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A Tribute to Odette Alcantara

At a coffee shop last week, while reading the papers, my attention was caught by one of the headliners, “Odette Alcantara, environmentalist, art patron; 67.” I turned the page and read the whole story.

I’ve met Ms. Odette during the ‘Harana Style’ gathering of artists at her home in Quezon City on July 5. I ran the Milo half-marathon race early morning that same day. The gathering was to raise funds as well as showcase different local and indigenous talents. I was fortunate enough to be invited by Joey Ayala’s vocalist, Tapati.

I sang two songs, Himig ng Pag-ibig by Asin and Walang Ibang Sadya by Joey Ayala at ang Bagong Lumad. It was indeed a night of music about the environment. What happened next was the surprise of my life. They asked me to sing Bayang Barrios’