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Corregidor Marathon Training, 21 December 2014

It was not only after four years after that l had the chance to run the Corregidor lnternational Half  Marathon (CIHM) event since its inception in 2010.  Proud to be invited by a high performance Corregidor International Half Marathon team to test run the route a few years back. Note: Both the Corregidor Marathon (CM) and CIHM events, however, were rescheduled to January 11 and 12 respectively instead of December last year to give way to relief operations in areas affected by typhoon Yolanda.

                                                             El Lobo supports Corregidor marathon training

Yes, running races back to back, a full marathon on a Saturday and a half marathon on a Sunday of the same weekend in January 2015, is slightly nutty and a new challenge which l haven’t tried before. To prepare myself on this, last Sunday, l joined the last batch of participants  who went to Corregidor Island to train with them and run portion of the race route. Training started with a three-part warm up exercises led by the CIHM founder, Edward Kho. For our main training, we did seven repeats up a hill, increasing effort each time until we were confident enough to continuously run the hill.  So glad to have come and learned new ways to tackle it. Training ended with cool-down stretch exercises.   This is it! No more backing out! 

Corregidor Marathon and CIHM participants and soon-to-be-soon-to-be Corregidor brave warriors

Super duper thanks to El Lobo Energy Drink through Sir Willy and Sun Cruises for the warm support.   Also, kudos to one of the lady Philippine Masters athletes who assisted Edward and took beautiful photos during the training session.  It was also nice to meet newfound friends.  See you at the starting line!

Running Calamba City to Sta. Cruz, Laguna

It all started with an invite from Joseph aka Prince asking me to join a long run in Laguna together with some runners. I decided to go for two reasons. First, it fitted my marathon training schedule. Second, though I’ve visited some of Laguna’s municipalities before, it was a good chance to see and explore Laguna once again.

The game plan …

Date: June 20

Meeting Time: 4-4:30 AM
[The group started past 5AM. It took us sometime to reach Laguna due to heavy downpour while traveling South Superhighway. Surprisingly, it didn’t rain in Laguna.]

Meeting Place: Total Gas Station, in front of Jollibee near Letran College (Calamba)

Run Details:
~ 30K long run
[Actual distance covered as per my Garmin 305 is 31.74 KM.]

~ Will start from Calamba City and end in Sta Cruz, Laguna, Complex Oval
[Finish line was not at the Complex Oval. All of us ended up at Dong’s place, too pooped to move and looked forward to lunch instead.]

~ Same pace runners can pace each other

~ Possible support vehicle for hydration
[Many thanks to Prince‘ friend as driver and Lorie aka Silverprex who supported us all throughout the long run]

~ Lunch will be served courtesy of a runner based in Sta Cruz, Laguna
[Considered a bonus. Many thanks to Dong, a runner himself and a native of Sta Cruz Laguna, for the sumptuous lunch.]

A group photo where Prince proudly showed his PAU 50K trophy and finisher’s shirt
L~R: Jai, friends, Carina, friend, Dong, Christian, Prince, Allen, Ayeth, yours truly, Wilnar, and Lorie

The route along the main highway is mostly flat complemented with scenic view. There were three pace groups. The fast runners, Wilnar, Dong, and a teenager-I-didn’t-get-his-name runner, went ahead. Initially, I paced with Carina aka Flying Boar, then in the middle of the run I paced with Prince, and finished the last two kilometers walking. Happy and relieved to see the support vehicle

Nike Human Race Reds taking a good break at a waiting shed in San Isidro, Calauan

Christian and Allen took a break too

Man-made Lake Caliraya situated in the towns of Lumban, Cavinti, and Kalayaan in Laguna province

A group photo with Lake Caliraya as background. Thanks to Prince and Flying Boar for taking us there.

Many thanks to Prince, Flying Boar, Dong, Silverprex, and fellow runners for making this long run an enjoyable experience.
Super thanks also to Silverprex and Jai for the great photos.

Earth Run, 31 May 2009

Never intended to join this race but when Master Mon registered me I couldn’t say no. Besides, the race distance and the route were familiar.

The night before the race I was happy because Maui, a fellow runner and classmate at the Mizuno Running Clinic, wanted to run with me. Please note that Maui is a fast runner. However, in this race we decided to run for fun. No previous race time to beat. No speed work. Just a pure practice run.

Not even a heavy rain could stop us from running in this race. One could feel the excitement as well as the readiness of the runners when we all shouted together proclaiming that we were ready to bolt. I was happy, too, to see some of my friends including Carlo a.k.a. Drumandrun who flew in from Cebu to just join in this race.

The first few kilometers, after the gun start, we paced with the Lost Command runners. It was really a very challenging start since we had to run the hilly part of McKinley Hills.

Hills can be scary. They will put runners to the test—feet, hamstring, breathing, etc. Anyway, the Lost Command runners eventually went ahead of us and we were left to just maintain our pace and we enjoyed it.

What I really like in this run was Maui and I finished the race together. I knew she could have left me and went ahead to do her personal best but she decided to pace with me and sacrificed a good PR. Now, that’s what I call a true blue runner!

Worthy of notice were the small paper cups, plenty of water at the water station, and visible marshals. Though the race didn’t start on time, it was still a well organized race.

Winter WonderRUN, 14 Dec. 2008

It was 6AM and yet it looked like 5AM back home. I shivered against the cold as I went out of the hotel. This was my first winter practice run. My route would be from my hotel to Nathan Road, the main thoroughfare in Kowloon, Hong Kong to Victoria Harbour.

The harbour is simply the stretch of water that is located between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula. Sprawling over an area of about more than 42 square kilometers, the Victoria Harbour is one of the world’s busiest ports, and has now become one of the most sought after tourist spots in Hong Kong, with its breathtaking views, excellent transportation network, bustling sea port, and more than a century old ferry services.

I was a bit scared but I banished the thought from my mind and concentrated instead with my pacing. I saw some young people on their way home after partying perhaps. Finally… A sight to behold! Ahead of me, was a guy doing his early morning run. An hour later, I finally saw more runners along the avenue. There was also a group of old people doing Tai-ichi, and tourists taking some pictures. Running along the harbour would also mean running along the Avenue of Stars and discovering Hollywood in Hong Kong. For one who grew up watching Chinese kung fu films, this run was awesome! A two-hour and a half practice run made my day!

Last night was a blast, too! I watched the Symphony of Lights, a light and laser show in which building found on either sides of the harbor are incredibly illuminated. The charm and beauty of the harbor was double-folded during night.

My first trip to Hong Kong wouldn’t be complete without the night market shopping along Temple Street, taking a ride on a double-decker bus, MTR and the Peak Tram at Victoria Peak, going to Disneyland, seeing their tallest Christmas tree and most of all, visiting Hong Kong’s financial district. To top it off, I visited one of their information centers.

Who would have thought that 2008 would end up with a travel to Hong Kong? Life, really, is full of surprises!

So many things left to be discovered yet not enough time.

But like the famous catch phrase by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s title character from the 1984 science fiction thriller film, Terminator,

“I’ll be back!”

Practice RuNs … RACES… rUnnING…

Practice Run at University of the Philippines (UP)

I looked forward to this practice run as it was my first time to run at UP at night with QC HF runners. To top it off, I’ve met some of the HF newbies. The practice run started past 8pm. According to Gigi A, we ran a distance of over eight kilometers. I didn’t even notice that. The original plan was to run only within the three to five kilometer range. During the cooling stage, I had the chance of getting to know some of the newbies, including Gigi (thefitmommy). Thank you Gigi for sharing your story. As what lonerunner said, “run on my friend.” The post run dinner ended at no other than the much loved restaurant of Mon, Chowking. It was nice of Carmen and Gelo to drop by while we were having our late dinner. Thanks to Sir Felipe for the ride home. He made sure that everyone went home safely. If it was not for Daniw, the group wouldn’t have experienced the Betty Go-Belmonte moment. That was really hilarious! If you are wondering what happened? Ask Vimz or Doc Gigi.

Doc Gigi, Lito, Jan, Vimz, Felipe, Daniw (partly hidden), me, Cecil, Sheila, Mikey and Gigi “thefitmommy” (seated)

Practice Run at Salcedo Village, Makati City (taken at Velasquez Park)
Judah, Glenn, Mon, Mikey, Vimz, Doc Oknoy, Doc Gigi, Aljo and me

One Run. One Family. One La Salle at the Fort

Waited for Judah to arrive so I can give him his race pack.
Ana also joined in this run.

Saw some familiar faces–former students and colleagues in school, and some DLS Brothers.

A 5k run for me but I ended running a distance of 3k only because I did a wrong turn and followed a wrong pack of runners.

A fun run in the rain.

Fit & Fun Buddy Run at the Fort

I ran under Tanya’s race bib so that Mon will have a buddy in this run. Mon thought that I was trying to chase Cecil on our way to the turn around point but, actually, I was just having fun pacing with him. It was indeed a privilege to run with one of the Masters. We finished the run with a time of 0:36.52 hand in hand near the finish line and not HHWR.

FEATI Blue and Gold Fun Run at Roxas Boulevard, Manila

Cecil and I were planning our way on how to go to the Fort when out of nowhere Pat said “hi” to us. Earlier in the run, I already saw Pat and waved at him. I was glad to finally meet in person our HF singlet sponsor.

Cecil, Caesar, Pat Concepcion and me

Thank you Pat for taking this photo.
Thank you Cecil for the ride–me as your navigator; and us zooming from Feati run in Manila to Mommy Milkshake run at the Fort.
It was also nice meeting Caesar here.

Mommy Milkshake Fun Run 2/e at the Fort

Marvin, Missy, Jeune, Thelma, Cecil, Mikey, Trish (Vimz’ daughter), me, Felipe, Art, Mon, Tanya, Madj, Ana, Raf