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License to Run 2010 Edition

27th Runnex Executive Classic 10K
23 May 2010
Photos courtesy of Vener aka
Run Unlimited and Dr. Jun Kagaoan

Two years ago, I joined the 25th Executive Classic 10k of Runnex and got the surprise of my life when I placed 8th in the 10K Top Ten Women Division. Allow me to copy, cut, and paste a portion from my previous blog post about what I said while waiting for the winners to be announced …

“Mon and the others wanted also to witness the awarding ceremony. Then, I saw Sir Jovie [aka Baldrunner] who waved at me. It was then at this time that I said to them, “Kailan kaya ako magka-podium finish?” (When can I have a podium finish?) Sir Jovie answered, “Malapit na ‘yan.” (It will happen soon.) Even Mon and Ipe agreed on what Sir Jovie said. I was so surprised that after I asked that question, the emcee announced…”8th place…” I heard my name! Whooah! I did a podium finish!” (Blog post, 7 Dec. 2008)

Runnex 10K Executive Run is originally held every year during the month of December but it didn’t push through in 2009 to give way to the 1st Quezon City International Marathon. Runnex Board decided to have it instead on May 23, 2010, which coincides on its 27th anniversary. It is a run open to executives, businessmen, professionals, and diplomatic corps members.

The following are qualified to participate: 1) those holding managerial and executive positions; 2) government officials with a minimum position of Division Chief; 3) military officials with a minimum rank of Major; 4) licensed professionals [such as] doctors, lawyers, accountants, and engineers [among others]. All participants must be at least 30 years old on race day. (Source: Runnex site)

I qualified not because I’m a businessperson nor an executive but as an information professional. Knowledge managers, popularly known as librarians, in the Philippines, are required to take and pass the licensure examination first before they can practice their profession. My license is my ticket in this event, a license to run.


I didn’t have any plan to join any race. What I wanted to do is rest and spend another personal milestone with family.

However, before the said race weekend, I received news from back home that my mother was rushed to the hospital due to heart attack. The last time she suffered the same illness was two years ago.

I wasn’t so sure whether it would do me good to race even for a 10k only. But I didn’t want to dampen Master Mon’s enthusiasm when he reminded me to defend my ranking in the top ten (as if I were that fast, eh?). I did ask myself the same question over and over again, “What did I do to deserve such faith in my capability as a runner?” It truly overwhelmed me to know how others thought I could nail this race again. Eventually, I gave in to race on this one on a condition not to stay long for I had a flight to catch at noontime.

We arrived at University of the Philippines (UP) with enough time to do warm up exercises. I was surprised to see quite a number of runners considering a race was also being held at the grounds of Mall of Asia that same day.

While I was on my way to the starting line, I saw familiar faces from up North. I wasn’t wrong. It was indeed Dr. Jun Kagaoan and his wife, Ruby. I was so happy to see both of them! If you’ve read my previous post regarding my running experience in Vigan, Doc Jun was the organizer of that fun run. They traveled many hours all the way from Vigan to just run a 10K race in UP. Truly, some runners are “hibang” (means “crazy” on a positive note) with running. It was nice to see familiar faces and friends at the starting line.

Ruby and Dr. Jun K., visitor runners from Vigan

We ran the same loop twice for us to complete the 10-kilometer distance. Initially, I started to run fast and aimed to pace with Master Mon but eventually I had to slow down when I felt the same pain from my butt down to the back of my knee. It only meant one thing; I was not yet fully recovered from my last run in the PAU 50K. Also, I was not feeling well; worry and not getting much sleep took its toll, I suffered common cold symptoms, runny nose and cough.

I was impressed the way Runnex Club members and volunteers handled the race. Even if there were a lot of joggers and runners, who didn’t take part in the race, still they were able to control the crowd running around the UP “oval”.

I finished the run in 1:07:58. More or less the same finish time, which I did two years ago, where I placed 8th in the Top 10 Women Division. While I was waiting for a free cup of coffee, I heard my name being announced by Runnex officials. Whooah! A podium finish again?

Doc Pinky (1st), Cristy (3rd), Running Diva (4th overall & 1st in her age category)

With Cristy, Run Unlimited’s wife, after the race

With Ruby, who also won in the Top Ten 10k Women Division and in her age category

Happy Feeter Master Mon won in his age category

Master Totoy and fellow Happy Feet receiving his medal for placing 9th overall

This year, I ranked 4th in the Top 10 Women Division and placed 1st in age category. I never expected this to happen because, on a personal note and as a runner, I considered my finishing time as not a ‘good one’. I’d been aiming for the past three years to do a sub-hour finish time for 10K but no matter how I tried; I would either feel not ready or sick. Also, I haven’t run 10K distances in a race recently, well, except this one.

Runners received a lot of freebies—sandwich, Gatorade (I asked for two bottles for I was so thirsty.), two finisher’s shirts, overflowing coffee (I was holding a cup while receiving the medals.), and many more.

Post race breakfast with fellow Happy Feet runners was cancelled. I needed to leave immediately after the awarding ceremony to catch a flight back home to see my ailing mother in the hospital.

The next day, on my birthday, while watching over my mother who was still in ICU, I showed her the medals, which I got the previous day. I knew it was no ideal birthday celebration but still, I thanked God for the blessings—for allowing me to see my mother and for giving me good friends as pillars of support. I couldn’t ask for more.

What a gift to celebrate a personal milestone!

2008 Book of Lists

This is just a sample of the extensive events in 2008.

I registered for 22 races. Missed three and finished all 19 races “injury free” and with “no walking.”


15k Run
VSO Kabahagi Ako Fundraising Run

21k Run
Adidas King of the Road

25k Run, longest distance I’ve ran
New Balance Power Race

Winter Practice Run
Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

Podium Finish Organized by Well-Known Running Club
8th place, Women Division, Runnex Executive Classic @ 25

Appearance in a National Paper
Marathon and Wacky Races by Tanya Lara of Philippine Star


Fastest Posting of Race Results by an Organizer
Nothing beats Runrio

Most Innovative Idea
Photovendo, the brainchild
of Ben Chan a.k.a. Photographer on the Run

Thirst No More
Bottled water in every water station during the Condura Race for Tubbataha 2008

Unprecedented Achievements of Happy Feeters

Increase in the number of members, from eight or so (2007)to more than 200 (2008)

Total number of impromptu_runners e-group messages, from 6,936 (2007) to 13,056 (2008)

Newly baptized bloggers joined blogosphere
Kinderdorf leben
Kulit on the run

Photo op with other running bloggers like Running Shield, Nora the Golden Girl, Bro J, Foreignrunner, Passion Runner, the Fit Mommy, and Zimm among others.

Lonerunner, most entertaining and hilarious running blogger, outed himself!

SFrunner visited the Philippines to run VSO Kabahagi Ako Fundraising Run and New Balance Power Race. He finally met his fellow Happy Feet runners.

Thebullrunner won the Best Sports and Best Single Post Blog Award

Running Shield’s logo got a nice facelift

Photovendo and got launched!

Podium Finishers
Foreignrunner, Totoy Santos, Joms, Chia Patacsil, Mark and Tiffin, and my list goes on…

Mikey, Marga, and Abby finished an ultramarathon!


Beijing Olympics open spectacular ceremony

100-Meter Race
Usain Bolt, Jamaican sprinter, set a world breaking speed of 9.69 seconds

Long Distance Track and Road Running
Haile Gebrselassie (haylē gebre silassē), Ethiopian athlete, broke his own world record with a time of 2:03:59. The first man to run under two hours.

Dream Match
Pacman, Filipino Boxer, won the fight, technical knock out, vs. Oscar “Golden Boy” de la Hoya after round 8.


Richard “Toto” Manginsay, a former classmate and batchmate who became a renowed Character Layout Artist of great animated films like Dead Space: Downfall (2008), The Simpsons Movie (2007), Titan A.E. (2000), and Anastasia (1997). Our batch had a blast celebrating this achievement during our batch reunion and alumni homecoming.

Robert Delgado, composer, arranger, musical director, soloist, resident arranger of the Philippine Madrigal Singers (1983-1992), and as Jury, World Choir Games 2008, Graz, Austria and GPIB Choral Competition 2008 (Jakarta, Indonesia).

Darling “Kating” Vera Maria Vicente, my niece, who did a front act on APO Hiking Society’s Concert dubbed as Sa Iligan nAPOd Sila and during MYMP’s live in concert in Iligan City. Kating has performed in various events and joined several singing competitions like Iligan Star and Pinoy Idol.

Rommel Bundalian, another classmate and batchmate, who established his company on virtual reality photography. Click here to see 360º Unlimited.

TransChorale, for winning 1st place in a Christmas Choral Competition.

License to Run, 7 Dec. 2008

Woke up too early today. Excited? Not, really. Jitters? None. There must be a very good reason why am up early. I’ll be joining the 25th Executive Classic 10k event. This is the country’s only running event that is exclusively for executives, businessmen and professionals. Runnex is celebrating its 25th anniversary run and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to be part of their running history. A close to a thousand runners are expected to participate.

The theme for this year’s Executive Classic race is ”Human Energy for the Filipino Race” with the objective of promoting not only physical fitness but also energy conservation and environmental protection.

Runnex as a club has its rules on membership. And I qualified not because I’m a business person nor an executive but as a professional librarian. Yes, librarians in the Philippines are required to take and pass the licensure examination first before they can practice the profession. My license is my ticket in this event. A license to run.

I arrived in the venue just good enough to do my warm ups and stretching exercises.

While chatting with fellow Happy Feet runners, I was caught off guard when suddenly I heard the sound of the gun being fired. A signal that 10k race has just started. Out of reflex, off I went and just ran. Well, there was no pressure for I only compete with myself. Targeting at least a sub-hour this time. Crossing my fingers.

The 10k route.

32 minutes for the first 5k distance wasn’t bad. I think I did well. Maybe the sub-hour target might be possible after all. I was wrong! I finished the run in 1:07! Though a bit disappointed, I consoled myself that it was a good practice run, especially, after not doing any long run during the week.

We didn’t go home right away because Totoy (center), a fellow Happy Feet, did a podium finish. He placed 7th in the 10k event Men Division.

Mon and the others wanted also to witness the awarding ceremony. Then, I saw Sir Jovie who waved at me. It was then at this time that I said to them, “Kailan kaya ako magka-podium finish?” (When can I have a podium finish?) Sir Jovie answered, “Malapit na ‘yan.” (It will happen soon.) Even Mon and Ipe agreed on what Sir Jovie said. I was so surprised that after I asked that question, the emcee announced…”8th place …” I heard my name! Whooah! I did a podium finish! It was a nice feeling to receive a winner’s medal and a gift certificate from a leading sports brand.

Top 10 10k event Women Division.

Baldrunner had his podium finish too!
L-R: Mon, Baldrunner, me, Sensei John

The lucky bib number which led me to victory.

The goodies we received from RUNNEX.