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Battle of the Sexes, 26 January 2013

Last December 20, Thursday, Sofitel Philippine Plaza announced the newest run series in town dubbed as Sofitel Battle of the Sexes: Defend Your Gender, a 10-kilometer night run where male and female runners will compete with each other in one finish line, one venue, one distance. Runrio, Inc. will organize the race with Sofitel Philippine Plaza as the title sponsor.

 “We have partnered with track and field coach, Rio de la Cruz, who is an icon of the youth for espousing fitness in order to promote the importance of health and fitness to the Filipinos.  In addition, all the proceeds of the RunRio [race] will go to Virlanie Foundation to help alleviate the plight of the street children in Manila,” says Goran Aleks, Sofitel Philippine Plaza General Manager.

In this race female runners will get a 7 to 10-minute head start over the male runners, and the best ones will receive exciting prizes from Sofitel including a three-night stay at the exclusive Imperial Residence, dining at Spiral, and beauty treatments from Le Spa and Vietura.  The first leg will commence on January 26 at the SM Mall of Asia grounds.  

Battle of the Sexes is presented to you by Chevrolet Philippines in cooperation with Century Pacific, Canon Fashion Tailoring, Gatorade and Timex.

Registration Details

Venue: SM Mall of Asia Grounds
Start: 9PM
Distance: 10KM
Registration fee: P 800
Registration dates: 21 December 2012 – 20 January 2013
  • On-line registration: 21 December 2012 – 13 January 2013
  • In-store registration: 21 December 2012 – 20 January 2013
Registration Centers

RIOVANA Bonifacio Global City (BGC)
28th Street corner 9th Avenue, BGC
Monday-Sunday, 12NN to 9PM

RIOVANA Katipunan
3/Floor Regis Center, Katipunan, Quezon City
In front of Ateneo De Manila University
Monday-Sunday, 12NN to 8PM 

TOBY’S SM Mall of Asia
Monday-Sunday, 2NN to 8PM 

SM The Block
Monday-Sunday, 12NN to 8PM 

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60 and above            

Registration may end earlier than announced deadline.

A valid ID must be presented upon registration. A photocopy of any valid ID must be presented by the representative for group registration.

Singlet size availability is on a first come, first served basis.

A timing device will be used by all participants during the race.

Race results will be available after two days at the Runrio web site. 

For more information about the Runrio fun run, please contact 0929.717.8164 or email  You may also contact the following hotline numbers: 

M : 0927.347.7700 (Globe) / 0929.717.8164 (Smart)
T : (632) 703.1736

For other questions, comments and concerns, please email the organizer at

World-class Sofitel Hotels and French Elegance

Sofitel is the only French luxury hotel brand with a presence on five continents with 130 addresses in more than 50 countries.  It offers contemporary hotels and resorts adapted to today’s more demanding and more versatile consumers who expect and appreciate beauty, quality and excellence. Whether situated in the heart of a major city like Paris, London, New York and Beijing or nestled away in a country landscape in Morocco, Egypt, Fiji Islands and Thailand, each Sofitel property offers a genuine experience of the French art de vivre.  Discover Sofitel on Night Fest, April 9

The Night Fest will be held on April 9, 2011 at 6PM at Filinvest Alabang with 5K and 10K events.  Runners on a Mission (R.O.A.M.) will be the beneficiary of this run.  Registration fee is only 650 Pesos.  You may register at Skechers Stores located at Festival Mall, Glorietta 5, Market Market, Trinoma, and Robinson’s Ermita.  Participants can get a 10% OFF on Skechers Resistance Runner (SRR) as well as
FREE SRR Shirts for early registrants. 

About R.O.A.M.
Craig and Michelle Logan have been serving with Arise and Shine Philippines for over 22 years.  In 2001 they adopted Justin, who has special needs.  Justin had bacterial meningitis when they got him as a baby.  The couple spent many months in the hospital that first year fighting to save Justin’s life. 
Through it all, Craig and Michelle’s prayer was that Justin’s life would make a difference and fulfill the purpose that God intended for him.  After his recovery, the couple started Justin in physical and occupational therapy at home, and thus was the start of Justin’s long road to recovery. 
It was while talking with the therapists during the many hours of Justin’s therapy that Craig and Michelle realized there were so many other children out there that did not have access to therapy.  There are so many needs that a special child has and this can be overwhelming for parents who may not even have enough for basic needs.
Craig and Michelle  had a desire to help other families and children with special needs but did not know how they could help since Justin’s own needs were quite overwhelming.  Over the years, Justin has been blessed by others donating standing frames, wheel chairs, braces and many other items to help with his therapy needs. 
All the therapy has definitely paid off for Justin.  He may not be able to walk or talk but he has come a long way.  He loves to smile and to hug and kiss anyone who comes near.  So the question became…How can the Logan family share all the blessings they have received with others?  That’s how the idea for “Runners On A Mission” was born. 

Team Logan first came on the scene in 2006.  At first the “team” consisted of Craig and Justin until Michelle was inspired to join the team and make it a family affair.  Team Logan started out just joining a few of the bigger races, not knowing of any others.  In 2008, they joined and found that they could run in more races than their feet could take them!   
Running had become a popular sport in the Philippines.  Team Logan’s desire has always been to inspire other families with special needs children to realize their child’s full potential.  They have met others along the way that have that same desire.  Some have even brought their children out to join races. 
Along the way, Team Logan realized that it’s through their running that they can help meet the needs of other special needs children in the Philippines.  That is where “Runners On A Mission” comes in. 
Team Logan/Runners On A Mission have teamed up with Dr. Francis Xavier Dimalanta, a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician here in the Philippines.  He is the President of Cerebral Palsy Philippines Inc. and started his own therapy center in 2003 called “A Child’s D.R.E.A.M. Foundation” in his hometown of Baguio City.
Dr. Dimalanta’s desire to help children is deep as he has spent years of his life sharing with and encouraging parents and children who are in desperate need of his help.      The

Running in the Wee Hours of the Morning

“No way could I make it at 11PM,” this was my thought while inside a cab on my way to Mall of Asia (MOA). It was Friday evening, January 21, where moderate to heavy rain caused flooding of some roads in Makati and clogged traffic.

It was part of my training to run in the wee hours of the morning and my first time to run during those ungodly hours while everyone, I believe, were either having fun with friends or already fast asleep. It was also a good opportunity since I didn’t join the previous weekend’s 50K night test run in Bataan. Many thanks to Gab aka Rastaman for the invite, Aron for provision of vehicle where we can place our stuff, Mar aka Pojie for the support, and the many others who were there.

“Crazy bunch of runners, aren’t we?” I told Aron, one of Team Boring’s members, who I paced with while I was doing my warm up. While running MOA grounds, I observed how the place was buzzing with activity—where young people going home after a long night of partying, of security personnel on motorbike guarding the area every now and then, how the place fell asleep, and how it came alive early in the morning.

It was not easy though, to let your body adapt and be active when it was telling you to shut down and rest. Getting enough sleep, a key ingredient in distance running, I learned, is as important as that of long run. At half an hour past 1AM, I felt groggy and my body was telling me to sleep. Nonetheless, I continued to run. I had to do it. The “will” to reach 6AM prevailed.

Urbanites Ran the Rhythm of the Night

As soon as I received an SMS from a friend that the race route was out, I was not surprised. I’ve run the same course more than a couple of times before. The only difference was that the race will be held at nighttime. Part of the route was inside the Heritage Park, a cemetery. I’ve imagined runners doing their best run ever in this part of the route.

However, later that night, I received another SMS from a fellow runner who will be running her 15k distance and I felt her fear. To appease her, I sent her a text telling her not to worry for I’ll pace with her during her last three-kilometer run. And to myself I said, “You really need to finish fast and do what you’ve told her.”

What was your goal in this race fellow urbanite runner? Me? I just wanted to conquer the hills, finish the race probably beat my previous 15k times, and pace with Marga of That was it.

This was taken during the carbo loading party better known as CLP which sounds like a prayer meeting to me at Joey Pepperoni along McKinley Avenue at the Fort.

Too dark to be seen. That’s me and Team Logan at the starting line.

From the start, it was already an amazing night for me. Ruth and Master Mon offered to pick me up. When I reached the venue, I’ve noticed familiar faces—be they acquaintances, friends, fellow runners, new recruits in the running world, friends from NGOs and la la la.

I had a nice time with the seemingly endless photo shoots with runners not discounting the fact that a number of us wore the knee high socks.

After reaching the finish line, I passed by booth and told some of them that I would be running back to pace with Marga as promised. I was so glad that Gab a.k.a. Dirty Sanchez told me that he was coming with me. Together we ran back, scanned the faces of runners who we passed along until we reached McKinley. I told Gab this is the point Marga and me agreed to meet. But as the minutes ticked by no Marga yet. We both decided to run downhill. It was only nearing at the last water station past McDonald’s that we saw the familiar gaits of our running buddies. Marga was too tired.

I didn’t know what came over me, I just started to sing any song that came on my mind just to encourage her to run and reach the finish line. While slowly pacing with Marga, I recalled during the Globe Run for Home, Sir Roger, my pacer, hummed to relax me so that I wouldn’t be pressured with time.

Coming out from my reverie, I did the same thing. The first song that I’ve sung was “Kung kaya mong isipin, kaya mong gawin. Isa-isang hakbang lang ay makakarating…” Until one song was followed by another. To keep the beat going, I had to clap and chanted some rhyming cheers. I enjoyed seeing pacers running a bit faster as we hummed together the Hawaii Five-O movie theme song. It was the first time I’ve sung while racing.

A few meters from the finish line, I suddenly told the group to let Marga go ahead and form the V-shape as in volt in like the Voltes V or that of the flying geese.

Marga sprinted the last few meters and finished her first 15k.

Why I was so happy in this race? It was not only reaching the finish line but realizing nothing beats the gift of friendship, support, and encouragement one gets from fellow runners. To the guys who paced with Marga … you guys rule! You know who you are.

As for me, I thank God for the opportunity to pace with a fellow runner during her most difficult quest for self mastery.

Seeing each other after the race. Yeah, that’s Marga a.k.a. Margalicious.

That night, I ran a total of 21km and finished the race beating my previous same route 15k PR even under different running condition.

Thanks to BenChan a.k.a. Photographer on the Run and fellow Happy Feet for these photos taken at the finish line.

That’s Rodel a.k.a. Argonaut, one of the photographers who patiently took pictures of the runners.

Back to Reality

You can’t ignore this guy. He’s quite popular. He’s the poster you always see wherever you are in Metro Manila. I even promoted the poster on my blog. You have seen him on TV and he did well during the Amazing Race Asia edition. Guess what? Just one of the lucky runners to have a rare photo op with him.

That’s Marc Nelson in flesh and blood. One of the hosts of the recently concluded Kenny Roger’s 2009 Open Urbanite Run.

(Photos Courtesy of Pio, Edu, Rodel, and Photovendo)

Kenny’s Open ’09 Urbanite Run, Aug. 15

Imagine yourself glowing in the dark while running…

For years, Kenny Rogers Roasters has championed in promoting healthy lifestyle through food and nutrition by providing a variety of food choices in their menu. That is why this run is for those who proactively choose healthy living.

Mark your calendar and register in this one-of-a-kind run which will happen on August 15, 2009 at 8PM at Bonifacio Global City with 5k, 10k, and 15k events. Registration starts on July 15 and ends on August 11. Only 3,000 runners will be accommodated.

As a runner, you only not help promote running as a challenging sport but you also do charity work. Part of your registration will be donated to Hands On Manila Foundation. This is to support the foundation’s feeding and sports and recreation projects for street children.

You can purchase your Urbanite Run Ticket for only Php 600 at any Kenny Roger’s branch including the one at the Powerplant in Rockwell. Your ticket entitles you to:

Eat: Bearers are entitled to an Urbanite meal from Kenny Rogers. Simply present the Urbanite Run Ticket at any Kenny Rogers branch to claim the Urbanite meal. Redemption period from July 15 to Aug. 15, 2009.

Run: The Urbanite Run Ticket will serve as the runner’s registration voucher, to be attached to their registration form, if they register manually. See below for registration details.

Donate: Serve as runner’s donation to Hands On Manila Foundation. On the day of the run, bearers are to drop the “Donate” portion of their Urbanite Run Tickets at the designated box on-site.

Registration for the run can be done by either visiting designated registration sites like Nike Park and Runnr at Bonifacio High Street or doing the online registration process. Log on to Kenny’s, click on the Events tab, follow the urbanite race link, and enter your details.

Teams Marc & Rovilson will be there to grace the event. At the end of the run, Tribo Manila will also hold a concert.

This event is organized by Finishline.

See you there!