Condura Skyway 42km Detailed Route

Last January 17, before the start of the PSE Bullrun, and while I was doing my warm up exercises prior to doing my usual Sunday LSD, Pat (Running Shield) saw me and we had a short chit chat about the Condura marathon route. Finally, I received an updated and detailed route of the 42km or Condura Marathon Skyway via text message last January 22. Thanks Running Shield for the heads up!

Assembly: 3:30 AM
Gun start: 4:00 AM

Part 1 Fort Bonifacio Area

Up 28th Street – Left towards 11th Avenue – Right 32nd Street – Left into University Parkway, where [Manila] International School is – Right Triangle Drive and turn around back to University Parkway – Right 32nd Street – Left 5th Avenue – All the way to Lawton Avenue – Left Bayani Road towards Libingan ng Mga Bayani – Left towards Heritage but only up to Philippine Army Officers Ladies Foundation School. Important reminder: You won’t go down that steep incline. Instead, turn back to Bayani Road – Right Lawton – Into 5th Avenue – Left 26th Street – Right Rizal Drive – Into 32nd Street – Left into Kalayaan-Buendia flyover

Part 2 Buendia Avenue Area

Buendia Avenue – Up to but before rail road tracks, turn left Estacion Street – Right Dela Rosa – Up the Buendia off ramp northbound

Part 3 Skyway Area

Skyway all the way to Bicutan – U-turn at Bicutan and head back northbound up the NAIA 3 off ramp dubbed as the Condura Skyway Heartbreak Hill, a 200-meter climb – Into NAIA 3 toll booth – After 15 meters, turn around into NAIA 3 on ramp into northbound – Back to Skyway northbound – Off ramp into Buendia – Into Buendia-Kalayaan flyover – Right 5th Avenue – Left into 29th Street – FINISH LINE

There are 15 physical water stations that runners will have to pass twice. It means there will be 30 water stations which are not more than 2km apart. On average, 1.4km apart. Ambulance is provided at the Fort and Skyway. There will be a Aid Station located at off ramp of Buendia. Portalets are also available at the Fort, Buendia, and Skyway. 100 Plus and Summit are the hydration sponsors.