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The Etude Princess Run: a Princess Just Over an Hour, Feeling Royal Nonetheless

25 May 2014 — The Etude Princess Run 10K marked as my 36th 10-kilometer race and second 10K run this year.  If multiplied together, it’s equivalent to running the Bataan Death March Ultramarathon three times, a fifty-kilometer race from Tagaytay to Nasugbu, Batangas, and about a four-kilometer distance of slow running as warm up exercise combined or a total of 360 kilometers. Not bad at all.   

Many 10K races attract quite a number of budding runners as one of the shortest common road distances.  And Etude Princess Run was one of those.  

There I went knowing I wouldn’t do any personal record or PR since the game plan was to pace with Que of  While waiting for her to arrive at the starting line, I went in relaxed, looking forward to training run and finish within one hour and 10 minutes (from my last 10K at 1:06 just a few weeks ago as basis).  Weather was good that day.  Good to see some familiar faces (runners/bloggers Running Shield and Titanium Runner) that I haven’t seen in a while.    To cut a long story short, I came back happy to finish it well—with friends Que and Jez.
Interesting post-race activities: acrobatic dance, hip hop dance, raffle, makeup lesson, photo booths, free breads and energy drinks/juices, and lots of freebies. A little improvement is needed though prior to the final scheduled race starting time for each event and a more or less accurate race distance. All the same, thank you Etude House for organizing such a fantastic event! Kudos to the organizers, sponsors, and Etude House Team as well. It was fun!  Looking forward to next year’s event.  

Super thanks, too, to Jinoe of for the photos on Instagram.  

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