacio High Street, The Fort

License to Run 2010 Edition

27th Runnex Executive Classic 10K
23 May 2010
Photos courtesy of Vener aka
Run Unlimited and Dr. Jun Kagaoan

Two years ago, I joined the 25th Executive Classic 10k of Runnex and got the surprise of my life when I placed 8th in the 10K Top Ten Women Division. Allow me to copy, cut, and paste a portion from my previous blog post about what I said while waiting for the winners to be announced …

“Mon and the others wanted also to witness the awarding ceremony. Then, I saw Sir Jovie [aka Baldrunner] who waved at me. It was then at this time that I said to them, “Kailan kaya ako magka-podium finish?” (When can I have a podium finish?) Sir Jovie answered, “Malapit na ‘yan.” (It will happen soon.) Even Mon and Ipe agreed on what Sir Jovie said. I was so surprised that after I asked that question, the emcee announced…”8th place…” I heard my name! Whooah! I did a podium finish!” (Blog post, 7 Dec. 2008)

Runnex 10K Executive Run is originally held every year during the month of December but it didn’t push through in 2009 to give way to the 1st Quezon City International Marathon. Runnex Board decided to have it instead on May 23, 2010, which coincides on its 27th anniversary. It is a run open to executives, businessmen, professionals, and diplomatic corps members.

The following are qualified to participate: 1) those holding managerial and executive positions; 2) government officials with a minimum position of Division Chief; 3) military officials with a minimum rank of Major; 4) licensed professionals [such as] doctors, lawyers, accountants, and engineers [among others]. All participants must be at least 30 years old on race day. (Source: Runnex site)

I qualified not because I’m a businessperson nor an executive but as an information professional. Knowledge managers, popularly known as librarians, in the Philippines, are required to take and pass the licensure examination first before they can practice their profession. My license is my ticket in this event, a license to run.


I didn’t have any plan to join any race. What I wanted to do is rest and spend another personal milestone with family.

However, before the said race weekend, I received news from back home that my mother was rushed to the hospital due to heart attack. The last time she suffered the same illness was two years ago.

I wasn’t so sure whether it would do me good to race even for a 10k only. But I didn’t want to dampen Master Mon’s enthusiasm when he reminded me to defend my ranking in the top ten (as if I were that fast, eh?). I did ask myself the same question over and over again, “What did I do to deserve such faith in my capability as a runner?” It truly overwhelmed me to know how others thought I could nail this race again. Eventually, I gave in to race on this one on a condition not to stay long for I had a flight to catch at noontime.

We arrived at University of the Philippines (UP) with enough time to do warm up exercises. I was surprised to see quite a number of runners considering a race was also being held at the grounds of Mall of Asia that same day.

While I was on my way to the starting line, I saw familiar faces from up North. I wasn’t wrong. It was indeed Dr. Jun Kagaoan and his wife, Ruby. I was so happy to see both of them! If you’ve read my previous post regarding my running experience in Vigan, Doc Jun was the organizer of that fun run. They traveled many hours all the way from Vigan to just run a 10K race in UP. Truly, some runners are “hibang” (means “crazy” on a positive note) with running. It was nice to see familiar faces and friends at the starting line.

Ruby and Dr. Jun K., visitor runners from Vigan

We ran the same loop twice for us to complete the 10-kilometer distance. Initially, I started to run fast and aimed to pace with Master Mon but eventually I had to slow down when I felt the same pain from my butt down to the back of my knee. It only meant one thing; I was not yet fully recovered from my last run in the PAU 50K. Also, I was not feeling well; worry and not getting much sleep took its toll, I suffered common cold symptoms, runny nose and cough.

I was impressed the way Runnex Club members and volunteers handled the race. Even if there were a lot of joggers and runners, who didn’t take part in the race, still they were able to control the crowd running around the UP “oval”.

I finished the run in 1:07:58. More or less the same finish time, which I did two years ago, where I placed 8th in the Top 10 Women Division. While I was waiting for a free cup of coffee, I heard my name being announced by Runnex officials. Whooah! A podium finish again?

Doc Pinky (1st), Cristy (3rd), Running Diva (4th overall & 1st in her age category)

With Cristy, Run Unlimited’s wife, after the race

With Ruby, who also won in the Top Ten 10k Women Division and in her age category

Happy Feeter Master Mon won in his age category

Master Totoy and fellow Happy Feet receiving his medal for placing 9th overall

This year, I ranked 4th in the Top 10 Women Division and placed 1st in age category. I never expected this to happen because, on a personal note and as a runner, I considered my finishing time as not a ‘good one’. I’d been aiming for the past three years to do a sub-hour finish time for 10K but no matter how I tried; I would either feel not ready or sick. Also, I haven’t run 10K distances in a race recently, well, except this one.

Runners received a lot of freebies—sandwich, Gatorade (I asked for two bottles for I was so thirsty.), two finisher’s shirts, overflowing coffee (I was holding a cup while receiving the medals.), and many more.

Post race breakfast with fellow Happy Feet runners was cancelled. I needed to leave immediately after the awarding ceremony to catch a flight back home to see my ailing mother in the hospital.

The next day, on my birthday, while watching over my mother who was still in ICU, I showed her the medals, which I got the previous day. I knew it was no ideal birthday celebration but still, I thanked God for the blessings—for allowing me to see my mother and for giving me good friends as pillars of support. I couldn’t ask for more.

What a gift to celebrate a personal milestone!

Do You Talk While You Race?

No two individuals are alike. Not even twins. Same goes with runners. One is fast, the other is slow. Others are serious. Some not so serious.  And the list goes on.

Are you one of those runners who enjoy talking while racing? Well, good for you. I can’t. As simple as that. That doesn’t mean I didn’t want to talk. I do! But not during race time. I believe some runners are quiet, others chatty.  I am more of the former.

Whoah, hold on! Before you say something about this, let me first tell you something.  As a runner, I want to hear the sounds around me. I want to be aware of my surrounding. I want to listen, to be more focused of what’s ahead of me. (Photo by Photovendo)


If I get to see familiar faces on their way back, I try to do a high five, say a few words like, “Go, go, go!” and sometimes, l shout. But I can never engage myself in a conversation while running. Well, except when doing a long run.  I did try, once.  But no, I can’t.  I need to concentrate.  If I can’t concentrate I don’t think I can finish. In the zone … as they say.

As a runner, there are thoughts going on in my mind.  Some are good.  Some are dilemmas.  At times, a way to meditate.

One Sunday, while doing a long slow distance (LSD), I was engaged in a conversation with Maui, a fellow Happy Feet.  Guess what? All I could say was, “Yeah,” “Uhms,” “Ah.” After the LSD, if only Maui asked me to recap the whole conversation? Honestly, I couldn’t since l was not listening! Remember, this was during a long run.  How much more if during a race?

I didn’t intend to be a snob.   Okay, one time, in the recently held Milo Marathon race, I had to say to a fellow runner, a friend of mine, rather bluntly, “don’t talk to me.”  Well, that was bad. (Laughs)  My apologies my friend (you know who you are).  But please don’t take it against me.  I’m no talker when racing.

I once read from a leading running magazine that if you still have that energy to talk while racing, it means you are not doing much effort with your running. Now, if you are eavesdropping to what runners, either ahead of you or behind you, are talking,  you are not racing my dear.

I do appreciate though you calling my name and saying words of encouragement while the race is in progress.  I really do! So if we get to see each other, do chat with me over a postrun drink.  What do you think? 🙂

Now, I am throwing the ball at you. Is talking during a race rude? Is engaging a fellow runner in a conversation during a race rude?

Running Diva the Blog Is Now Two Years Old

This article was posted sometime in 2007. Read on

My running background is like almost every newbie runner in the world. One day a three-kilometer run for a cause by a non-governmental organization was organized and that was it. I was hooked. Started training on my own and never realized that I would be seeing myself joining races almost every Sunday of the week. And as long my schedule will allow me to, I will.

I was inspired to run when I saw a friend, a 57-year old guy, running a 10k event. “Wow!” I said to myself, “if he can do it, I can too!” Honestly, easier said than done.

Looking back at the history of road running, the Marathon is probably the most popular. Despite its popularity, so I’ve learned from our Happy Feet e-group and through my own research that, women were officially allowed to run only in 1972 and in the 1984 Olympics. I was only one year old then in 1972 and just graduated from grade school in 1984. Surely, time flies so fast, eh? I thought, this incident wouldn’t happen again. But I was wrong.

Recently, a race in Metro Manila, Philippines, excluded women from running a 21k event for reasons that really baffled me. According to Tanya, a fellow HF runner, I quote, “I thought it was an affront to all women around the world, not just runners.” I couldn’t agree more with her opinion stated in the recent Sunday lifestyle article. Thanks Tanya for that superb article and for featuring the Happy Feet group. I’ve kept a copy of that article as memento.

Let’s talk about the Happy Feet. As far as I can remember, this group, also known as impromptu runners usually register on race day itself. I’ve seen it. I’ve witnessed it during the Nike+ Fun Run in April 2007 when Ben a.k.a. Photographer on the Run and Chester (whom I haven’t seen since then) registered on-site. This was a very memorable run for me because each runner was given a free red shirt where one can write a power song. I chose We are the Champions by Queen. I can still vividly remember seeing one of the runners wearing the Nike shirt with a power song Moon River emblazoned on it. That was cool! This was my comeback after a one year plus hiatus. Oh, no injury or other reasons. Just simply lazy then. My award? I finished the 5k run horribly.

(These photos were taken on 2 July 2007 with fellow Happy Feet runners)

It was also in this run that I’ve met Mon Domingo known also as Marimon, Jedi Master Mon, Monski, Monsky, Chito, etc. I became a member of impromptu running group after almost two months (and not three weeks as previously posted). There was never a dull moment during the members’ e-group exchanges even if we were still few then. Thanks to Mon, Smith and Joms’ funny antics.

One of the funny experiences I had with the group was when I came across with the acronym TBR and I thought this must be one of those running terms. I was wrong. TBR simply stands for The Bull Runner. With that name, came an imagination of a large, strong and aggressive person. I was wrong again.

Then, there was Ben. The Ben whom I thought one of the photographers that offer photo services in Luneta. Mon’s humor insinuated that Ben’s like that—you know, the big, fat, old kind of guy. I was wrong, wrong again. Ben’s a very talented lensman. He has his blog to prove it. It was also because of TBR and Ben that I got hooked to blogging. Yes, folks, for 48 straight long hours, I tried to understand the nitty-gritty of blogging. Voila! Running Diva was born after two days.

So, why use the moniker, Running Diva?

I gave the credit to Pia, a fellow VSO volunteer who is now back in the country after a two-year stint in Zambia, Africa. She gave that moniker to describe my hobbies—running and singing.

Then on July 1, 2007, after the Adidas King of the Road run, I’ve met another batch of impromptu runners–Michelle, the creator of impromptu runners site and Michelle’s special friend; Joms, Doc Brent, Tisha, and Ben. See my older post. You’ll find a photo of us above. The members just keep on growing, growing-Smith, Chaia, Banggi, Doc Oknoy, Lost Command, Tisha, Aljo-are just but some of the HF members I’ve met. Some of my friends who, at one time or another, decided to join HF group are Judah, Ana, Ruth, April, Wilbert and Thelma. Some members of the group, however, remained lurkers or are just simply too shy. The run in July 2007 was followed by one race after another.

L – R: Mon, Tanya, Tin, Bobby, Art (photo1), Vimma (photo2), Deldude, Jesse, Ipe, Que, Jinoe, John T, Wilbert, Roselle, Jesse, and Gigi P

Once you’re in the e-group, you just can’t miss each race. Below is the partial list of marathons, fun runs and other races where I joined (and never joined):

Runnex @ 25 Executive Classic Run, 10k, 7 Dec. 2008, 1:07.22

UNICEF Run, 10k, 23 Nov. 2008, 1:03.38

New Balance Power Race, Clark, 25k, 16 Nov. 2008, 3:00.29

VSO Kabahagi Ako Fundraising Run, 15k, 9 Nov. 2008, 1:45.57

United Nations Paabilisan Road Race Series in Cooperation with Botak, 10k, 19 Oct. 2008, 1:04.12

Adidas King of the Road, 21k, 11 Oct. 2008, 2:33.42

Hope in Motion 3, 10k, October 2008, no race results (a fun run/walk for the benefit of SOS Philippines)

Raising Hope 2 Fun Run of New Balance, September 2008, no specific distance (an annual fundraising activity of New Balance for Carewell Community where one can run, walk or jog as way of helping people affected with cancer)

Mamang Pulis Subic Marathon Legacy Run, 2/e, 10k, September 2008, 1:12.16 (unofficial race results)

Mommy Milkshake Marathon, Year 2, 2.6k, no race results

Feati Blue and Gold Fun Run, 10k (8.9km+), August 2008, 1:03:06

32nd National Milo Marathon, 10k, August 2008, 1:14:24

Fit & Fun Buddy Run, 5k, July 2008, 0:36.52

One Run. One Family. One La Salle, 5k, July 2008 0:30.29

PSE Bull Run, 10k, January 2008(Missed it for not waking up early; too tired)

Takbo Para sa Kalikasan Year 9, 10k, February 2008 no race results

Pinay in Action, 10k, March 2008 (couldn’t find my name in the list)

Soroptimist Takbo! Breast Friends, 10k (Missed it for not waking up early)

New Balance, 10k, (Didn’t run due to a conflict in schedule. It’s matter of choosing CLASS or RUNNING.)

Condura “I Ran for Tubbataha”, 10k, March 2008, 1:08:19

Subic Marathon: Live the Dream, 10k, January 2008, 1:16:24

(Originally registered for 5k but decided to run under April’s 10k race bib GK Bayani Marathon/Adidas Run for Love, 10k, October 2007, 1:18:23

Go Marino, Go!: 2nd F.A.M.E. Fun Run for a Healthy Body and Mind, 10k, September 2007 (no race results)

Fil-Mus Run for Peace, 10k, September 2007, no results

Media Sports Club Open, 10k, August 2007, no race results

Takbo Para Kay Ariel Fun Run, 5k, August 2007, no race results

UP Great Run, 10k, August 2007, 1:02:36

Runnex Pharmaton 5k/10k Executive Classic, 10k, December 2007, 1:10:05

Yakult 10 Miler, 16k, December 2007, 1:55:56

Animo! Run, 10k, November 2007 (Didn’t run due to a conflict in schedule. It’s matter of choosing CLASS or RUNNING.)

31st Milo Marathon Finals, 10k, no race results

31st Milo Marathon Elimination, 10k, July 2007, 1:15:26

Mommy Milkshake Marathon, 3k, August 2007, no race results

Adidas King of the Road Finals, 10k, July 2007, 1:04:26

Nike+ Fun Run, 5k, April 2007, no race results

Adidas King of the Road, 10k, October 2005, no race results

Why do I run?


It’s painful, tedious and most of all, exhausting. It goes beyond the physical benefits. The intense exhilaration and euphoria that comes after finishing a run is what motivates me most. My practice runs gave me a wonderful and rewarding experience.

I have continued to run, recreationally and competitively, and have even won some awards including a cash award for winning first place. It’s not much but I was happy with it. Thanks to the constant prodding and encouragement of John Ting, fondly called, Sensei which means “teacher” in Japanese.

I believe, running is not about who can run the farthest and the fastest.

I’ve known some of HF runners who are seriously on training. I congratulate them for their dedication and for their passion for it. Some have set a quite impressive personal record. Good for them!

As for me, I will run for the sake of keeping in shape. Running is still, as what my blog says, a quest for self mastery.

Great Moments


Energy Summit; With MMDA Chairman B Fernando

Christmas Carol at Intercontinental Hotel

Charity Concert

As Guest During a UN Celebration

Honoring Our Heroes at Bantayog Ng Mga Bayani; With Former Philippine Pres. FVR

World Music Concert at Philamlife Theater

Jamming With Joey Ayala and Bayang Barrios at Conspiracy Resto


Conquering the Skyway during the Condura Run for the Whale Shark; Finishing the 25k Power Race at Clark; Training at Philsports Arena or Ultra; a Happy Feet meet during a rugby league and a five-kilometer practice run at Merville with PassionRunner; Pinay in Action with Happy Feet peeps; with Coach Rio who is instrumental in the first production of Happy Feet singlet; Renegade runners Ruth and myself meeting Jinoe (Manokan and owner of and the love of his life, Queenie; and, with peeps after the Mizuno Run to Infinity

Running Diva’s existence in blogosphere wouldn’t have been made possible if not for fellow runners who have served as her inspiration. Runners who are dedicated to practice in spite of pain, rain, injury. You name it. But is running still.

Thank you God for giving us this opportunity.

Thank you dear readers, fellow runners, and bloggers for visiting this site.

Looking forward to many years of running!

SlimmeRun, 19 Apr. 2009

Left my place a little bit earlier to have time for warm-up exercises before the race. When I arrived at the venue, I’ve noticed not many runners. Either, I was too early or most of the runners were in Laguna for the Greenfield race. After I deposited my backpack, Efren, a fellow Happy Feet, saw me and we both did the warm-up running exercises.

More people arrived gradually. I saw other familiar faces of Master Mon, Ipe, Totoy, Jesse, Jan, and Tina. Also there was, BroDen, a young De La Salle Brother and sports enthusiast, with two of his students, who were also running the 16k distance. While waiting for the race to start, I availed of the overflowing coffee at a nearby stand.

This race was only a practice run for me. No pressure when it comes to doing one’s personal best. I just wanted to enjoy it.

Again, it was frustrating to know that the race didn’t start on time. I just hope that the organizer (next time) be conscious of time. Runners, after all, also prepared for this. They had to wake up earlier than possible, do warm-up exercises thinking that the race will start on time, etcetera, la la la. We even had to watch and wait for Slimmers World Miss Bikini Philippines 2009 candidates to finish their warm-up dancing. Given the kind of weather we had then, it was really too hot for a run already. All runners of the different events ran all at the same time after the gun start. On our first turn towards Market, Market!, some runners took a shortcut. Cheaters!

As we were all running McKinley, we couldn’t crossed right away at the intersection because vehicles were given priority. What a way to race, eh? I was also a bit worried of the safety of the runners because we couldn’t identify the race marshals. Where were you guys? It was a Saturday and the streets we were traversing were kind of busy.

There were enough water supplies in every water station except the one along Lawton Avenue after Essensa. The racecourse was also good. As I passed along Heritage Park, it was so timely that the water sprinklers were on. It was a good way to cool off oneself. Vitwater was handed to every runner at the last turn around point, which was good. The organizer also gave lots of goodies including a baller ID. All in all, the race, if I were to rate it, was satisfactory.

Few meters away from the finish line (Photo courtesy of Kinderdorf)

Runner, walker, and pacer Jan M (Photo courtesy of Kinderdorf)

I didn’t notice how I clocked but it sure made me feel happy that I finished the race in spite of the heat. Super thanks to Jan M for pacing with me. It was really a good and comfortable run. Just the way I wanted it to be. Kinderdorf took a photo of me while I was on my way to the finish line. Super thanks Sir Ipe!

SlimmeRun is a race with 3k, 5k, and 16k distance events and organized by Slimmers World.

Renegade Runners at the Pink Run, 29 March

After the recently held half-marathon of Condura, I decided not to register for another race on Sunday. I just wanted it an easy run for me that I asked administrator, Jinoe and the love of his life, Que, if I could run with them from their place to Mall of Asia grounds and join the Pinay in Action women runners. Another reason was to see Happy Feet Banggigay (a.k.a. Coffee Mug). Three months ago, she had an accident in Vietnam and it was good to know that she finished the 3k event of the recently held Condura race.

Few days before this race, fellow Happy Feet runner, Master Mon, asked me if I could register him in this run but told him that I wouldn’t register. Reluctantly, though he really wanted to be registered, he agreed to run with me as a renegade runner. And, another renegade Jess joined us. Thus, we were renegade runners during the pink run.

Banggigay with the Renegade Runners, Running Diva and Master Mon (Photo Courtesy of Loony Runner)

Pinay in Action Runners (Photo Courtesy of the Bull Runner)

Renegade Runners Jess, Running Diva, and Master Mon with Fellow Happy Feet Caesar (Photo Courtesy of Caesar)

PIA was an all women’s run. A guy can only run in this race as long as accompanied by a lady runner. Now, that’s what we call women empowerment in the Philippines.

A Tribute to All Women

In the Philippines, the passage of the following laws during the term of President Corazon, the first Filipino woman president, serves as legal bases for the celebration of the National Women’s Day/Month:

• Proclamation No. 224, “Declaring the First Week of March of Every Year as Women’s Week and March 8, 1988 and Every Year Thereafter as Women’s Rights and International Peace Day.” Signed by former President Corazon C. Aquino on March 1, 1988, it affirmed our solidarity with the United Nations and recognized Filipino women’s contribution in the struggle for national independence, civil liberties, equality and human rights.

• Proclamation No, 227, “Providing for the observance of the Month of March as ‘Women’s Role in History Month’.” Signed by President Aquino on March 17, 1988, it
reinforced the earlier proclamation by emphasizing the role of Filipino women in the
social, cultural, economic and political development throughout our history. It provided for a month-long nationwide observance with appropriate ceremonies and activities to be spearheaded by the NCRFW.

• R.A. 6949, “An Act to Declare March Eight of Every Year as a Working Special Holiday to be Known as National Women’s Day” was signed by President Aquino on April 10, 1990. The law further strengthened the impetus for the celebration by declaring every March 8, as a special working holiday and enjoining employees from the government and private sector to participate in activities conducted by their offices. (Read more…)

Last 2 Mar. 2009, Women Entrepreneurship Summit was held at World Trade Center in Pasay City dubbed as “Go Negosyo: Babae, Yaman Ka ng Bayan!” and organized by the National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women and the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship. This event highlighted the 2009 Women’s Month.

Then, there was also the launching of Joey Concepcion‘s third book, “Go Negosyo: 55 Inspiring Stories of Women Entrepreneurs,” a book on women entrepreneurs at the National Book Store Rockwell.

This year, some Philippine women will be once again be seen in action. An annual event and in its fourth year, Pinay in Action, seeks to uplift the life of Filipina, empower women and girls in our country by providing venues for a healthier lifestyle and tools for information for a better future. Thus, the fun run/walk for 1.6km, 5km, and 10km for women from all walks of life whether they are athletes, amateurs, mothers, teens or children, to gather together for this worthy cause and celebrate Women’s month. There will also be information and display booths on women’s health, wellness, fitness, beauty, and fashion in the premises that will be from 6AM to 10AM. (For registration details, please see

A Glimpse of Pinay in Action (2008)

Start/Finish Line

Happy Feet Tiffin Leading the Pack

Male (Happy Feet Aljo) participants are welcome as long as they will run with a female (Happy Feet Rivka) companion

Happy Feet Maui Leading the Pack and Whizzing By Sensei John Ting

From (L) to (R): Happy Feet Women Runners Coffee Mug, Running Diva, Sen. Pia Cayetano, Bull Runner, and Witchkitty

From (L) to (R): Happy Feet Women and Men Runners Coffee Mug, Running Diva, Coach Rio, Renz, Bull Runner with Son, Friend, and Witchkitty

TransChorale in Concert (2008)

Singing, “Babae, Ka” …

The Song … “Babae, Ka” (Arranged by Robert Delgado)

Babae ka hinahangad sinasamba
Ipinagtatanggol ikaw nama’y walang laya

Ganda lang ang pakinabang sa buhay walang alam

Ang pinto ng pag-unlad
Sa iyo’y laging nakasara
Harapin mo (Buksan mo)
Ibangon ang iyong pagkatao
Babae ka

Sa lahat ikaw ang buhay
Kung ikaw kaya’y wala
Saan ang buhay ipupunla

Pinatunayan mo kaya mo’ng magpa-alila
Ngunit kaya mo ring magpalakad ng bansa

Ang pinto ng pag-unlad
Sa iyo’y laging nakasara
Harapin mo (Buksan mo)
Ibangon ang iyong pagkatao
Babae ka

Dahil sa akala ay mahina ka
Kakayahan mo ay di nakikita
Bisig mo man sa lakas ay kulang
Ngunit sa isip ay biniyayaan

Upang ang tinig mo’y maging mapagpasya
Upang ika’y lumaya
Lumaya ka

Babaeng pinagpala
Ang ganda ng daigdig sa iyo ay nagmumula

Babae ka

With Musical Director, Robert Delgado, Philippine Madrigal Singers’ (MADZ)Resident Arranger and Composer