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Urbanathlete Diva 3/e

MH URB 2014, Nuvali, Santa Rosa, Laguna 

Yours truly has been an urbanathlete since. I started out with a 10K distance sometime in 2010.  [Related: Urbanathlete Diva 2010, please click here]  Well, I did miss joining this race for two years in a row as I was into ultra distance then and had a hiatus from racing.  In 2013, instead of signing up for the 21K race, I opted to do a 5K only courtesy of Men’s Health Philippines, and skipped the following obstacles: climbing a net over a bus, climbing a rope, monkey bars, and the dreaded eight-foot wall. [Related: Urbanathlete Diva, second edition or 2/e, please click here]

Urbanathlete Vicente Blue about to tackle the monkey bars. (Photo by Leadpack)

I wasn’t able to attend the Men’s Health Urbanathlon (MH URB) media event two months ago being out of town at the time of its launch yet so lucky still to have been invited to be part of the MH URB race this year in Nuvali, Santa Rosa, Laguna.  Many thanks to fellow bloggers, Queenie of and Jinoe of for the complimentary kit that they gave not only to me but also to a fellow ultramarathon runner, Norvs.

I think I’ve messed up in the last few weeks before the big race that it became a race week summed up as a stressful stretch days. I had to strike a balance between work life and social life. A bit sleep-deprived getting into the groove of consistent nighttime workouts (running and swimming), weekend racing, attending media events, and updating this blog. Not that I’m complaining on all of these.  In those moments where I am so challenged by these activities, I am thankful for the love,  opportunity, and support of my family and friends.  

Men's Health Urbanathlon 2014
Yours truly, Jinoe of, and Norvs of Team Soleus at the activity area. Vibrant shirt colors make us look  so Christmassy. (Photo by Leadpack)

I found the route a new experience for a 21k for MH URB being used to running this event on the roads of Metro Manila. The first 15 kilometers included gradual uphills and the latter part, which to my surprise, included a route of two or three kilometers of the trail reminiscent of the last few kilometers of the Soleus Valley 30-kilometer Trail Challenge in June this year.  There was one obstacle to tackle before the turnaround point at approximately KM10 or 11.  Water and energy drink stations were set up in just the right areas  to keep us hydrated, and with very friendly and courteous staff.  Both the road and trail route marshals cheered on urbanathletes as they passed them on their way to the next obstacle challenge, and they are just as courteous as the water station staff.  Medic Rescue is on standby the day of the race.

With Yael Yuzon, vocalist and guitarist of the band Sponge Cola, also a MH URB finisher. (Photo by Running Photographers for Leadpack)

It was also nice to see long-time friends Michelle and Craig Logan, and had the chance to pace with them albeit a short one before they ran past me.  Good to also see familiar faces among the gathering crowd at the finishline. Thank you Bave DC and fab Vicente Blue for the cheer as l crossed the finish line. Pretty much appreciated. Thanks also to Norvs for the support.  A shout-out to Running Photographers, especially,  to Reggie Cruz and  RJ Knight Runner for the nice photos.

Urbanathlete Michelle Logan looking so fit and about to try the monkey bars. (Photo by Leadpack)

To sum it up, yeah, I enjoyed the MH URB so much! Out of nine obstacles, I only skipped the monkey bars. That I had to climb over the van with the net twice and the dreaded eight-foot wall, I successfully redeemed myself.   Super thanks to the attending marshals including Coach Joar who assisted me to complete the obstacle challenge.  

Congratulations to Men’s Health Philippines,  Doc Lyndon of Leadpack Race Organizer, their media partners, sponsors, and to all finishers and winners for a job well done.  By far the best Urbanathlon race l have had experienced! Looking forward to the next one!

Men’s Health (MH) Urbanathlon, 16 Nov. 2014

Over 3,000  participants are expected to join this year’s MH Urbanathlon in any of the three race categories: 5K (P850), 10K (P900), and 21K (P950), which will be happening on November 16 in Santa Rosa, Nuvali, Laguna.  This event is a signature event of MH worldwide which combines endurance run, and strategically placed obstacles along the way. Participants have to run, climb, crawl, and jump through the barriers.   These barriers includes a tire field, the scaffold maze, a container van, the low crawl, monkey bars, the military up and under, the network, rope, and the 8-foot wall.

ATT_1412905492166_MH Ubranathlon 141007

Registration is ongoing until  November 9 at Planet Sports Bonifacio Global City, Planet Sports Trinoma, Gold’s Gym Galleria, Gold’s Gym Glorietta 3, and Gold’s Gym Katipunan. Online registration is ongoing until October 31 via Urbanathlon. Participants of the 21K will get a labeled race shirt and a special prize.

Grab a copy of of the September 2014 issue of MH magazine where a 60-day training plan is outlined to help you race ready. For updates, log on to

The MH Urbanathlon is co-presented by Gatorade and Avida with major sponsors Asics, Bridgestone, Gold’s Gym, Emperador Light and minor sponsor Planet Sports.  Nuvali is the official venue while is the event’s media partner.

Men’s Health Urbanathlon, 29 September 2013

Are you ready to be an Urbanathlete?  

This year, Men’s Health Urbanathlon adds extra oomph promising an even tougher course.  Aside from the  eight-foot wall, scaffolding bars, you’ll have to go over an eight-foot container van, climb a twelve-foot high rope and conquer a fifty-foot net stretched over a bus just before reaching the finish line. 

Registration will start on August 1 and end on September 25.  Register at any of the following registration centers: 360 Fitness Club Ortigas, Makati, and Quezon City, ROX at Bonifacio High Street, and Gold’s Gym in Alabang. 

To help you prepare for this event, Men’s Health will conduct an Urbanathlon Boot Camp on August 7 and 14 at the Mercato Centrale, Bonifacio Global City. Here you get to try the obstacles as well as get tips and sample workouts. Please note that only a LIMITED number of attendees can be accommodated per session.

For more information and updates, like Men’s Health Philippines on Facebook via or follow on twitter @menshealthph. To subscribe, you may also visit

Press Release: Men’s Health Urbanathlon & Festival, October 14

The toughest Men’s Health Urbanathlon yet happens in October

The Philippine edition of Men’s Health, the largest men’s lifestyle magazine, will hold its annual Men’s Health Urbanathlon & Festival event on Sunday, October 14 at SM Mall of Asia from 5 AM–10 AM. Celebrity host, Rovilson Fernandez, will be at the helm of the event.
On its sixth staging, the country’s original obstacle laden race is expected to be significantly tougher, bigger and more intense this time around. Designed to test the urbanathlete’s fitness level, the event now has a 21-kilometer distance aside from the usual 5K and 10K categories.
21K, 10K, and 5K Race Routes

The city-based, multi-disciplinary race requires more than just perfect running form as this also tests the racer’s endurance to withstand a mix of seven uniquely engineered obstacles that all increases in difficulty in each race categories. Such obstacles involve monkey and parallel bars, steeple chase and modified tires, container vans, wall climb, vertical climb, quantum leap, scaffolding maze and military hurdles.
Steeple chase combined it with modified tires.
Penalty: 10 minutes if you refuse to go thru this obstacle
Get up and over the container van with the help of platform in front of your ascent and another for your descent.  Penalty: 10 minutes if you refuse to go thru this obstacle

Around 2-3 walls to climb with different heights to further push everyone to the limit.  Penalty: 10 minutes if you refuse to go thru this obstacle

Run up and down the stairs of the South Parking of SM Mall of Asia.
Penalty: 10 minutes if you refuse to go thru this obstacle
Dodge, duck, slide, crawl, climb, and maneuver your way out of the metal bars or scaffolding mazePenalty: 10 minutes if you refuse to go thru this obstacle
Introducing this year, a new obstacle called the quantum leap, where you need to hoist yourself over 5 sets of horizontal beams that are 3.5ft high.  Penalty: 10 minutes if you refuse to go thru this obstacle

Monkey bars with an added twist by packaging it with parallel bars after.

Penalty: 10 minutes if you refuse to go thru this obstacle.

Registration for the Men’s Health Urbanathlon begins on August 22 and ends October 8. The registration fee for the race is P 750.00 for the 5K and 10K distances and P 850.00 for the 21K distance.
Registration centers are located at 360° Fitness Club Makati & Ortigas, Gold’s Gym Alabang and Katipunan and at ROX, Bonifacio Global City. At the event, each participant will be given a complete racing kit including their urbanathlon singlet, race bib, drink stub from Gatorade, food stub from Century Tuna. Race finishers will get finisher’s medal with Men’s Health lanyard, finisher’s certificate, urbanathlete shirt, and urbanathlon drawstring bag.

Finisher’s bag, shirt, lanyard, and medal

This year’s Men’s Health Urbanathlon & Festival is made possible by Century Tuna and Gatorade. Major sponsors: Bo’ athletics Cataflam, Emperador Light, Havaianas, and Suunto; Minor sponsors: Banana Boat and Schick; and Media partners: 99.5 RT and Magic 89.9.
For more information about the upcoming Men’s Health Urbanathlon &; Festival, grab a copy of the July issue of Men’s Health with actor Gerald Anderson on the cover. Men’s Health is available in newsstands, bookstores and supermarkets nationwide.
For more of Men’s Health online, become a fan on Facebook and follow them on Twitter . 

Urbanathlete Diva

After a two-month hiatus from racing, I’m back into racing mode by joining this year’s Men’s Health Urbanathlon 10K race. I was really apprehensive whether I could finish this or not considering my fear with climbing up an eight-foot wall and going down on the other side. Plus, there was this high hurdle that I had to tackle and the low crawl with a height of three feet only. Well, good luck to me!

November 7, was the big day. I arrived at the venue feeling a little panicky as I thought I was running late and couldn’t find the baggage area. It was a good thing; I bumped into Ian Alacar, race director, and Doc Lyndon of the Leadpack Organizing Team, who informed me that I belong to the second wave of 10K runners! Whew, what a relief!

Gun start was at 6AM for the second wave of 10Kers. After running a few meters, one had to stop running by either walking or running through the first obstacle, the tires dump. After this was done, one had to run a few meters again by climbing up a balance beam. I missed my step twice (and all I could do was shriek in frustration, the girl thing, if you know what I mean) for it was difficult for me to maintain my balance while walking on the beam.

There was also an added pressure knowing that behind you runners were waiting for their turn to climb it. You had no choice but to do it as quick as you can. Next, was the run up to the back of St. Luke’s where we had to pass through a scaffolding maze where its inside was heavily tied up with garters. I was giggling and having fun passing through this obstacle for it reminded me of my adventuresome childhood days.

Then, off we ran again and as we near University Parkway, we were faced with another obstacle, the hurdles. My, if you only knew how I felt. One by one, I was careful running at the top of the hurdles. The guys, well, what could I say? They did it with no difficulty at all!

I dreaded to run the highest one. Well, at least, I was able to climb it and … “Woooho!” I did it! I did it! Off we ran again up to the turnaround point and back. On the last kilometer, we had to tackle the low crawl. The crawl obstacle was placed in an area where it was bit muddy. Seeing both the men and ladies passing through the low crawl, I had no choice but do it like what they did. Ops, I did it again! Ha-ha!

“This is it!” Up ahead, I saw the looming eight-foot wall with runners falling in line, waiting for their turn. I didn’t want to opt for penalty. I was really nervous while waiting for my turn. But seeing all the runners, feeling the adrenaline of finishing it no matter what, I took a deep breath to calm my nerves. With the help of fellow runners, mostly friends from, I climbed the wall, and was quivering with nervousness while on top of the wall and carefully maneuvered my way down at the other side of it. “OMG!” I made it! I finished and did all the obstacles with no penalty! Ha-ha! I ran towards the 10K chute and received my finisher’s medal. I stopped at the side of the chute and bowed to say a prayer of thanks to God for keeping us safe during the race. I didn’t have any major injury, well, except for a minor scratch on my left hand and an aching muscle caused not by running but by climbing. Men’s Health Urbanathlon, I considered as one of my unforgettable races this year.

Hydration was no problem. The event started on time. Runners were patient enough to wait for their turn by falling in line in any of the race obstacles. The supposed-to-be number of participants was only 1,000. But due to public demand, additional number of registrants was accepted. The only downside of having too many participants was waiting time is more or less same as the penalty time. Others, I bet, opted to go for the penalty time so they could run again. May be in its future urbanathlon races, more obstacle structures be provided to accommodate number of runners so as to lessen queue time. Overall, the race was successful.

I congratulate my friends from LeadPack, especially, Doc Lyndon and Jinoe of, for a job well done. Same goes to Ian Alacar, organizer of the said event. Kudos to the sponsors like Century Tuna for providing the runners some breakfast meals, Gatorade and Maynilad Water for the runners’ hydration needs. I would like also to personally thank Georgia of Summit Media for inviting me to join this event and Hypermarvs for running and pacing with me from start to finish. Thank you so much Hypermarvs! Super thanks to the marshals, mostly from, for your cheers! I take my hats off to you!

Men’s Health Urbanathlon Strikes Again!

Last year, a friend of mine, a fellow blogger and a race organizer, invited me to join this race but I begged off. This year, well, I think I have to try this one. Not so sure what will happen, or, whether I can finish this, but let’s see. After all, we’ll never know until we try, right?

So, if you are a runner who’s willing to do something different, or, is tired of running the usual races, then, try urbanathlon with its tough and intense obstacles. This year’s race is expected to be the most demanding urbanathlon to date.

The Men’s Health Urbanathlon is a city-based, multi-disciplinary race that integrates various urban structures as part of the course and will be held on Nov. 7, 2010, Sunday, 5AM at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Note: Only 10K participants will get a finisher’s medal.


100 Route marshals to direct participants
30 Water Station Marshals
15 Lap Marker Marshals
4 Obstacle Control marshals on every obstacle, 2 Cue marshals and 2 penalty recorders
Lead Escorts and Traffic Police


Tire Dump
Balance Beam
Scaffolding Maze
Low Crawl

The tire dump is an enclosure with 200 tires differently stacked to one another. All participants must pass the tire dump.

There will be four balance beams which participants can use. Participants who didn’t want to go through the obstacle will be penalized [for] 5 minutes.

Participants would have to go inside it which has its inside heavily tied-up with garters to prevent participants to easily pass through. Length: 6 feet width x 18 feet length. Penalty: 10 minutes.

All participants will have to go on all fours to pass through the low crawl. The trick here is to use the flat of your inner thigh and the flat of your arms to crawl with ease. The length of the obstacle is about 10 meters with a height of 3 feet.
Penalty: 10 minutes.

Participants are not allowed to stand and run at the top of the hurdles. There will be a 30-second penalty for participants who will not climb up the obstacle. Penalty: 5 minutes.

The famous 8 foot wall which all participants must scale using a rope to go up and go down on the other side. Participants can help one another by carrying the other by going up and scaling down. Height: 20 feet x 8 feet. Note: Penalty of 15 minutes.

Artwork by Ian Alacar

Registration for the Men’s Health Urbanathlon begins Sept. 28 and ends Oct. 26, 2010. The registration fee for the race is P500.00 and includes a race shirt, drink stubs from Gatorade, food stubs courtesy of Century Tuna and an issue of Men’s Health magazine.

The Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2010 requires more than just perfect running form and endurance so make sure you are properly trained and fit for the event. 360° Fitness Club, the official gym partner of the Men’s Health Urbanathlon, offers race registrants a discounted membership training program designed by 360° Fitness Program Director Chappy Callanta. Visit the 360° Fitness Club at Strata 100 bldg., Ortigas Ave., Pasig City to experience the 360° workout and get race-ready in no time!

For more information about the race, visit or add [it] on Facebook,

[It] is brought to you by official sports drink Gatorade, official food sponsor Century Tuna, major sponsors V+ Jeans, MSense, Sun Cellular, minor sponsor Lipout, official heart rate monitor Suunto, official gym partner 360° Fitness Club and registration partner R.O.X. Special thanks to radio partners Magic 89.9, Jam 88.3 and RX93.1.