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What Do Runners Do When Not Running?

The world of beauty is a mad, funny, seductive world. Misguided in some ways, misleading in others, it’s also a source of great pleasure to great many women.

It just happened so spontaneously while most of the ladies were “SBing” over site. Rachel (a.k.a. Eichbar), a fellow runner, asked how I was and I answered jokingly, “Eto, beauty and madness.”

That was what it took for a session dubbed as Beauty & Madness to be organized and facilitated by Marga (a.k.a. Margalicious) on August 20. Marga is currently the Directress of the Center for Aesthetic Studies. It was a three-hour session where one learned how to identify face shape, compare skin tone and color, know what products to buy for skin care regimen, and how to coordinate skin color with makeup products. Exercise (e.g. running), good skin care, and healthy diet are the key ingredients to beauty.

It sparked the interest of Doc Dianne, an OB/GYN, to hold a sequel to Beauty & Madness. So a talk on Cervical Cancer and Sports Injury was scheduled on September 18.

Doc Dianne, thru her generosity, opened her home and even reserved the village’s clubhouse as the venue. It was a potluck gathering, which was so timely to celebrate Que’s birthday. To further enhance the level of awareness of the runners, Doc D, together with her husband, shared her expertise how cervical cancer, as a disease, is affecting many women around the world and in the Philippines. Doctors Topher (a.k.a. DocT) and Art gave ddditional inputs about the topic.

Doc Ranny, Sports Injuries Doctor, on the other hand, shared his expertise about common injuries of runners thru informal discussion. Doc Ranny is no stranger to running injuries as he himself is a runner.

Injuries also known as aches and pains in the body can cause runners or athletes to be sidelined for days, weeks or months, if not tended to right away. Worse case scenario, if not remedied immediately, can cause one to have surgery or permanently give up on running.

At the end of the session, all attendees were given free note pads and brochures about cervical cancer.

This event wouldn’t have been made possible if not for these empowered women who are runners themselves. L-R: Marga, Que (birthday celebrant), Rachel (the one who requested for this talk), and Doc Dianne (resource speaker)

It was fun/swimming time for everyone after the talk!