Gatorade and Michael Jordan Celebrate 23 Years of Be Like Mike

As we sweat heavily during intense training and workout, we lose two important minerals (sodium and potassium), which Gatorade provides.  

Twenty-three years ago, Gatorade launched the Be Like Mike campaign in honor of one of the great athletes, Michael Jordan, whose name is associated with basketball and the jersey number “23”.  Gatorade cemented Jordan’s niche as a sports legend when the campaign became a hit in 1992.

This enduring and historic partnership of sports excellence and legacy still continue today.  To celebrate this milestone, Gatorade recently released a digitally remastered version of the iconic television commercial, a timely move since it also coincides with Gatorade’s 50th anniversary.  You can view the remastered Be Like Mike video from Gatorade Philippines’ YouTube channel.  

As part of its celebration, Gatorade  is inviting netizens to send photos or videos showing how they can Be Like Mike and use #BeLikeMike as hashtag.  The most creative post will win special Be Like Mike premium items. 

The long-standing partnership with Jordan reiterates Gatorade’s niche as the top-of-mind sports drink for the world’s finest athlete,”according to PepsiCo Philippines marketing manager for hydration.  As the most researched sports drink in the world, with more than 50 years of scientific and athletic testing to back it up, Gatorade has demonstrated its effectiveness in fueling sports excellence,” Atayde added.  Just as Gatorade was there with Jordan through all his victories, the brand is here for today’s new breed of athletes who want to make their own mark in sports history.