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Another 5K Race (for me) at the FIC Run Event

25 March 2012 – Personally busy with other things and for some reason, I totally had forgotten about checking the time for the 5K race. I blogged about this event yet here I was not remembering either the assembly time or the gun time, oh well, my bad, I said to myself. Based from previous racing experiences, I deduced that the race would start between 5:30 AM and 5:45 AM.

Avoiding being late, I played it safe by arriving early at the venue. I had plenty of time to explore the place. The weather seemed to be fairly good in spite it had rained lightly the previous night. There were already quite a number of runners who donned their respective race shirts, majority of which were from the 5K category.

After doing my warm up exercises, I carried on to join those who have assembled at the start line. Along the way, I saw two of my ultramarathon friends from Team Boring, Rod aka Rod.Runn3r and Gab aka Dirty Sanchez. Both did the Bataan Death March 160-kilometer Ultramarathon race held early this year. They were already in the 10K coral just waiting for the race to start. I dropped by to say hi and we agreed to meet again after the race to run another five kilometers.

I finished the race more or less the same time as I did the previous Sunday but definitely not a PR for me considering the few seconds difference (official results: 0:32.53) on my chip time. After claiming my loot bag, I cheered on the runners in the 500-meter dash, a costume race category for children and adults. To my utter surprise and delight, the children could run faster than the adults. Man, they were fast! I even saw fellow blogger, Let aka The Running Mom, who supported her twins.

My FIC Run ended with another five kilometers of LSD (long slow distance) with fellow runners, Rod and Gab, by retracing some parts of the 5K and 10K routes. I did a total of 10.93 kilometers based on my Garmin, a distance way, way too short as compared to my previous LSDs of 30++ something in the previous years. Overall, I had fun and it was, indeed, a very good race.

Super-duper thanks to Coach Rio, the Runrio Team thru Vimz aka Kulit on the Run, and Fox Channels for inviting me during FIC Run’s launch and for the complimentary race kit.
Congratulations to Fox Channels for bringing this colorful and exciting event to our budding runners out there. Hoping this wouldn’t be the last and looking forward to more FIC Runs in the coming years!

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Bumping Into Coach Titus One Fine Sunday Morning

11 March 2012 — Sunday was the perfect day for long run.  My training program indicated that I need to run 25-36 kilometers.   But with the errands and other activities I did the previous day, the half marathon race held the previous Sunday plus feeling a bit exhausted, I chose to run whatever distance I could finish and shouldn’t go lower than 2 hours.  

Went out of my place at past 5AM, walked for 5 minutes as warm up, and maintained a jog pace later up to Ayala Triangle.  Once I reached the corner near Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati, I started to pick up the pace. Running routes included:  a start near Rockwell area—to Makati Avenue—to Ayala Avenue—crossed EDSA—to McKinley Road—right turn to Lawton Avenue (The Fort)—turned left going to McKinley Hill —back to Lawton Avenue—32nd Street—back to Lawton—McKinley Road—Ayala Avenue—home.  

While I was slowly running along Lawton Avenue, a runner was about to whiz past me.   And when I turned my head to the right, I recognized it was the running coach, Titus Salazar.  Not far behind him are his students or trainees, also called as the Barbie Dolls, or should I say “hard-core runners” just like him.  

I didn’t get to know Coach Titus as a running coach but I’ve heard so much about this guy.  He’s quite popular in the running community as a physiotherapist or “hilot.” The deep tissue massage is one of his skills.  Aside from this, he’s also known as the coach of Team Bald Runner.  

Last time I saw him was two years ago, during the 2010 Condura Skyway Marathon.  Coach Titus, together with the famous singer Leo Valdez, the one he was pacing with throughout the race, prodded me to finish strong and asked me to pace with him in the last 500 meters to the finish line.   It was also during this time when both Coach John Lozada and fellow marathon runner Gab (a.k.a. Dirty Sanchez of and now a member of Team Boring) paced me and got me to the finish line.  

Not wanting to be left running alone, I once again tried to pick up my pace in tune with Coach Titus’ cadence.  After running McKinley Hill, we only stopped at the convenience store to buy something to drink and eat.  

I don’t talk much during races.   Not much on long runs either.  But this time, I considered it an exemption.  I noticed I could talk now with not much huffing and puffing while running at a six-minute pace.  Coach Titus then said, “When you’re relaxed and your movement just flow, conversing while running is just easy.”  “Indeed,” I said silently to myself.

The long run continued back to Lawton Avenue, passing through Bonifacio Circle, leading to 32nd Street.  It was here I separated from their pack and headed back home following the same route.  When I reached Ayala Triangle Gardens, my mind was not really up to finishing the last 2.5 KMs.  It was already screaming for food, food, and food.   Ended up at the fast-food restaurant instead for the much awaited breakfast, the best part after a good run!

Overall, I was pleased to have had the chance to run with Coach Titus albeit accidentally.  It was truly an excellent (and fast) 16.47-KM run for me.  Whispering I’d say, “But not without a few aches here and there afterwards.”  

Practice Run: QCIM Route, October 4

An invite to those who are running either the QCIM, SIM, Milo, Adidas or any other long distance race. It’s a long slow distance or LSD run on Sunday, Oct. 4. Distance to cover is 25-35KM passing along the QCIM route.

Assembly time and area

UP Oblation
4:00–4:20AM : Meet up infront of the UP Oblation.
You can park your vehicles in front of Abelardo hall or Plaridel Hall
4:30 AM start time

Starts from the Oblation on our way out to University Avenue, then turn right to Commonwealth Avenue. From Commonwealth, turn right to Batasan Road and make a U-turn when reaching the back of Batasan Pambansa on the way back to Commonwealth. From Commonwealth, turn right on the road that leads to the La Mesa Eco Park.

Please note that access to the route inside the Park is still yet to be checked, otherwise, runners have to run the peripheral roads outside of the exact route. Exit again at Commonwealth and turn right to Regalado Avenue on the way to SM Fairview then turn right to Quirino Highway and make a U-turn after 2 KMs on the way back.

Runners who only wish to run the 21K route can do so by going back to Commonwealth Avenue after the turn around at the back of Batasang Pampansa and towards North Avenue. For those who will not be able to run the whole 25-35KM stretch, there are always public transportation that will take you back to Philcoa and UP.

Runners should bring their own fuel, hydration belts, belt bag-pouch, hand held water bottle, camel backpack, bars, gels. Grocery and other convenience stores are available along the route.

Do You Talk While You Race?

No two individuals are alike. Not even twins. Same goes with runners. One is fast, the other is slow. Others are serious. Some not so serious.  And the list goes on.

Are you one of those runners who enjoy talking while racing? Well, good for you. I can’t. As simple as that. That doesn’t mean I didn’t want to talk. I do! But not during race time. I believe some runners are quiet, others chatty.  I am more of the former.

Whoah, hold on! Before you say something about this, let me first tell you something.  As a runner, I want to hear the sounds around me. I want to be aware of my surrounding. I want to listen, to be more focused of what’s ahead of me. (Photo by Photovendo)


If I get to see familiar faces on their way back, I try to do a high five, say a few words like, “Go, go, go!” and sometimes, l shout. But I can never engage myself in a conversation while running. Well, except when doing a long run.  I did try, once.  But no, I can’t.  I need to concentrate.  If I can’t concentrate I don’t think I can finish. In the zone … as they say.

As a runner, there are thoughts going on in my mind.  Some are good.  Some are dilemmas.  At times, a way to meditate.

One Sunday, while doing a long slow distance (LSD), I was engaged in a conversation with Maui, a fellow Happy Feet.  Guess what? All I could say was, “Yeah,” “Uhms,” “Ah.” After the LSD, if only Maui asked me to recap the whole conversation? Honestly, I couldn’t since l was not listening! Remember, this was during a long run.  How much more if during a race?

I didn’t intend to be a snob.   Okay, one time, in the recently held Milo Marathon race, I had to say to a fellow runner, a friend of mine, rather bluntly, “don’t talk to me.”  Well, that was bad. (Laughs)  My apologies my friend (you know who you are).  But please don’t take it against me.  I’m no talker when racing.

I once read from a leading running magazine that if you still have that energy to talk while racing, it means you are not doing much effort with your running. Now, if you are eavesdropping to what runners, either ahead of you or behind you, are talking,  you are not racing my dear.

I do appreciate though you calling my name and saying words of encouragement while the race is in progress.  I really do! So if we get to see each other, do chat with me over a postrun drink.  What do you think? 🙂

Now, I am throwing the ball at you. Is talking during a race rude? Is engaging a fellow runner in a conversation during a race rude?

A Prelude to Condura: Addicted to LSD, 8 Mar. 2009

It was an invite by administrator which compelled me to go for LSD.

LSD, not the hallucinogen, stands for Long Slow Distance, the practice of running longer distances at an easy pace rather than shorter ones to exhaustion (Runner’s World). The slower pace allows one to gain more fitness.

It was a timely invitation since I didn’t register for Takbo Para Sa Kalikasan Fun Run so running with this group would be a good change. I really planned to go for LSD at the Fort with a pace of 7 or 8 minutes/km only.

When I arrived at the Fort, I was so surprised to see more than 50 runners. To me, it was like, “Whoa, there must be another race here.” I scanned the crowd looking for some familiar faces. I spotted i2runner. Then, there was the fast Master Totoy. And, Kinderdorf. And, Jazzrunner. Then, that of Que and Jinoe. Later, I learned that there were 70 of us who joined in this long run. Wow, that was a minus 70 from the crowd for Takbo Para Sa Kalikasan Fun Run!

The run started with a briefing on the route to take. I didn’t listen much of it and instead, went for a short warm up run. When I came back, the pack of runners started already. I reached the tail end and paced with fellow Happy Feet Jinoe and Que. This was the third group and considered the “fast” group. (Based from Jazzrunner’s account on his blog, he classified the group as fast, faster, fastest.)

The route was more or like the ones we had during the VSO Kabahagi Fun Run, UNICEF Run, RUNew, and Happy Run sans the inside of Heritage Park. After we’re through with the first turn around point along Lawton Avenue, the 10k distance runners decided to head back to Bonifacio High Street to wait for us. And, we, runners who were addicted to LSD, continued to run Bayani Road and back to BHS. After resting for a few minutes, the same group headed back to McKinley Hill for another hill training. All in all we did a 20.5km LSD.

The LSD ended with a speech from Jinoe who later asked each runner to introduce self. A group photo, courtesy of those runners who brought their cameras, made the day complete.

Water station along Bayani Road

Formal Pose with R.O.X. as background

Start of the wacky pose

Getting the hang of it

Another one…

Really getting out of hand!


Addiction was not limited to LSD but to photo shoots as well!

It was, indeed, another memorable moment of my running experience!

Thanks to you guys!