Here are Some Run United 1 Quick Updates!

Hi fellow runners and dear readers, here are some updates from the organizer regarding the upcoming Run United 1 Runrio Trilogy 1st Leg race on March 4.
“More than 11,000 runners already registered for the Run United 1 on March 4 and out of the 11,000 are 21K runners! This is the biggest 21K participation in the country.”

“We apologize for those who did not make it to the 21K registration. We will increase the allocation in our future races. [However], you can still join on March 4 by [registering in] the lower categories. Registration has been extented since we can’t increase the 21K slots [anymore]. Registration is only until March 2 but slots are not guaranteed. If slots would run out before March 2, we will close the registration. All registration sites are open.”

~ A Message from Coach Rio Dela Cruz~

Starting gun for the 21K category was adjusted to an earlier time from 5AM to 4:30AM. A maximum of 30-minute grace period to allow participants to start. Hence, by 5:01AM, the starting line will be closed to all runners. This is due to the limited time that the race organizer has been allowed to have the race route closed to traffic and for every one’s safety and security.

Free shuttle services are provided for all 21K runners from Mall of Asia (MOA) to Bonifacio Global City (BGC) starting at 2:30AM. This service will be available at 15-minute interval until the last trip scheduled at 3:30AM. After 3:30AM, the next shuttle service to BGC will only be available starting 6:30AM at a 15-minute interval with the last trip scheduled at 9:30AM. No shuttle services will be provided after 9:30AM.

Designated pick-up point is at Ocean Drive (located between Ecom Building and Block 12), Mall of Asia complex.  Drop off point is at Riovana Store, Bonifacio High Street branch, BGC.  Runners are recommended to plan their transportation in advance given these updates.

21K runners may leave their bags at any of the two designated Baggage Buses parked along the 9th Avenue near the Gun Start area at BGC from 2:30AM until 5AM only. You may claim your items from the same bus at Ocean Drive, Mall of Asia, after the race. Participants are strongly advised not to leave any valuables in their bags. The race organizer and any of its sponsors will not be held liable for any loss or damage to your personal items.
Below are key points to remember:
21K Runners
Starting line at BGC across Riovana
Baggage buses: 2:30AM to 5:00AM
Assembly time:  3:30AM
Starting gun:      4:30AM
Cut off of start:  5:00AM
Finish line: MOA

Shuttle Services*

MOA to BGC**: 2:30AM to 3:30AM in time for the 4:30AM gun start
MOA to BGC**: 6:00AM to 9:30AM

*all shuttle services are exclusive to 21K participants only
**available at 15-minute interval
5K Category Gun Start
The 5K gun start at MOA has also been adjusted to 5:30AM. This will be simultaneous with the 10K category at a separate starting line, which is also at MOA.

See you at the (21K) starting line!