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Go Girl! Expo

 A Pursuit for a Healthy and Active Filipino Women

More women in the Philippines are considered inactive whether it is occupational, non-occupational, or leisure-related activities according to a study conducted by World Health Organization (2010).   The study also reveals that women are more active in domestic activities than men more than ever. Furthermore, physical inactivity may contribute to coronary diseases, diabetes, and obesity.

This is the reason why Jump Start, Fondo Manila, and Yabang Pinoy are working together to bring the very first GO GIRL! Expo with the theme, “Empowering Healthy and Active Filipinas.”

Go Girl May 2015 Rockwell Tent poster

GO GIRL!  is  a well-rounded Filipina that balances life, work, play, adventure, sports and more importantly, knows how to have fun. It promotes a holistic well-being among women.

GO GIRL! Expo will be held on 30-31 May 2015 at the Rockwell Tent in Makati City. This event will be a celebration of every Filipina’s pursuits and women’s success in different fields. It will feature faces of healthy and active Filipinas from different walks of life—from the working Filipina to moms to social women.   It will showcase products and services for women  from different companies as well.

Furthermore,  the expo will also be a source of inspiration as some of these women share their impassioned stories on success and struggle—how they achieve where they are now, and what keep them active despite the daily routine.  Their stories will be installed in a gallery wall together with the commitment board.

Come and be part of this milestone that will encourage Filipinas to shift from ordinary women to GO GIRL!

Women’s Health POP-UP Studio Fitness Series

l never was a gym person. But when an invite from Women’s Health through Queenie of came to try another fitness craze, without hesitating, my answer was a big YES.  l thought it was timely since my training then included core strengthening and l think crossfit was a good workout. So last August 13, l was one of the lucky participants to experience it.  The Crossfit Mad Minute workouts include a short yet intense moves to shed off extra pounds. 

The workout is timed, up to eight minutes. We were grouped by four where each had to do and execute properly the moves–from running a 100-meter distance, push ups, squats, and ball slamming. 

Each had to count and the total number of times we did each workout would be the total workouts done by our group.  We did about 389.  Not bad for newbies like us.

To know more on how to have fun and get fit with this year’s Women’s Health Pop-up Studio, you may like their WH Facebook page at’s HealthPhilippines or follow them on Twitter and Instagram @womenshealthph.

Super thanks to Summit Media for letting us experience and learn crossfit.

Women’s Health Magazine July Issue on Staying Fit and Best Packaged Food for Women

I had the chance to attend once again the Women’s Health Are You Game event at the Music Hall of Mall of Asia last June 1.  It was a day of beauty, wellness, fitness, and other cool activities.  Thanks to Karina of Summit Media for reserving me a slot to try one of the six workout classes called Flexibility Not Required (FNR), a fun way of doing beginner’s yoga without having to worry of not being strong or flexible enough.  Though there were some moves I found very challenging, but my experience in Bikram yoga helped a lot.  

Anyway, I’m sharing with you here the press release of Women’s Health with sisters Toni and Alex Gonzaga on the cover of the July issue magazine.  It also features their top 100 pick of best packaged food for women which you can get from the supermarket without ruining your diet

Alex and Toni Gonzaga talk to Women’s Health
on staying fit and on their love lives
Alex and Toni Gonzaga arrived at the Women’s Health shoot in coordinated outfits and with ease between them that shows they make up a good team—in their family, in their industry, and in their pursuit for a healthy lifestyle. From their amusing banter to their mutual admiration, Alex and Toni exhibit a certain closeness that brings joy to their sisterhood.  Women’s Health quizzed the Gonzaga sisters on their relationship as sisters and on how they maintain their physique.
It’s a mix of Bikram yoga, Vinyasa yoga and Pilates for Alex; while it’s ballroom dancing for Toni. Alex goes easy on the rice; while Toni eats everything in moderation. Each has her own style, each has her unique qualities.
Toni believes in keeping things balanced. “I don’t want to sacrifice my health just because I’m busy with work. It’s very important that you don’t lose that balance. I work hard, but I also want to look good and feel good.” Alex gets motivated when she sees the outcome of her workouts. “Kapag nakikita ko kahit konting results, lalo na when I see my arms getting toned, mas nakaka-motivate. Parang ‘Ay! Malapit ko nang ma-achieve ‘yung gusto ko!”
But when it comes to matters of the heart, the sisters take two different roads. Alex enjoys being single and decides not to rush things. “Yung lalaki na para sa iyo, whatever happens, he will pursue you. Kahit anong gawin mong alis or layo sa kanya, babagsak at babagsak kayo talaga.”
On the other hand, Toni is in a relationship with director Paul Soriano. So, what’s her advice for women in relationship? “Respect is very important,” says Toni. “Put God in the center of the relationship, that makes it stronger because your foundation is solid.”

Know more about these sisters as they talk about their take on the road to success and reaching the top in the July issue of Women’s Health.  You can download the current issue and past issues of Women’s Health online here.  You may also like WomensHealthPhilippines on Facebook and follow @WomensHealthPH on Twitter and Instagram.

Press Release: Feel Great and Look Great

This November, Women’s Health shows you that there’s a lot to love and much you can do when it comes to being a woman and living your best life. In this month’s Feel Great, Look Great issue, learn how you can get a head start in staying fit and living healthily by taking cue from some of the country’s best and brightest fitness professionals. Plus, take inspiration from cover girl Bianca King on how you, too, can reap the fruits of your labor.
Leading a lifetime of health and wellness only takes 11 steps. For fitness professionals like Reema Chanco, Mitch Felipe Mendoza,Mona Lisa Neuboeck, Nadine Tengo, Ani de Leon-Brown, Bam Mogato, Debbie Yabut, Joie Castillo-Viado and Tessa Celdran, staying fit and living healthy is no joke. It takes a lot of discipline, patience and determination to become a better version of yourself. In fact, according to master trainer of Barre3 Joie Castillo Viado, It’s a simple strategy of working smarter rather than harder. “It’s working out right and eating right. We [should] want to be truly healthy inside, which involves both mind and body.”
While Bam Mogato, Women’s Health columnist and personal trainer emphasizes that losing weight is indeed a process. Although women are now bombarded with quick-fix diet plans, women should keep in mind that hard work is key. “There is no shortcut to losing weight. It involves having a good diet and regular exercise” adds Tessa Celdran, Women’s Health columnist and certified yoga instructor.
Speaking of hard work, cover girl Bianca King also shares with Women’s Health how she is able to reap rewards from years of hard work in the industry she loves. Describing her journey in the business as “taking the long road”, Bianca feels grateful for how this has built her character. “It’s not all about fame, money, lead roles, or endorsements. It’s also about being proud of the person you’ve become.”
The actress even admits to Women’s Health that it’s her dream to portray physically demanding roles (read: Nikita or Alias) that’s why she sees fitness as a worthwhile investment. “I’ve been preparing myself for roles like that. That’s why I exercise and stay active, so you know, when the time comes that there’s an opening for those kinds of role, they’ll see that I’m prepared for it.”
Aside from yoga, Bianca’s exercise regimen includes dancing, swimming and muay Thai.A recent addition to her list of staple workouts is running, which she does twice to thrice a week. When asked what fitness tip can she give to those aspiring to feel and look great, she simply says: “Stay committed. There are people who start something, then procrastinate. It’s mind over matter. You have to psych yourself that once you get into something, it’s your goal to finish it. Try out an exercise for a month, if you really don’t like it, that’s when you move on to something else.”
Catch more fitness tips from both cover girl Bianca King and the experts by grabbing the November issue of Women’s Health. The November issue of Women’s Health is available in newsstands and bookstores nationwide. For more of Women’s Health online, become a fan on Facebook ( and follow them on Twitter (

Press Release: Women’s Health Weight Loss Issue

Your Ideal Weight: Get There and Stay There with Women’s Health Ultimate Weight Loss Issue
For the ultimate weight loss issue, Women’s Health makes sure that every woman finds a bigger reason why they should lose the extra pounds. This September, Editor-in-Chief Lara Parpan asks, “Just how much do you love yourself?” as she devotes the issue on weight loss and how to keep a healthier lifestyle.
Be inspired by five real women who triumphed over their low-esteem and unhealthy habits. Learn about what made them embrace their now active lifestyle and what pushes them to stick to it. Women’s Health also introduces three women who took on the Women’s HealthWeight Loss Challenge. Find out what programs did they follow for four weeks, the diet they went through, the insights they gained after, and if the challenge can work for you, too.
Your start to your own weight loss journey also begins by knowing what to eat and what not to. In the issue, Women’s Health gives you the other (and unpopular) side of fat. According to Bonnie Taub-Dix, author of Read It Before You Eat It, “Fat in food is equated to fat on hips – but it’s not the same. Dietary fat is one nutrient that can help you lose stubborn pounds.” Read through fat’s larger purpose and integral role in balancing your nutritional needs and learn what kind of fat should remain as an enemy to your eyes and body. 

Cover girl, Angelica Panganiban also shares her own weight loss story. The self-confessed badminton lover told Women’s Health that she doesn’t really like going to the gym. She says, that when you find the right sport or exercise, you won’t even think of it as “working out.” “Mas gusto ko yung badminton, volleyball or table tennis.” The actress even shares that since she started playing badminton this January, her endurance and stamina has upped and all because she plays with her male friends. In losing weight, she adds “Do something you love and get people you love even more to do it with you.”
Learn more about how you can jumpstart to a healthier lifestyle with this month’s weight loss issue and find out more about how Angelica Panganiban continues to love her active lifestyle without any worries of restricting herself too much. 

The September issue of Women’s Health is available in newsstands and bookstores nationwide.  For more of Women’s Health online, become a fan on Facebook and follow them on Twitter

Kellog’s Special K Run for a Healthy Filipina, July 22

Kellogg, the producer of cereals, cookies, crackers, and other convenience foods, is inviting everyone to be part of its first run dubbed as Special K Run for a Healthy Filipina, an advocacy run on women’s health and healthy lifestyle.  It is happening on 22 July 2012 at McKinley Hill, Taguig City and organized by Proactive and

Registration Details


No. of Runners
Gun Start

Registration Center

Hydration Partner

Singlet Design

Race Routes

Are You Game? I’m Game!

20 May 2012 – It’s not what you are thinking.  Nope.  I didn’t grace the cover of the Women’s Health (WH) magazine.  This was a freebie taken at a photo booth during the first-ever Are You Game? event last Saturday, May 19 at Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater, Bonifacio Global City.  The sun shone brightly that afternoon, but thankfully the weather later was extremely cooperative.

The leading lifestyle publication for women’s wellness and fitness, WH Philippines reached out to quite a number of Pinays searching for ways to get fit and healthy with its Are You Game? event.  

Are You Game? is the signature event of WH International held in New York, Chicago, Sydney, and now, for the very first time in Manila. “The many innovative, fun, alternative workouts, and fitness partners convinced us that the Philippines is ready for Are You Game?,”  says WH team publisher Christine Ongteco. 

Women’s Health Editor-in-chief Lara Parpan notes that, “Getting fit and healthy is a lifestyle not just a fad. “Are You Game?” introduces our readers to many ways of getting to their weight loss and wellness goals in a friendly, encouraging, and fun environment.” 

For one to join this event, you only need to present the May issue of WH magazine, register, and get your passport to all freebies, access to all workouts, and fun activities.

I, together with Bards aka Banana Running as my partner and with other ladies, tried various workouts like Partner Yoga, a yoga routine that combines Thai massage, yoga, and the dynamic power of acrobatics.  Knowing that I was not that flexible as Bards and since I haven’t done yoga before, I chickened out from doing the acrobatic part.  What I loved most was when I had the chance to use the Kangoo Jump shoes and did some dance workouts with Queenie.  We were bouncing the whole time.  It was really fun!  The ladies who led the workout told me that they’ve even used the shoes in one of the fun runs. So it’s no longer running but also bouncing your way to the finish line.  Hmm, an interesting idea, but I don’t know.
Others tried their way to weight loss with a tailor-fit Model’s Runway workout. The ladies were also taught how to make healthier meals through food preparation demos and select a customizable workout routine for their body through one-on-one sessions with WH fitness and nutrition experts. There were also fun activities such as the bungee trampoline, surf machine (I tried this one but I can only say one thing…balancing is no easy feat! I gave up! Haha!), and bull riding.  There was also total body training via TRX Body Blast and Rip Training, which works on strength, balance, flexibility and core stability which I didn’t get to try.  But I did try the Kettlebell exercises and workouts.  The next day it left my muscles sore and aching.  Oh, my…

Co-presenter Gatorade low carb also invited the ladies to dance their way through chart topping club tunes with Gatorade Low Carb Cardio Mash-up along with some celebrities present in the event.  

After Kangoo jumps, we’re waiting for Techno Rave to start, which was supposed to be the last cardio fix dance workout, unfortunately, it rained all of a sudden.  

I hope that WH will bring this event next year.  I wish them to include Zumba next time. 

Overall, the event was successful.  I had Karina of WH and Que of to thank for.  Their persistence to invite me really paid off.   Many thanks, too, to Bards and Noelle for the photos.

Thank you, ladies!  And super-duper thanks to Women’s Health! Cheers!

Women’s Health Are You Game? Happening on May 19

Are You Game?, an international signature event of Women’s Health (WH) done in New York, Chicago, and Sydney is now in the Philippines. And true to its international counterparts, WH Are You Game? Philippines invites women to take charge of their health and wellness in an all-day-feel-good festival through fitness workouts, healthy snacks, proper hydration, a bit of pampering, music, and more.  

Simply present your May 2012 issue of WH to join.  

For preregistration procedures and more details on  WH Are You Game?, grab a copy of the May issue of  WH with Solenn Heussaff on the cover or like WH on facebook

WH Philippines proves time and time again to be the leader in fitness, wellness and fun! Discover the latest workouts in the metro with  WH and Gatorade Low Carb’s first ever Are You Game? event on May 19, Saturday at Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater at 2PM. 
Through this event,  WH encourages all women to let out their adventurous side as they try various workouts like Partner Yoga, a yoga exercise that combines Thai massage, yoga, and the dynamic power of acrobatics. TRX Body Blast and Rip Training, a total body workout, which works on strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. Techno Rave, a cardio workout through dance steps set to 90s techno beats.

Then, ladies can bounce their way to weight loss with the use of Kangoo Jump shoes through FTX Urban Rebound or look and feel like a model with Model’s Runway workout. And the highlight of the event, featuring hot dance moves of chart topping club tunes – Gatorade Low Carb Cardio Mash-up is a must try!

If all is not enough for today’s active women,  WH Philippines also brings together sets of activities that only WH can give. Know the perfect workout and nutrition plan for your body type through a one on one consultation with  WH fitness experts and nutrition consultants. On top of that, ladies can also try virtual surfing, bungee jumping, and even bull riding!

WH Are You Game? is brought to you by Gatorade Low Carb.  Special thanks to official venue partner Bonifacio Global City and official radio partners Magic 89.9 and Mellow 94.7.

See you there!

Women’s Health “Are You Game?”

Quench your thirst for something new this March! Register to Women’s Health (WH) “ARE YOU GAME?” event and you can tag along a friend for FREE! Pre-registration is valid until March 21 only!

Just simply follow these pre-registration procedures:
1. Email your full name/e-mail address/age/name of your friend to
2. Subject of the e-mail should read:
    a. WH Are You Game – Facebook (if you found WH AYG on Facebook)
    b. WH Are You Game – Subscriber (if you found WH AYG via email/SMS)
    c. WH Are You Game – Office Bulletin (if your office is one of our WH office tour partners)
3. Wait for the reply from WH about your pre-registration confirmation.
So easy, right?  See you there ladies!