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Run United HP Recovery Run, 14 Dec. 2014

Unilab Active Health (ULAH) recently launched a new and unique kind of a running event happening on December 14 dubbed as Run United (RU) HP Recovery Run to be held at Bonifacio Global City.  This running event focuses not on finishing fast but on recovering well.

The Importance of Rest and Recovery

Rest is just as important as exercise.  Rest day combines the importance of getting quality sleep, hydration, and nutrition.  Recovery is all about maximizing your body’s repair by running at a low intensity, as in running slow.   This event is exclusive to 2014 Run United finishers.  This event is exclusive to 2014 Run United finishers.  Yep, you’ve read it right.  It’s not a typo.  But don’t you worry if you can’t join this year.  Who knows? ULAH might replicate this next year in other or similar events.

Here’s a Quick Statistics

This year’s RU series–the RU 1, RU  2, and the recent RU Philippine Marathon lured a total of 35,600 runners where 84% percent (about 29,882 runners) were able to finish their respective races. Interestingly, 64% of RU participants this year were actually long distance runners.

“Through this event, our goal is to help progressive runners embrace the value of recovery programs and how its proper application can help establish future personal records. Progressive runners always desire to do a PR and UNILAB Active Health aims to provide them with different solutions in achieving this goal. Recovering as hard as your training can help them continuously become a better version of themselves,” says UNILAB Active Health Sports Events Executive Lester P. Castillo.

The half marathon category is intended for runners who wish to do an easy, long distance run to cap off a full year of running.  Meaning, there’ll be no pacers for the 21k category. The slower you run your half marathon, the better.  Cut-off time for 21k is four hours.

Recovery Pacers

There’ll be pacers for the 5k and 10k recovery run.  Coach Ani De Leon-Brown and National Team athletes like Claire Adorna and John Chicano will be the guest pacers.  For the 5k distance, it will have 8 min/km, 9 min/km, and 10 min/km recovery paces.  While the 10k distance will have 8 min/km, 9 min/km, 10 min/km, and 11 min/km recovery paces. No singlet will be issued this time.  Participants are encouraged to wear instead any of the singlets or finisher’s shirts of the 2014 Run United series.

Enervon HP Recovery Village

The first Enervon HP Recovery Village will have lots of activities developed with the Sports and Science experts from the College of Rehabilitation Sciences, Sports Science, and Physical Therapy Departments of the University of Santo Tomas.    The Village will be divided into zones: physical recovery, sports nutrition recovery, and mental recovery.  At the Recovery Village, these are just but some of the activities to look forward to: hot and cold treatments, flexibility exercises, self myofascial release, and periodization counseling.

Participants will also get a chance to enjoy a cold glass of EnervonHP Recovery drink. Enervon HP Recovery is formulated with the ideal 3:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio that can help repair worn-out muscles and restore lost energy with carbohydrates, B-complex vitamins, and essential minerals. Enervon HP Recovery is best taken within 45 minutes after a workout for best nutrient absorption.

Key points to remember:

  • Venue of the recovery run is at BGC
  • This is not your typical run
  • This event aims to educate the runners on the value of recovery, and it will have pacers for the 5k and 10k categories

Online registration is ongoing. For more details, please visit


Two months ago, while trying to reach something overhead from my bed, I lose my balance and fell off the bed about two feet high.  Pain shot through my right arm when it took the brunt of the impact as I fell on the floor.  Next day, I could not lift it well. It felt like I just had a recent vaccine shot in the arm.  Though I could feel no pain and even swing it, there was this little discomfort.   This incident happened just days before a marathon race. 
A month passed yet I still felt something lodged in the joint.  For my own peace of mind, I had an orthopedic check-up. The staff ordered me for an X-ray of my arm.  According to the doctor the result showed no marked abnormalities except that I had to do some stretches to heal my inflamed tendon.
I was so thankful to be part of the Rocktape event which paved way for me to know the other services under INTERCARE such as Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Myotherapy, Rehabilitative Medicine, Stress Management, Graston Technique and Yoga and Pilates.

My right arm with Rocktape

Personally, I was one of the beneficiaries of the nerve cracking experience i.e., Chiropractic therapy and Rocktape technique demonstrated and applied by Dr. Martin Camara, INTERCARE’s Clinic Director, and one of his staffs respectively.  With this experience, it encouraged me to even advise my older sister to try their services with the hope of finding the long overdue search for the right treatment of her illness.  Thank God … the DOCTOR IS IN! 

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