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Fuel Performance With Biobalance

For some active people, “increase or improve performance” may mean eating the right food to enhance energy and performance. What do you do? You eat right. You exercise. You hydrate.  Yet you still feel “off”.  

At times, you wake up with brain fog and feel tired the whole day. So you force yourself to exercise hoping the body fog will go away, but it doesn’t.  Could it be that you are really eating right? Probably. But are the levels of essential nutrients that you are getting from food adequate? Probably not.

Swim coach Joseph Mark gets technical and finds out how intercellular medicine can aid swim performance.
Swim coach Joseph Mark gets technical and finds out how intercellular medicine can aid swim performance.

To others, it may mean resorting to scientifically-developed products eg energy bars, sports drinks, gels, nutritional drinks, or doing research to take the “right” vitamins and supplements. Despite these efforts, your body may still be deficient or in excess of several vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fats. 

But how will you know what you need and how much to take? BioBalance Institute (Philippines) now provides a personalized nutritional solution that allows you to know specifically the right kind and amount of essential nutrients to keep you nutritionally balanced.

Health enthusiast, runner, and writer Bobby Go, tries the InBody body composition analysis at the Institute.  The machine determines how muxh muscle, body fat, water, and bone minerals the body is carrying
Health enthusiast, runner, and writer Bobby Go, tries the InBody body composition analysis at the Institute. The machine determines how muxh muscle, body fat, water, and bone minerals the body is carrying

BioBalance knows that each body has a unique nutrient and metabolic profile. It is determined by age, genetics, lifestyle, environmental exposure, and even disease predisposition among others.

So in nutritional intake and supplementation, one size does not fit all.    “What we do is both simple and complex.  Simple, in that we detect and correct subtle deficiencies and borderline toxicities. Complex, because nutrients interact with each other and with the rest of the body in a networked manner, such that correcting one deficiency may correct three others,” explains BioBalance Institute co-founder and chief science officer Dr. Ted Achacoso.  

Dr. Ted Achacoso asked, "Are you healtht or are you just fit?"
Dr. Ted Achacoso asked, “Are you healtht or are you just fit?”

Dr. Ted is double-board certified in Europe in Anti-Aging Medicine and in Nutritional Medicine.   “A nutrient deficiency or toxicity signals an imbalance in your body way before illness sets in,” he further explains. “When this remains unaddressed, the body can still function at sub-optimal levels for months, even years. When this imbalance progresses, however, it will eventually manifest in signs and symptoms that may lead to serious health conditions.”  

Don’t Guess Test!  

Have you ever been to a doctor where all of your diagnostic tests—from X-rays to MRIs to CT scans to blood work to urine tests—have come back normal and yet you still feel “yuck”? 

Different from the usual clinical tests during executive check-ups, BioBalance through their exclusive partnership with a US-based laboratory Genova Diagnostics,  uses advanced technology to [see] inside the cells and measure levels of vitamins, minerals, co-factors, amino acids (from breakdown of protein), omega fatty acids (from ingestion of essential fats), and pyruvate (from breakdown of carbohydrates) among many other substances including those that reveal the inner workings of the mitochondria and the neurotransmitters of the brain.  

BioBalance helps identify nutritional and metabolic imbalances, which can be the root cause of health conditions experienced by each client.  Measuring nutrient and metabolic status allows BioBalance to personalize the recommendations for each person on dietary changes and supplementation. In other words, no more guessing!    

Just like illness medicine doctors run diagnostic tests before giving any drugs, BioBalance Health Optimization Medicine or HOMe® Doctors recommend nutrient and metabolic tests before giving any supplements. This practice is called Measured Wellness® of BioBalance,”shares Dr. Ted.  

The Measured Wellness® approach removes the guesswork on specific nutrients your body needs.  You can be assured that you’re taking the right food and vitamins and other supplements to achieve optimal health and to support management of any current disease or disease predispositions.

The solution is 100% tailored for you.   “We aim to change mindsets when it comes to health.  This is the reason why we established the first ever BioBalance Institute in the country,” notes BioBalance Institute general manager Alex Fernandez. “Health should be beyond curing diseases.  It should be about taking measurable, concrete steps in monitoring wellness,” he adds. 

All that you need. None that you don’t.
The BioVital daily wellness packet contains multivitamins, multiminerals, co-factors, phytonutrient blend, Omega-3, amino acid complete
The BioVital daily wellness packet contains multivitamins, multiminerals, co-factors, phytonutrient blend, Omega-3, amino acid complete

For more details, please visit BioBalance Institute.  You may also call +63 2 650.5858 or 0917.521860.       

NUTRILITE Celebrates 80th Anniversary with a Bang!

Wellness has always been Nutrilite’s advocacy since it was first introduced eight decades ago.  To encourage more people to value personal wellness, a series of runs will be staged in three key cities: Manila (February 22), Davao (March 1), and Cagayan de Oro (March 15).  The run already covered Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, and Singapore.

Nutrilite’s Race Shirt

Registration fee is only P 300 for all categories 3k, 5k, and 8k. Interested participants can register at all Amway Distribution Centers and via the Colourlife Facebook Fan Page.   To learn more about the event, here are the NHR Race Details.

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Press Release: Women’s Health Weight Loss Issue

Your Ideal Weight: Get There and Stay There with Women’s Health Ultimate Weight Loss Issue
For the ultimate weight loss issue, Women’s Health makes sure that every woman finds a bigger reason why they should lose the extra pounds. This September, Editor-in-Chief Lara Parpan asks, “Just how much do you love yourself?” as she devotes the issue on weight loss and how to keep a healthier lifestyle.
Be inspired by five real women who triumphed over their low-esteem and unhealthy habits. Learn about what made them embrace their now active lifestyle and what pushes them to stick to it. Women’s Health also introduces three women who took on the Women’s HealthWeight Loss Challenge. Find out what programs did they follow for four weeks, the diet they went through, the insights they gained after, and if the challenge can work for you, too.
Your start to your own weight loss journey also begins by knowing what to eat and what not to. In the issue, Women’s Health gives you the other (and unpopular) side of fat. According to Bonnie Taub-Dix, author of Read It Before You Eat It, “Fat in food is equated to fat on hips – but it’s not the same. Dietary fat is one nutrient that can help you lose stubborn pounds.” Read through fat’s larger purpose and integral role in balancing your nutritional needs and learn what kind of fat should remain as an enemy to your eyes and body. 

Cover girl, Angelica Panganiban also shares her own weight loss story. The self-confessed badminton lover told Women’s Health that she doesn’t really like going to the gym. She says, that when you find the right sport or exercise, you won’t even think of it as “working out.” “Mas gusto ko yung badminton, volleyball or table tennis.” The actress even shares that since she started playing badminton this January, her endurance and stamina has upped and all because she plays with her male friends. In losing weight, she adds “Do something you love and get people you love even more to do it with you.”
Learn more about how you can jumpstart to a healthier lifestyle with this month’s weight loss issue and find out more about how Angelica Panganiban continues to love her active lifestyle without any worries of restricting herself too much. 

The September issue of Women’s Health is available in newsstands and bookstores nationwide.  For more of Women’s Health online, become a fan on Facebook and follow them on Twitter

Are You Game? I’m Game!

20 May 2012 – It’s not what you are thinking.  Nope.  I didn’t grace the cover of the Women’s Health (WH) magazine.  This was a freebie taken at a photo booth during the first-ever Are You Game? event last Saturday, May 19 at Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater, Bonifacio Global City.  The sun shone brightly that afternoon, but thankfully the weather later was extremely cooperative.

The leading lifestyle publication for women’s wellness and fitness, WH Philippines reached out to quite a number of Pinays searching for ways to get fit and healthy with its Are You Game? event.  

Are You Game? is the signature event of WH International held in New York, Chicago, Sydney, and now, for the very first time in Manila. “The many innovative, fun, alternative workouts, and fitness partners convinced us that the Philippines is ready for Are You Game?,”  says WH team publisher Christine Ongteco. 

Women’s Health Editor-in-chief Lara Parpan notes that, “Getting fit and healthy is a lifestyle not just a fad. “Are You Game?” introduces our readers to many ways of getting to their weight loss and wellness goals in a friendly, encouraging, and fun environment.” 

For one to join this event, you only need to present the May issue of WH magazine, register, and get your passport to all freebies, access to all workouts, and fun activities.

I, together with Bards aka Banana Running as my partner and with other ladies, tried various workouts like Partner Yoga, a yoga routine that combines Thai massage, yoga, and the dynamic power of acrobatics.  Knowing that I was not that flexible as Bards and since I haven’t done yoga before, I chickened out from doing the acrobatic part.  What I loved most was when I had the chance to use the Kangoo Jump shoes and did some dance workouts with Queenie.  We were bouncing the whole time.  It was really fun!  The ladies who led the workout told me that they’ve even used the shoes in one of the fun runs. So it’s no longer running but also bouncing your way to the finish line.  Hmm, an interesting idea, but I don’t know.
Others tried their way to weight loss with a tailor-fit Model’s Runway workout. The ladies were also taught how to make healthier meals through food preparation demos and select a customizable workout routine for their body through one-on-one sessions with WH fitness and nutrition experts. There were also fun activities such as the bungee trampoline, surf machine (I tried this one but I can only say one thing…balancing is no easy feat! I gave up! Haha!), and bull riding.  There was also total body training via TRX Body Blast and Rip Training, which works on strength, balance, flexibility and core stability which I didn’t get to try.  But I did try the Kettlebell exercises and workouts.  The next day it left my muscles sore and aching.  Oh, my…

Co-presenter Gatorade low carb also invited the ladies to dance their way through chart topping club tunes with Gatorade Low Carb Cardio Mash-up along with some celebrities present in the event.  

After Kangoo jumps, we’re waiting for Techno Rave to start, which was supposed to be the last cardio fix dance workout, unfortunately, it rained all of a sudden.  

I hope that WH will bring this event next year.  I wish them to include Zumba next time. 

Overall, the event was successful.  I had Karina of WH and Que of to thank for.  Their persistence to invite me really paid off.   Many thanks, too, to Bards and Noelle for the photos.

Thank you, ladies!  And super-duper thanks to Women’s Health! Cheers!

Ensure to Endure Run, 20 May 2012

Ensure your strength and run for FREE* in the upcoming Ensure to Endure run slated to happen on 20 May 2012 at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC).

To register for free, simply buy Ensure products from April 16 – May 17, 2012 and present your official receipt.  Upon registration, you will get a race kit with a BIB number and a singlet. Cash prizes will be given to the top 3 finishers for every category.  Special prizes will be given to top finishers, ages 50 and up, for each category. 
Purchase Requirements
For every P900 worth of Ensure products in a single or accumulated receipts entitles 1 FREE registration for 15k
For every P800 worth of Ensure products in a single or accumulated receipts entitles 1 FREE registration for 10k
For every P700 worth of Ensure products in a single or accumulated receipts entitles 1 FREE registration for 5k
In-Store Registration: April 16 to May 17
Riovana Store BGC
28th St. corner 9th Ave.Bonifacio Global CityTaguig City
Mon-Thu : 11am to 9pm
Fri-Sun : 10am to 10pm
Riovana Store Katipunan
3/F Regis Building, Katipunan, Quezon City (across Ateneo and beside KFC)
Mon-Sun : 10am to 8pm
SM Mall of Asia – G/F Entertainment Hall, Roxas Blvd.Manila
Mon-Sun, 12nn to 8pm
The Block – 3/F SM The Block, North Edsa
Mon-Sun, 12nn to 8pm

Assembly Time
Gun Start
4:30 AM
5:15 AM
5:00 AM
5:30 AM
5:00 AM
5:40 AM
Per DOH-FDA Permit No. 0502 series of 2012

Women’s Health “Are You Game?”

Quench your thirst for something new this March! Register to Women’s Health (WH) “ARE YOU GAME?” event and you can tag along a friend for FREE! Pre-registration is valid until March 21 only!

Just simply follow these pre-registration procedures:
1. Email your full name/e-mail address/age/name of your friend to
2. Subject of the e-mail should read:
    a. WH Are You Game – Facebook (if you found WH AYG on Facebook)
    b. WH Are You Game – Subscriber (if you found WH AYG via email/SMS)
    c. WH Are You Game – Office Bulletin (if your office is one of our WH office tour partners)
3. Wait for the reply from WH about your pre-registration confirmation.
So easy, right?  See you there ladies!

San Mig Coffee Bay Run: Dash for Health

May 23, Sunday
SM Mall of Asia Grounds

3K Pro-Beauty Run
5K Pro-Fiber Run
10K Pro-Slim Run
15K Pro-Power Run

Gun Start
15k – 5:30AM
10k – 5:45AM
5k – 5:50AM
3k – 5:55AM

Registration Fees
3km P450
5km P450
10km P550
15km P550

Registration Centers
5 Chris Sports Outlets, Festival Mall, Mall of Asia, Glorietta, SM Annex, Mega Mall, over the phone registration, race kit delivery, and COD transaction c/o WWWExpress just call 793-1777 (press 2) or 852-7210 and at R.O.X. (last 2 weeks)

Race kit includes
Food, photo and loot bag stubs, singlet, bib, and race map

Bibs are color coded based on the distance
3k – pink / 5k – green / 10k – purple / 15k – yellow

Run Proper
San Miguel by the Bay

Distance / 1st Place / 2nd Place / 3rd Place
3km / Php3,000 / Php2,000 / Php1,000
5km / Php5,000 / Php2,000 / Php1,000
10km / Php7,000 / Php3,000 / Php2,000
15km / Php10,000 / Php5,000 / Php3,000

Activity Areas

San Mig Coffee Lounge
A San Mig Coffee Sampling Café will be the central point of the Activity Area
Consumers will be served free cups of hot or cold San Mig Coffee Pro-Health

3k Pro-beauty RUN
On-ground skin experts will give a talk on healthy skin and do skin analysis for runners and guests. These beauty experts can discuss the benefits of collagen and endorse San Mig Coffee Pro-beauty.

5k Pro-Fiber RUN
A nutritionist will be stationed here giving discussion on proper diets, recommended daily calorie intake, and easy to prepare dishes that are healthy and high in fiber

10k Pro-slim RUN
Fitness experts will perform cool down activities as well as give consultations on topics such as proper fitness, BMI, waist-height ratio, resting metabolic rate, and target heart rates

15k Pro-Power RUN
Here the runners will be rewarded with a free 10 min back or leg massage while listening to speakers talking about Ginkgo Biloba and how it benefits the body.

Photo Area
4 Photo booths will be set up around the venue where participants can get their picture taken and bring home a remembrance picture from the run

Magnolia PureFresh Low Fat Milk

Magnolia Pure Water, Pocari Sweat, Magnolia Lifedrink, Bank of Commerce, Healthway, Wi-Tribe, Gardenia, Magnolia Pancake Plus, Magnolia No Sugar Added Ice Cream, Microtel Hotels and Resorts


Over the past years, there has been a growing trend for health & wellness as consumers start to become more conscious of their lifestyle habits. They continuously search for ways to enhance themselves physically or physiologically, to look and feel good about themselves.

San Mig Coffee Pro-Health is a line of complete sugar-free coffeemix enriched with functional ingredients for added health and wellness. With 4 variants to choose from with a specific functional ingredient to suit your every health and wellness need.

Sugar-Free ~ Cholesterol Free ~ Low Fat ~ Low Calorie

Be more mind-active with San Mig Coffee Pro-Power with Ginkgo Biloba extract that enhances physical and mental performance.

Be more beautiful with San Mig Coffee Pro-Beauty with the protein Collagen that restores skin elasticity for firmer and smoother skin.

Be healthier with San Mig Coffee Pro-Fiber with 100% Natural Soluble Fiber that helps smoothen digestion and lowers cholesterol.

Be slimmer with San Mig Coffee Pro-Slim with L-Carnitine that burns fat and converts unwanted calories to energy.

Run for Your Heart, 14 Feb. 2010

20th Anniversary of PSC, Chinese New Year, and Valentine’s Day: a 3-in-1 celebration this February!

In line with the year-long celebration of the agency’s 20th anniversary, coinciding with the celebration of the Chinese New Year as well as the Valentine’s Day, the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) is spearheading a Fun Run dubbed as RUN FOR YOUR HEART on 14 Feb. 2010 which fires off at 6:00 AM at the Quirino Grandstand. The activity aims to lure 12,000 participants from the members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police, various running clubs, enthusiasts, schools and the PSC family.

It will be a 3k, 5k, and 10k fun run along Roxas Boulevard which will start and end at designated areas within Quirino Grandstand. Aside from the fun run, participants and spectators would be delighted with the firework display, bands, and the dragon dances all over the venue.

Registration fee is Php200 for the 10k run and Php100 for the 5k run, while registration for the 3k run event is FREE. Registration is on going at the PSC Main Lobby. For inquiries kindly call Ms. Shyrine Gutierrez, Personnel/Administrative Division, Telephone Nos. 525.6868/525.4933.

Participants and finishers will get race shirts and bib, Gatorade and free “TIKOY”. Cash prizes await the winners for both male and female categories. For the 10k run, gold, silver and bronze medalists shall receive P10,000, P5,000, and P3,000 respectively. For the 5k run, winners will take home P5,000 (gold), P3,000 (silver) and P2,000 (bronze), while P3,000, P2,000 and P1,000 are to be awarded also to the top three placers for the 3k run.

PSC Chairman Harry Angping invites everyone to join the agency in this activity and in welcoming the first day of the Year of the Tiger. “This fun run event shall promote not only wellness and healthy lifestyle but also camaraderie and sportsmanship among participants,” Chairman Angping added.

The event is sponsored by XTEP Corp. (China), Pepsi-Gatorade Corp., in cooperation with the Filipino-Chinese Amateur Athletic Federation (FCAAF), with the participation of the Ateneo Law School, Greenhills Running Club, Pinoy Ultra Runners, Triathlon Association of the Philippines and Philippine Skyrunners Association (PSA) and the National Athletes.

Why Do You Run?

So you’ve been running, say for months, or in years. No longer a newbie that you were then. And may be have been running and joining races more often, or are looking forward to races scheduled this year.  I quote from my previous entry, “RUNNING … it’s painful, tedious and most of all, exhausting. It goes beyond the physical benefits.”

Every runner has a goal. Your goal might be the same, or different from mine. Some run with any of these goals in mind.

To be physically fit.
To run a half or full marathon.
To be one of the elites.
To finish an international marathon.
To improve speed.
To develop endurance.
To lose weight.
To stay healthy.
To relieve stress.
To meditate.
To run with my crush. Ahem!
Et cetera.  Et cetera.  La la la.
Endless goals!

Why is it necessary to have goals? For two reasons. First, goals give you focus. Second, they give you direction. I have encountered some runners who were a little lost why they were into running in the first place. “What is your goal?” This is the question I always ask from them but sometimes they can’t give me a clear answer. Since it wasn’t clear to them, they became frustrated with running. Instead of it being a fun activity, it became a chore, a boring chore. Since it’s no fun at all, they eventually stopped running.

Focus. Without focus, it’s difficult to achieve something. Focus adds spice to this delectable addiction called running. Even if there are distractions, focus gives one a clear direction.

Direction. To achieve a goal is easy. It becomes difficult when one doesn’t know how to sustain it. Okay, so you’ve finished your 5-km race, etc.  So what’s next? Whether you have achieved or did not achieve your goals, you need to reexamine them.

Don’t worry about the destination; keep your eye on the ball in the present with what you can do now. Do something every day to move a little closer to your objective. (Source: Principle no. 6: the basics of success)

Why do I run?

Running …

It’s painful, tedious and most of all, exhausting. It goes beyond the physical benefits. The intense exhilaration and euphoria that comes after finishing a run is what motivates me most. My practice runs gave me a wonderful and rewarding experience.

I have continued to run, recreationally and competitively, and have even won some awards including a cash award for winning first place. It’s not much but I was happy with it.

I believe running is not about who can run the farthest and the fastest. I’ve known some runners who are seriously training. I congratulate them for their dedication and passion for the sport. Some have set a quite impressive personal record. Good for them!

As for me, I will run for the sake of keeping in shape.  Running is still, as what my blog says, a quest for self mastery.

How about you?  Why do you run?