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“Hitting the Wall” and the Energy Bar

Few more days or weeks to go and it’s marathon time for almost runners in the Philippines. I’ve been asked before whether snack bars help runners. Hhhm… I did use snack bars during long distance races and LSDs but I admit I really am no expert when it comes to the nitty-gritty of its components. All I know is that it is a package of carbohydrates and proteins. But it did help in some ways or it has an impact on performance especially when one is already depleted of energy.

While reading a newspaper, I came across with an article, “The Trio Running the Energy Race,” by David Gelles. This is a good read for those who are interested to know more about the origin of snack bars like PowerBars, Clif Bar, and GU gels, the people behind them, why they were invented, and the success stories of companies founded by athletes. [more]


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