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Sunset Run: A SunPIOLOgy Trio, 10 Dec. 2011

Vertical Run Race Mechanics

Race Venue: Sun Life Centre, 5th Avenue, BGC
Assembly Time: 3PM (will conduct registration for building admission)
Gun Start: 3:30PM
Starting Point: Basement 5 Sun Life Center BGC
Finishing Point: Drop Off Area Sun Life Center BGC

Sun Life Building : 14 Floors + Roof Deck + 5 Basement Parking

Outdoor Route Details: From Sun Life Centre Drop Off Area Turn Right to 4th Avenue, then right to 26th Avenue, turn right to 5th Avenue then enter main lobby of Sun Life Center, (repeat on 2nd loop without the basement route)


Female – 10K not exceeding 1hour 10 minutes
Male – 10K not exceeding 1hour

Runners are encouraged to present a health certificate [from] their previous run with their TIME RECORD.  The Vertical Run is open to all local and foreign runners but is limited to 100 participants only.

Why SunPIOLOgy Trilogy

1 ~ Rave for Art

A 24-piece art pieces of Piolo Pascual’s photographs and paintings about his different persona in and out of limelight will be put on display at the lobby of the newly-inaugurated Sun Life Centre at Bonifacio Global City themed us “SunPIOLOgy 2012: Panoramic Portals”.

2 ~ Run for Dreams

The race kicks off with a vertical run along 5th Avenue and a road race follows along 11th Avenue with varying categories of 500m for kids, 3K, 5K, and 10K

3 ~ Raise Funds for Education

Proceeds of the fun run and and proceeds of the online bidding of the SunPIOLOgy benefit exhibit will  be donated to Hebreo 12:1 Foundation, a non-profit organization with education as its advocacy.  Since 2009, the foundation has helped send poor but deserving scholars to school for a more secure future.  Hebreo 12:1 has partnered with Sun Life Financial to gain more support for its worthwhile cause hence the collaboration is called SunPIOLOgy.

Greenfield City Sunset Run 2010 Updates

Coming from last year’s successful run, the Greenfield Sunset Run 2010 is organized once again by Finishline and renowned running coach Rio de la Cruz. The out-of-town run will take the runners [again] around Greenfield City, highlighting the well-rounded balance of progress and leisure in the various zones throughout the development. The race will pass through wide tree-lined avenues through Pramana, Greenfield City’s exclusive residential development, as well as through the Greenfield Auto Park and the Santa Rosa Business Park in its firmly established business sector. See also my previous post about this race.

To learn more about the race, visit Greenfield and the official run website at Finish Line.


Greenfield City Sunset Run, 24 April

So named because the starting shots will be fired early in the evening, bucks the traditional early morning schedule and promises a refreshing outdoor run through wide tree lined avenues, as well as an entire day of fun activities for everyone.

Categories include 500m, 3km, 5km, 10km, and 21km. This is the second annual run of the Greenfield Development Corporation. Organized once again by Finishline and RunRio.