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Century Tuna Ironman 70.3 Triathlon (1st : 2015 : Subic Bay)

Inaugural Century Tuna half-ironman triathlon or Ironman 70.3 adds excitement and will soon be part of a triathlete’s calendar

Three years since Century Tuna 5150 Triathlon,  Century Tuna once again raises the bar by staging for the first time the Ironman 70.3 Triathlon event  on 8 March 2015 in Subic Bay.   Over 20 professionals of various nationalities are expected to join the half-ironman distance triathlon aka Ironman 70.3 including three-time Ironman World Champion and two-time Ironman 70.3 World Champion Craig Alexander, superstars Luke McKenzie and Caroline Steffen.  Subic Bay is chosen as an ideal avenue for this triathlon event due to its  accessibility plus the terrain is perfect for the swim, bike and run stages.

The course includes a 1.9-km swim, which starts and ends at Sands of Triboa via the Subic Bay Airport to Transition 1.  A 90-km bike ride,  which starts on the runway to Argonaut Highway to Rizal Highway toSubic-Tipo Expressway, and all the way to Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expessway or SCTEX.  Participants then take a U-turn upon reaching Florida Blanca Interchange and head back to Transition 2 at the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center.  The race culminates with a 21-km run  to the finish line.

To top it off, the Century Tuna Ironman 70.3 in Subic Bay, Philippines will serve as a qualifying race for the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Zell am See-Kaprun, Austria.  Thirty age-group qualifying slots are at stake including the $ 15,000 prize purse for the event.  The event will be staged in four days from 5 March 2015 to 8 May 2015.

Models strutted on the runway the triathlon gears and apparels

On February 18, Wednesday, the upcoming triathlon was launched with a bang at the New World Hotel in Makati attended no less by triathletes, sponsors, and media people.   It presented the best runway looks for triathlon clothing and gear, and culminated with a short Q&A session on the Ironman 70.3  event.

From left, Domingo Enerio III, chief operating officer of the Tourism Promotions Board; triathlete and CEO of Sunrise Events Fred Uytengsu; triathlete and general manager of Century Pacific Food Greg Banzon; and, VP for marketing of the Manila North Tollways Corp. Renie Ticzon

The Century Tuna Ironman 70.3 triathlon is produced and organized by Sunrise Events, and made possible through the support of sponsors and partners: Vita Coco, Gatorade, 2Go Express, Saucony, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, Manila North Tollways Corp., North Luzon Expressway, Bases Conversion and Development Authority, Philippines Star, Endurance Magazine, Century Bangus, Sante Barley, Prudential Guarantee, Department of Tourism, Tourism and Promotions Board of the Phlippines, Timex, Communications, PLDT Subictel, Intercare, FinisherPix, Shotz, Devant and Belo Sikin Care.

For more details, please visit www.century or

Podium Finish : Splash ‘n Dash Aquathlon 2014 (Leg 2)

It has been five years since my last aquathlon.  My first attempt was in an open sea competition in Corregidor.  It was not really to test how fast l was in swimming,  but it was to get over my fear of swimming in an open sea water.  I learned to swim late (in my early 20s) because of fear of drowning in deep water.  In fact, as my graduation rite back then, my swimming instructor made me jump in the deepest part of the pool, around 11 feet deep.  

By the way, the deepest pool we have in my home city is 13 feet deep, good enough for diving lessons since it is equipped with a springboard.  After l successfully swam towards the shallow end of the pool, l realized that the actual depth of the water makes no difference.  If l didn’t overcome my fear of drowning, l could have said “sayonara” to sport competition such as an aquathlon.  

I may have stopped joining aquathlon competitions, but swimming has been part of my workouts.  Running is best for cardio.  Swimming is best for the muscle. I do both. Yes, when legs are sore and aching from pounding the roads, swimming is my therapy.  Thus, finding myself in another aquathlon competition after five years is in itself exciting.

As competition neared, l got sick.  It was may be caused by stress at work.  l suffered a mild cough and a runny nose, common cold symptoms.  Did try natural remedies by getting a good night’s rest, drinking lots of liquids, and eating congee with herbs. Thanks to the advice of a friend. Prescription was also considered. Of course, l didn’t forget the power of prayer.  So when l woke up early Sunday, though still feeling a bit wobbly, l noticed that my cough has stopped somehow.

I arrived at the venue with enough time to claim my race kit, and for the arm and leg number markings.  l just stayed at the audience area to prepare my stuff while waiting for my Wave to be announced.  At the same time looking forward to the arrival of my choirmates, a first time for them to see me compete. 

l had the feeling of déja vu when our Wave was finally called.  There was supposed to be 13 of us in our wave, but two or three didn’t make it. A quick race briefing followed. Then the dreaded countdown.   I had a good head start when almost halfway in the lane l suddenly stopped. I thought l heard someone calling me to stop and go back. As l was about to turn around that was when l saw my fellow competitors coming towards me. 

Since not feeling well, l had to take a quick rest in each lane before proceeding.   Honestly, that wasn’t a good performance.  I knew l was slower.  And breathing (because of my cough) was kind much of an effort.  It was not for the win, but to just finish.  Besides, l didn’t want to disappoint my friends who came all the way to Marikina just to watch me (and take note … on a Sunday morning). Adult aquathletes were expected to complete the 600-meter distance by swimming the eight lanes thrice. 

Transition time happened quickly.  Running a 5-kilometer distance came next.  Again, just like in the swim leg, l was slower.  I just maintained a comfortable pace since my thighs were still sore from the speed workouts with my running coach two nights before the race. In the run leg, where each loop measures 2.5 kilometers, all of us had to complete the loop twice.  With just a few meters to go … at the last road bend/corner, a runner whizzed past me. I thought, “Oh well.”  “Why do l have to be sick on race day?” “… Of all days!” Then FINISH LINE. 

Since l didn’t plan to stay longer,  l looked for Bave to thank and bid her goodbye.  To my surprise she asked me not to go yet.  She quickly checked the time record in the computer and came back smiling. It turned out, l won third place in my Wave. “Wow!” Didn’t expect it. A second podium in aquathlon.  “Really?” What a comeback. Couldn’t be more happier! 

Thank you F.O.M. choirmates, RJ, April, and Doinks for the support and cheers; Ivy M. aka Running Contessa for facilitating access to the swimming pool for my swim training; to my other friends who wished me well, thank you; and, Bave for patiently answering my queries. Congratulations to all participants and finishers of the 2nd Leg of the Splash ‘n Dash Aquathlon 2014!  Kudos to the organizers, volunteers,  marshals, aid station personnel, and sponsors for a job well done! 

Until next time!

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Karera Lakas Pilipinas Update

The Philippine Marine Corps, together with the Lakas Pilipinas Team, is organizing an event dubbed as Karera Lakas Pilipinas with the theme Tibay ng Marino, Lakas ng Pilipino happening on August 25 this year.  Karera Lakas Pilipinas coincides with National Heroes Day.  It will be held at the Philippine Marine Corps Camp Gen. Gregorio Lim Marine Base in Ternate, Cavite, and a first time for the Philippine Marine Corps to open their training grounds to the public. Fitness is a great equalizer—both military and civilian need to be fit to have a balanced and productive life.  This is what the race is all about.
Race Categories
Astig – 5km run + 20 obstacle courses
Bangis – 200m open water swim + 10km bike + 5km run + obstacle course
Bayani – Special category for uniformed personnel (Coast Guard, PNP, BJMP, Cadets of PMA, MAAP, PNPA, among others
Registration Details
Early bird registration was extended until 31 July 2013. For big groups, “Register 10, Get 1 Free” was offered by the organizer
For online registration, please visit Lakas Pilipinas site
R.O.X. (3rd Floor)
Residencia Boracay-Quezon City Office
Room 303, UP Bahay ng Alumni
Magsaysay Stree, University of the Philippines Campus
Diliman, Quezon City
For inquiries and other details, you may contact
Xhi Tabalan
Race Director
MP 0918.935.7370
MP 0917.701.0722
Stephen Cabanlet Lt Col PN (M)
Marine Corps Special Service Officer
Proceeds from this event will go to the Strength and Conditioning (also called MARFIT) and the Wounded Warrior’s Recovery and Reintegration Programs of the Marine Corps.  The Marines have been the subtle pillars of the country since time immemorial.  They silently perform task without reservation and regard of their own lives.  A serendipitous and unsung hero of our country is hoping for your support. 

Karera Lakas Pilipinas, 25 Aug. 2013

Here’s another adventure race that offers a unique experience for both endurance and multisport athletes.  If you are one of those looking for the NEXT LEVEL kind of a race, then Karera Lakas Pilipinas (KLP) is for you.   KLP is an avenue where one can experience various challenges along the race route and get to enjoy the value of fitness at the same time.

Registration and Race Details
Registration has started last June 15.  Early bird is until 25 July 2013.

Astig, a 5-km run with 20 obstacle courses.  Can be solo 5-km runner and is open to both male/female participants.  There’s also a team category called KAPATIRAN under this level.

Bangis, a 15.2km (200-m open water swim, 10-km bike, 5-km run with obstacle course).  Solo male/female.  The Bayanihan Bangis for team category.

Bayani, for uniformed personnel with two categories: BA – Bayani for Astig and BB – Bayani for Bangis 

Top 8 Reasons to be A Lakas Karerista

1.  Prior to race day, you can prepare for it by having your training at the Philippine Marine Corps’ fitness park at Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City.  

2.  You can try riding the marines transportation called M35.

3.  A visit to Cavite de Boracay in Ternate, Cavite where the event will be held.

4.  You’ll get a finisher’s shirt.

5.  And a loot bag, too.

6.  Plus, a dog tag! 

7.  Join the after-race “beach” party.

8.  Be part of this epic race.

The Obstacle Courses

1.  The Tunnel –  runners must climb up and down to get inside the tunnel.  Course refusal penalty: NONE

2.  300-m Boulder Maze – runners must walk the natural rock formation course with caution.  Penalty: NONE

3.  Low Crawl – runners move forward under the wire on their bellies to the end of the obstacle.  To reduce the tendency to push the crawling surface, it is filled with sand or sawdust to the far end of the obstacle.

4.  Maze – this is a maze of posts set in the ground with irregular and narrow spaces.  Participants must pick their way carefully through and around them. Lanes are provided to guide the racers in dodging and changing direction. Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

5.  Tunnels – these are concrete culverts constructed as part of the obstacle course (900mm in diameter and 10m in length).  Four tunnels are provided to accommodate the number of participants.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

6.  Wall –  participants need to jump and pull themselves up and over the wall.  The wall is 1.2m x 2.4m.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

7.  Balancing Logs – participants step on a log and either walk or run it while keeping their balance.  Penalty: Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

8.  Tough Nut – participants would negotiate the course by stepping over each X log in the lane.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

9.  Belly Buster – participants vault, jump or climb over the log.  The logs are not stationary.  They should avoid not rolling or rocking the log while others are negotiating it.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

10.  Pendulum Tires – participants will pass through a maze of tires suspended from a structure.  Car and truck tires are used alternately.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

11.  Weaver – participants have to weave through one bar and over the next.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

12.  Reverse Climb – participants have to climb the reverse incline and go down the other side to the ground.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

13.  Baby Crawl – participants have to balance themselves on a double rope by pulling themseles vertically using their arms to progress through the course.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

14.  Commando Crawl – this time, participants have to balance themselves on a single rope pulling themselves using their arms to progress through the course.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

15.  Rope Bridge – participants have to balance themselves in an upright position using the two ropes as a bridge and walking the course as they reach the end part.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

16.  Cargo Net – participants climb the net until they reach the very top of the obstacle then go down the other side to the ground.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

17.  Gorilla Bars – participants grasp two rungs of te ladder and swing themselves in the air.  They need to negotiate the length of the ladder by releasing one hand at a time and swinging forward until they reach the end of the obstacle’s length.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

18.  Inclining Wall – participants need to jump and grasp the top of the wal and pull themselves over it.  They can either slide or jump down the incline to the ground.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

19.  Mud Pit – participants will pass through a mud pit and swim their way out.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

20.  River Traverse – participants move forward under a low rail on their bellies to continue on with a run to the coast of the Force Recon Cove and climb a steep uphill towards the road.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

Safety is of utmost importance! An emergency response team will be on standby.  Training for this event is compulsory.  All participants must obey traffic rules as there are courses which may pass through the main roads.  Participants are enjoined to adhere to the rules and regulations of the challenges to ensure safety.

Funds raised in this event will be used for the Philippine Marines Corps’ various projects such as MARFIT or the Strength and Conditioning Program and for its Wounded Warrior’s Recovery and Reintegration Program.

MultiSport 101 Camp – 1st Leg, 21 April 2012

Join the first leg of MultiSport 101 Camp with Coach Jojo Macalintal on 21 April  2012 at the Bonifacio Global City!

The event is FREE to MultiSport Philippines Subscribers!

 MultiSport Philippinessubscribers may register by:

1. Email MultiSport with your name, address, contact details, preferred schedule, 5:30 AM-8:30 AM or 4:00 PM-7:00 PM, and singlet size to

(Your Name)

(Complete Address)

5:30 AM- 8:30 AM

2. Wait for the confirmation e-mail of your registration within 24 hours.  

Not a subscriber yet? Get your one-year subscription now and have the opportunity to participate in this exclusive event. Call 403.8825 local 221 for subscription details.

Multisport Philippines 2011 Sourcebook is Coming Out Soon!

The first edition of the Multisport Philippines 2011 Sourcebook is a handy guide every swimmer, cyclist, runner, and multisport enthusiast should have!  

It contains a directory of training coaches for triathlon, a list of specialists in the field of medicine to help your health and dietary needs.  A set of training programs to improve your game is also included.  It is also a good source for you to discover where to find the best swim, run, and bike gear in and around the Metro.  Let this be your handy guide to prepare you reach your personal multisport goals. 

It will be made available soon in leading bookstores for only P150.  
Multisport Philippines 2011 Sourcebook is published by Hinge Inquirer Publications (HIP). 

A big thank you to Vincent Oliquiano, Marketing Assistant of HIP, for inviting me for the launch of the Multisport Philippines 2011 Sourcebook.  Let me start congratulating the Multisport Philippines Team for coming up with this innovative idea.

eXtri 2011, 3 Dec. 2011

Join the 2011 ExTRI RACE!

Event Name: eXtri 2011
Date: 3 December 2011, Saturday
Venue: La Luz Resort, Laiya, San Juan, Batangas
Distances and Disciplines:
1km ocean swim
23km XC bike
4km trail run

Oct 15 – Oct 30: Php 2,000.00
Nov 1 – Nov 15: Php 2,500.00
Nov 16 – Nov 19: Php 2,800.00

eXtri RAW (Rookies, Amateurs & Weekend warriors):
0.5km swim
10km bike
2.5km run
Oct 15 – Oct 30: Php 1,500.00
Nov 1 – Nov 15: Php 1,800.00
Nov 16 – Nov 19: Php 2,000.00

To register online, just visit eXtribe site.

Ready to Rock? : Whiterock Triathlon, 1 Oct. 2011

Over a hundred triathletes will compete on Saturday, October 1, at the Whiterock Beach Resort & Water Park in Subic Zambales.  The event includes a two-kilometer ocean swim, 90-kilometer road bicycling, and a 21-kilometer run. 
This is the 8th annual Whiterock Triathlon and is organized by Extribe, Inc.  The event is in partnership with Whiterock Beach Resort & Water Park (Zambales) and Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority and supported by Powerade, Wicked Active Gear, David’s Salon, Blue Cross, Speedo, Kameraworld, Total Fitness Magazine, Fitness First, Paragon, Mister Cool Misting Fans, New Balance, and Chris Sports.
Awards will be given to the top three male overall, top three female overall, and top three male and female for each age group.  All finishers are triathlon Rockstars.
To all the participants … be safe and have fun!

Complimentary HIP Magazine

Last March, I received an e-mail from Hinge Inquirer Publications (HIP), the magazine arm of the Inquirer Group of Companies, offering me a FREE copy of the Multisport Philippines and delivered to my address free of charge.
The magazine about swim, bike and run is a monthly publication for both sports and health enthusiasts. It provides active individuals with the latest information on upcoming multisport races/events, training techniques, gears, and even running.

Many thanks to Jona Loren Atienza, Marketing Assistant of HIP for making this possible.
To find more about about the magazine, you may visit their website at and Facebook Fan Pages.

101 Swim, Bike, Run: the Multisport Series

Been putting much of my energies in ultramarathon training and races recently that my love for aquathlon (swim/run) has had to take a back seat.  Anyhow, for those of you who are interested to join a multisport training, MultiSport Philippines, a monthly publication of Hinge Inquirer Publications, will be holding its first-ever series of seminars on swim, bike and run. The event is entitled 101 Swim Bike Run: The MultiSport Series.

Participants will learn about correct technique, injury prevention, proper nutrition, heart rate training and more from the country’s premiere coaches including Patrick Joson, Nonoy Jopson, Jay Sales, Ani de Leon, Guy Concepcion, Ria Mackay, and other experts in the field.

101 Swim Bike Run: The MultiSport Series is a great opportunity for everyone to get into the multisport lifestyle. Below are the details of the event.

 Visit the MultiSport Facebook Fan Page for regular updates!