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Skechers GORun Wins 2014 Boston Marathon*

With the support of the Skechers Performance Division by my side every step of the way, I have won for the city of Boston, and for the entire U.S.,” said Meb Keflezighi (“Keff-Lez-Gee”) at his Boston Marathon presser.

Skechers GORun ambassador and America’s #1 marathoner Meb led the pack of elite runners to the finish line in the 2014 Boston Marathon in his high-performance Skechers GORun shoes.
Meb’s victory became a feel-good story in the running community, following the devastating bombing incident in last year’s Boston Marathon as he is the first American to win in the prestigious Boston Marathon after three decades with a new personal-best time record of 2:08:37.
Vice President of Merchandising and Marketing for Skechers Performance Division Rick Higgins said, “We are so proud of Meb and his monumental accomplishment on what was clearly a very emotional day…if [he] can do it in Skechers shoes, so can you.”
The Skechers Performance Division first signed Meb in 2011 to represent the Skechers Performance Division as it launched its new footwear line. The Skechers GORun is designed for speed with its innovative M-Strike Technology to promote a mid-foot strike (two-point step: mid-toe), allowing more fluid and powerful strides than a heel strike (three-point step: heel-mid-toe).
Meb transitioned from a heel strike to a mid-foot strike runner with Skechers GORun, giving him an effortless and faster take off. Since that time, Skechers M-Strike Technology’s influence on the improvement of Meb’s PR (personal record) has been evident.
At 36, he ran in the NYC Marathon in Skechers GORun back in 2011 and posted a personal-best time in finishing sixth in New York that day, and then lowered it again in winning the U.S. Olympic trials just two months later. Meb also won more than five key races, including the U.S. Half Marathon Championship in Houstonin January 2014, and the U.S. Olympic Trials in Houston in 2012.
While his winning the 2014 Boston Marathon might have come as a surprise to many given his age during the race was just two weeks before Meb turns 39, he attained greater achievements and established his personal best time record, running like a blur ever since he shifted to Mid-foot Strike Technology with Skechers GORun.
“It’s a pretty massive deal for a non-traditional running shoe company,” said Eric Smallwood, senior vice president of Front Row, a Philadelphia marketing and analytics company focused on sports. “If you’re a runner and you get a PR (personal record) in a new pair of shoes, you’re sticking with those.”
Are Skechers Performance shoes any good? Smallwood’s say: “They win marathons don’t they?”

*Press Release

Skechers GOrun Presents Running Essentials to Runners in Cebu, 24 Mar. 2012

Running Essentials is part of Skechers’ fitness advocacy to promote midfoot strike, proper running technique, and a healthy lifestyle with the help of ultra marathoner Michelle Estuar and other fitness coaches and runners.  It covers topics such as stretching, leg and foot technique, hydration and nutrition, and many more.

With the growing fitness trend today, Skechers wants to help both newbie runners and running enthusiasts improve the way they train and prepare for their next run.  Two run clinics were done last February 18 and March 3 at Market! Market! in Taguig City, Metro Manila.  Now it will be the turn of Cebu runners to experience Skechers GOrun Running Essentials come March 24 at the G/F Activity Area, Ayala Center, Cebu from 4PM to 7PM.

If you and your friends are also registered for Globe Run for Home on March 25, Skechers will have a booth there too! Please do drop by! 

Skechers GO Run

This was launched last month at Market! Market! mall  in Taguig City.  The event started with a short presentation on Skechers’ shoe technology by no other than Michelle Estuar, a distance runner herself and current Skechers GO run ambassador.  It was shortly followed with a run challenge where some bloggers were asked to run a 500-meter distance on the treadmill using Skechers GO run shoes.  The teams were divided into three groups of three with each competing with one another.  Whoever finishes first is the winner.  Three winners were announced and each won a new pair.

Skechers GO run is perfect for walking, running, and if you want to train yourself to become a runner using the midfoot strike, then this shoe is for you. It’s also light, pretty comfortable, and it has antimicrobial agents allowing one to use it even without wearing a pair of socks.
GO (run) and try it out now!