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Hunger in the Horn of Africa

Humanitarian Crisis of Our Time 
On July 20 of this year, the United Nations officially declared the crisis in the Horn of Africa as a famine.  Tens of thousands have died; in fact, more than 29,000 children under the age of [five] have died in the months of June to August. 

This famine was caused by excessive drought, back-to-back failed crop seasons, the 20-year civil war in Somalia and rising food and fuel prices worldwide.  

Your Help Is Food For These Children

More than 12 million people are affected in three countries and are in need of aid.   It is hard to wrap our minds around that figure; the idea of 12 million hungry people is almost too large to comprehend.  

With the amount of bad news we get on a daily basis, it may just be too easy to turn a blind eye, especially because of the sheer numbers involved.   Some people may prefer not to face this horrific reality.  But face it we must.  We must choose to do just the opposite—we must choose to get shocked and horrified at these unthinkable statistics.  They must keep us awake at night.  They have got to bring out the best in humanity and spur us on to action.

A Call For Global Aid
According to the World Food Program, “50 cents a day is enough to feed a hungry child or a mother on the edge of survival.” 
On 13 Nov. 2011, Sunday, Lifeline Foundation will be holding Rain4Africa: A Lifeline To Africa Run [as a response to this call] in Westgate Filinvest Alabang. 100% of the proceeds from this run will go directly to the World Food Program.
Race categories are 3K, 5K and 10K, and registration is [only] Php 400 for all categories, inclusive of timing chip and race bib.  No loot bags, no singlets, just care.  Participants, however, are requested to wear bright colors in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Africa.

Lifeline Foundation Volunteer Members

“One of the things we live by is Third World helping Third World.” ~ LIFELINE FOUNDATION

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