DocFit: Takbo Para sa Puso, 1 Mar. 2009

I also signed up for DocFit race when I registered for the 15k event of RUNew at the Nike Store in Bonifacio High Street. I decided to since I missed running DocFit last year and most of my fellow runners raved about it.

The Night Before the Race

Once again, a classic excuse, I didn’t get enough sleep. I was invited by Joey Ayala to witness Balagtasan, also known as literary joust, a National Commission for Culture and the Arts-Bagong Lumad Production documentary, capturing the timeless beauty of balagtasan in spite the birth of rap. Tribo Rap, Radio Sago, invited performers from UP, and Joey Ayala wowed the audience by their prowess in balagtasan. My role was to just come in flamboyant Filipiniana. It was a surprise for me, indeed, to have had a five-minute fame by dancing with the famous musical artist, Joey Ayala, while he was delivering his piece. Cecil, a fellow Happy Feet, together with her sister, came to watch the show.

Race Day

I arrived at the UP Film Center ground (Quezon City), venue of the race, with enough time to deposit my stuff at the baggage area and do warm-up exercises. Saw not too many familiar faces of my running friends since most of them joined the Botak race at the Fort. Well, except for Coach John who started his warm-up exercises already for the 5k event. Most of the runners, I noticed, were from the “elite” group. Meaning, record holders and fast ones, too!

My aim was to, at least, have a sub-hour time for 10k. However, I changed my aim the night before the race, from sub-hour to just finish the race with a good time.

It was a fast start for me but again, I reminded myself, to take it easy. I will not bore you, dear readers, with the details. For me, this run (I considered) was a good time, beating my UP Great Run PR of 1:02.36 (2007) by 14 seconds. And, I was happy with that.

After collecting my free goodies (oh, yeah, they were plenty of it!), I saw, finally, some pretty well known faces that of Run Unlimited and family, Prometheus Cometh, and Raymund. I didn’t stay long though for I had to go to San Fernando, Pampanga after the race. My heartfelt thanks to Run Unlimited for the photos and Prometheus Cometh for the ride. I went home with this in mind, “sub-hour 10k, you are just around the corner and intend to reach you!”

Run Unlimited, Prometheus Cometh, yours truly, and Raymund

A Well Organized Race

Race started on time, visible race distance markers, availability of “not smelly” portalets, race marshals knew their tasks, no hassles at the start/finish chute, strategically placed water stations, a systematic distribution of giveaways, plenty of freebies, the sound system and the emcee of the event were pleasing to the ears, and la la la. To top it off, race results were posted within the day.

DocFit: Takbo Para sa Puso was a race with 5k and 10k running events with categories for medical doctors and non-MDs. RunRio was the organizer.