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Back-to-back Fun Runs By RUNTarantantan

Comedian turned competitive runner (now a race organizer) Bearwin Meily shares some of his thoughts and experiences as manager of RUNTarantantan during the Back to Back Fun Run Bloggers Night on January 14 at 100 Miles Café to promote his team’s upcoming races, HaRUNa and Lezgo Run.   Bearwin Meily used to be on the heavy side and started to lose weight when he went from a newbie runner to becoming competitive in running events here and abroad.

According to the former sitcom actor, RUNTarantantan Team was created with a mission to entertain runners who are considered less competitive.  As a hands-on sports entertainment event or race manager himself, he wants every finisher to be happy after each race.  Thus he makes sure runners are entertained by his hosting, jokes, magic, music, among others.

To start the ball rolling, these two fun runs are happening on February 15 (HaRUNa) and March 15 (Lezgo Run) this year.  For more information, please see event posters below.


POSTER final


Actual 24Karat Gold Plated Heart Shaped Medals








posterFINAL wo sponsors



3k,5k,10k, AWESOME FS




Newbie 101: Races Here, There, and Everywhere

2009 Timex Run -21K Race

Among newbie runners, the next question would be “How many races are considered too many?”
When I started racing five or six years ago, there were not too many races on a certain date (or weekend). At the most only two to three races to choose from. It was way too easy for one to pick a race. This time, however, it’s no easy job with the unending list of fun runs and other unique races happening not only in the big metro but also around the country as well.

After finishing a good race, a runner’s high is so high that one wanted to register in another race the soonest possible. Well, I understand.

As I have pointed out in my previous post (a long, long time ago), the body, after a rigorous training and racing, needs sufficient rest for it to recover. As a rule of thumb, one race per month is considered good. Excessive racing will do more harm than good. When you’re running a race, more than 80% of overall body performance is being used up and the body is under so much stress. Pushing the body to its limits will eventually take its toll.  But what about those who have run back-to-back races and still excelled in their respective races? I know. I have seen them. Oh well, they must be the running mutants but hear ye … not all can be mutants or strong runners. For average runners, it may mean hard work and a lot of patience and training.

So if you’re still a newbie runner, go back always to your running goal. If you don’t have one, then I think it’s time to establish some. Then focus on them. Be patient.  In time, you’ll reap what you’ve sown.

Yes Run! : Run for Positivity, Run for the Deaf Children, Dec. 6

Categories: 3km Run/Walk, 5km Run, 10km Run
6 Dec. 2009, Sunday, 6AM to 12 NN
Assembly/Start Area: Parking Lot in front of Palma Hall (formerly AS)
University of the Philippines-Diliman Campus

Registration Details

Please visit and follow all the steps in online registration, including the payment part.

Step 1: Fill out the registration form, which can be downloaded from their site or can be obtained at the registration centers listed below.

Step 2: Pay the registration fee.
Regular, 16 Sept. -30 Nov. ~ P300.00
Late Registration, 1-6 Dec. ~ P450.00

Step 3: Claim your race pack, which includes your race bib and the Yes Run! singlet.

CMDP OfficeUnit G, 15 C. Salvador Street
Loyola Heights, 1108 Quezon City
Tel. (02) 426.1116
Telefax. (02) 426.6339

Ateneo de Manila University Department of Sociology and Anthropology
1/F Leong BuildingAteneo de Manila University Campus
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Tel. (02) 426.6001 loc. 5270
Look for Ms. Bernadette Pascua

University of the Philippines-Diliman
Isko: Kompyuteran ng Iskolar ng Bayan
Stall No. 18, Shopping Center
University of the PhilippinesDiliman, Quezon City


The Rock Conquered: Aquathlon Challenge

It was a feeling of trepidation for the nth time. Being an aquathlon participant was not part of my plan this year. At some point, I did email the organizer that it was a no-go for me. However, the organizer emailed me back to tell me that registration was extended.

The spirit of camaraderie as well as the support from the group of fellow runners is the reason why I said, “Yes,” for this race. Tough decision, as I had to consider my mileage for swimming—which was a real boo for me. The last swim I had before this race was after the QCIM simulation run, just barely a one-kilometer swim. Not enough for this competition. So I just consoled myself to finish the race no matter what or even if I end up as the last swimmer, it doesn’t matter.

The group met at the Cultural Center of the Philippines terminal. Some friends were already there as early as 5:30AM. We boarded Sun Cruises ship at around ten minutes before 7AM. Inside the ship, I saw quite a number of aquathlon participants. At the far end were AMCI mountaineers who would be staying in the island for their orienteering activity. I couldn’t sleep during the whole trip due to moderately choppy waters. I couldn’t even appreciate what the tour guide was saying. For me, it was one of the longest trips I’ve ever had en route to the island.

We arrived exactly one hour and twenty-five minutes. The water was calm, looked very promising, and not too intimidating. But when we went to the other side, we saw big waves. It was the area where everyone will be competing for the swim. “My, my,” I said to myself.

Participants were given enough time to rest and prepare while race marshals were busy setting up the stage, markers, and water stations. All of us were then asked to fall in line for the body marking. My number was F4. I couldn’t help but remember the famous Taiwanese boy band, F4, who attained popularity in the country sometime in 2003 for their Meteor Garden series.

This is our group photo before the race started. (From left to right: Glen, Pepsi, Rico aka Sheer Will, Running Diva, Jonas, Ellen, Ziggy, and Raff)

What happened next was one of the most unforgettable moments of my life. Here is where I competed with some of the best swimmers and runners. Here is where I had to overcome my fear of the sea. Can you see the hands of swimmers moving like flyingfish?

Here is where I finished my first aquathlon competition. I wanted to write more about the experience but no amount of words can explain what I felt during that day except pure bliss.

It wouldn’t have been made possible if not for the constant prodding of some people who I consider instrumental for my being a participant. Super duper thanks to Rico for the encouragement and support. To Carina who believes that I can do it and, ey, for the photos, too, thank you so much. I hope to see you Carina swimming with us soon. To the many faces of friends in the group like Raff, Glenn, Jonas, James, Ian, and Ellen. Kudos to kababayan Ziggy, the lifeguard, who placed second overall in the competition. How can I thank you guys?

That’s us holding our loot bags after finishing the race . (From left to right: James, Ian, Jonas, Ziggy, Ellen, Raff, Running Diva, Glen, Pepsi, and Sheer Will)

The 1st Corregidor Aquathlon Challenge is a 400m swim, 7km run, 400m swim race coursing through the island dubbed as The Rock and which was held last Saturday, Oct. 10, the day before the 33rd Milo Marathon Finals. It was organized by RunPlus. Below is the map showing the race route.

Corregidor or The Rock, is known for its role during WWII-the brave people behind it and its history. It’s a rock island remarkably shaped like a tadpole and measuring three miles long and 1 ½ miles at its widest point, facing the China Sea and flanked by the provinces of Bataan and Cavite. Corregidor came from the Spanish corregir which means to correct since it was a checkpoint for vessels entering Manila Bay during the Spanish and American occupations.

Corregidor became the headquarters of the Allied Forces and also the seat of the Philippine Commonwealth government. It was from Corregidor that Philippine Pres. Manuel Quezon and MacArthur left for Australia in February leaving behind Lt. Gen. Jonathan M. Wainwright in command.

At present, Corregidor’s rich history continues to draw Filipinos and foreign tourists alike, making the island one of the most visited tourist spots in the country. In fact, I accompanied foreign visitor friends in the past to visit the site. I was their tour guide during their visit.

For those of you who are planning to conquer The Rock next month, don’t forget to do hill training as the course is more or less a three-kilometer steep uphill run.

Run for the MDGs

3K, 5K, and 10K fun run for the Millennium Development Goals.

Date: 18 October 2009
Assembly time: 5:30 a.m.
Assembly point: Tower One (Makati Stock Exchange)
Ayala Avenue, Makati City

Registration Options

Paid registration: P250.00* participant will be provided with a race packet, which includes runner’s bib with race number and singlet.

Free registration: Participant will be provided with race number only.
*100% of proceeds from the paid registration will be donated to Gawad Kalinga Dreamlandville project

To submit registration form and for more information, please contact:

Telephone: 901-0318 / 901-0312 / 901-0306
Fax: 901-0348

PhilStar Celebrity Run 2009

A run to connect Philippine public high schools to the world. Registration is now open until Dec. 18, 2009 at:

Bonifacio High Street
Tel. 856-4639

Registration will resume Nov. 3 to Dec. 18 at the following outlets:

Second Wind
88 Maginhawa St.
Teacher’s Village, Q.C.
Tel. 799-2089
Tues-Fri: 11am-7pm; Sat: 9am-6pm; Sun: 10:30am-7pm

Chris Sports
Glorietta 3
2/F Ayala, Makati
Tel. (63)(2)818-6124, (63)(2) 818-6136

Chris Sports
Festival Mall
3rd Level, Festival Mall
Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Tel. (63)(2)771-0504, (63)(2)771-0420

Trinoma Level M2
Trinoma Mall, North Ave.,
Pag-asa, Quezon City
Tel: 916-6107

SM Mall of Asia G/F Entertainment Mall,
SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City
Tel. 556-2859

CrocsSM Megamall 3F Building A,
A.J. Burgos, Mandaluyong City
Tel. 637-6359

PATAFA Office13 Ascalon Street
Rizal Memorial Sports Complex Stadium,
Adriatico Street, Malate, Manila
Tel: 526-7092

Feet on Fire: Race Against Cancer

Feet on Fire, a cancer awareness campaign/fundraiser for the benefit of the Cancer Warriors Foundation.

Nov. 8, 2009 at 5AM
McKinley Hill, Taguig City

3km (Php 200), 5km (Php 250), 10km (Php 300)
15km (Php 350) and a 6km relay (Php 500/team of 3)
*10% discount for parties with at least 10 participants

Oct. 16 – Nov. 8

McKinley Hill Showroom
Fort Bonifacio

McKinley Information Center
McKinley Hill

UPCE tambayan at Rm.407-B
College of Business Administration,
UP Diliman (Tue-Fri)

Maf (MP) 0917-9318533 or (E) or
visit UP Circle of Entrepreneurs site for more details

Perfect Pacing and Marathon Angst

Leading the pack of half-marathon runners? This is the same question I’ve been asking myself countless of times ever since I accepted the challenge to be one of the official pacers for the 1st Quezon City International Marathon. Not an easy feat considering that it will be my first time to be a pacer in a race.

But there is no turning back now as it is a privilege and an honor to bring you fellow runners to the finish line, of course; with the help of Gab as co-leader.

I did my first half-marathon last year during the Adidas King of the Road race with Wilbert at my side while running along with Bobby and Sensei John T. It was a no-fuss-run, meaning, to just finish the whole stretch of the half-marathon. It was just us. No pacer.

Pacers lead runners across the finish line, target the overall group goal and not the personal goal, and look out for the welfare of all. A pacer is a leader, coach, cheerleader, psychiatrist, etc. To be a pace-group leader in the upcoming QCIM half-marathon next weekend is quite a big responsibility. My only concern though is how can I be an effective cheerleader of the group when I, myself, is not a talker while running? How glad I was to read some articles about perfect pacing experience. I got these DOs and DON’Ts guide from Runner’s World magazine.

Nice Pacing: How to Behave (And Not) in a Group
Having the perfect pacing experience depends on who’s leading the way, of course; but you also bear some responsibility to yourself, to the leader, and to the rest of your group.

Do make sure you’re in the right place.
It means you know your time goal. If it’s too fast for you then opt for the slower one.

Don’t run ahead.
Let’s accept it. There are just some runners who want to show to the world how fit they are by running ahead.

Bad move. If you want to lead the pack, then leave the pack.

Do take your cues from runners
This one I like. This defends my case.

Some groups are quiet, others chatty. Same goes for the leader-some will offer encouragement, others focus quietly. Nothing wrong with the friendly “how you feeling?”-but don’t become a Blowhard Bob.

Don’t expect the pack to cater to your needs; but if you have to stop, don’t panic.

Take care of your business, then take your time catching up to your group.

Do give the leader space.
No need for me to explain it, right?

Running an even pace is the way to go. But with more practice, one can learn to run the second half of the races faster than the first. This is what they call “negative splits.”

Why is an even or negative-split pace works better? Firstly, it gives our body time for a good warm up by preparing the muscles for the activity. Just like how you start your car efficiently. Once your muscles are ready, you can maintain the same pace or increase it with not much effort. It’s also important to avoid being pulled by fast runners that you become one of them at the start. Remember, a fast start means a significant decrease of performance as you go back.

To some running a certain distance may come as a piece of cake but that is totally different to most who are either running a half or full marathon for the first time.

Over lunch today a friend of mine, an experienced runner, even said, “two more weeks and it’s full marathon for me!” and it was followed by a long sigh. See? Even an experienced runner do feel anxious. Just like you and me. Why is this so? May be because we are not so sure of the outcome. Okay so you’ve been training hard. Sometimes struggling. At other times succeeding but the whole time it’s in your head. “Am I really ready for it?” “What am I getting myself into?” “I didn’t have much time for training.” Do you think I can do it?” May be these are some of the questions playing in your mind. It’s all there in your head. But mind you even experienced runners are probably thinking the same way many times over especially that race day is fast coming.

What I am trying to say here is that we all have goals. Mine right now is to lead runners across the finish line and at the same time achieving their target time goal of 2:30 (in hours). How about you?

Marathon is competitive that’s why it’s called a race. So you want to race, eh? If you think you are then my next question would be, “Are you ready or still feeling a bit nervous?” They say if you are feeling this pre-race anxiety, it only means one thing. You are just mentally and physically preparing yourself for the race. The ultimate test is race day itself.

Ey, no worries, OK? You’ve been training hard for this. Why worry? To conquer fear is to embrace itself. Go back to your goal and focus. Be realistic with your goal. Focus is the main ingredient towards a successful marathon. Just like any event there are just things that are beyond our control. If things don’t happen the way you want it to be, don’t be disappointed. Instead prepare yourself for it. Don’t forget to relax and have some fun while running. Being too serious ruins the experience. Remember you’re already a winner by signing up for a race.

See you at the starting line!

Time is Running: the 2009 Time Run

Get ready for this year’s hottest running event! Don’t miss Time is Running: the 2009 Timex Run with Coach Rio and Piolo Pascual, a 3km, 5km, 10km, and 21km run on 15 Nov. 2009 at Bonifacio Global City (beside NBC tent).

Get a chance to run with everyone’s favorite running guru and one of the hottest male actors of our time. Beat the mad dash for these limited and highly-coveted slots. Only 3000 race kits will be up for grabs, which includes a singlet and timing chip, complete with professional actions shots by Photovendo and Runpix analysis.

Regular registration, 4 Oct. to 1 Nov.

Timex shops of SM North, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, SM Southmall, and Glorietta 3Nike Park Bonifacio High Street
The Trion Towers site showroom
Robinsons Land Corporation grand showroom at Robinsons Galleria
AmiSa showroom at Robinsons Place Manila

Late registration, 2-9 Nov.
Timex shop SM North Edsa
Trion Towers Mckinley Parkway cor. 8 Ave, Bonifacio Global City

No singlets will be given to late registrants.

Part of the proceeds goes to the Timex-UNICEF school in Masbate. To register online, please visit Runrio. More information at Timex watches or you may call (63 2) 703.1736