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Inventory of Missing Persons: Single-manned Command Post

This one I took from disc e-group. Anyone who has missing loved ones may coordinate with this person.

If anyone of you know anyone missing from the tragedy that happened last weekend, you can send me their details to include their names and addresses. Starting tomorrow, booths will be put up in the said areas, [however], logistics are still being arranged to determine the people who are now safe.

Since there is still no electricity in these areas, getting the names will be manual and a little tougher so we all need to be patient. Our objective is to have a semblance of an inventory of the people who are safe, and cross check them with the names of the people still deemed missing.

Please do not hesitate to send me their details, just keep them coming. Send this to your friends and relatives as well. Given that I am not yet capable to go out and help, this is all I can do from my single-manned command post.

Thank you.

Contact Details

Pia Francesca Suganob
MP: 0918-9670527