Karera Lakas Pilipinas, 25 Aug. 2013

Here’s another adventure race that offers a unique experience for both endurance and multisport athletes.  If you are one of those looking for the NEXT LEVEL kind of a race, then Karera Lakas Pilipinas (KLP) is for you.   KLP is an avenue where one can experience various challenges along the race route and get to enjoy the value of fitness at the same time.

Registration and Race Details
Registration has started last June 15.  Early bird is until 25 July 2013.

Astig, a 5-km run with 20 obstacle courses.  Can be solo 5-km runner and is open to both male/female participants.  There’s also a team category called KAPATIRAN under this level.

Bangis, a 15.2km (200-m open water swim, 10-km bike, 5-km run with obstacle course).  Solo male/female.  The Bayanihan Bangis for team category.

Bayani, for uniformed personnel with two categories: BA – Bayani for Astig and BB – Bayani for Bangis 

Top 8 Reasons to be A Lakas Karerista

1.  Prior to race day, you can prepare for it by having your training at the Philippine Marine Corps’ fitness park at Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City.  

2.  You can try riding the marines transportation called M35.

3.  A visit to Cavite de Boracay in Ternate, Cavite where the event will be held.

4.  You’ll get a finisher’s shirt.

5.  And a loot bag, too.

6.  Plus, a dog tag! 

7.  Join the after-race “beach” party.

8.  Be part of this epic race.

The Obstacle Courses

1.  The Tunnel –  runners must climb up and down to get inside the tunnel.  Course refusal penalty: NONE

2.  300-m Boulder Maze – runners must walk the natural rock formation course with caution.  Penalty: NONE

3.  Low Crawl – runners move forward under the wire on their bellies to the end of the obstacle.  To reduce the tendency to push the crawling surface, it is filled with sand or sawdust to the far end of the obstacle.

4.  Maze – this is a maze of posts set in the ground with irregular and narrow spaces.  Participants must pick their way carefully through and around them. Lanes are provided to guide the racers in dodging and changing direction. Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

5.  Tunnels – these are concrete culverts constructed as part of the obstacle course (900mm in diameter and 10m in length).  Four tunnels are provided to accommodate the number of participants.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

6.  Wall –  participants need to jump and pull themselves up and over the wall.  The wall is 1.2m x 2.4m.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

7.  Balancing Logs – participants step on a log and either walk or run it while keeping their balance.  Penalty: Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

8.  Tough Nut – participants would negotiate the course by stepping over each X log in the lane.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

9.  Belly Buster – participants vault, jump or climb over the log.  The logs are not stationary.  They should avoid not rolling or rocking the log while others are negotiating it.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

10.  Pendulum Tires – participants will pass through a maze of tires suspended from a structure.  Car and truck tires are used alternately.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

11.  Weaver – participants have to weave through one bar and over the next.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

12.  Reverse Climb – participants have to climb the reverse incline and go down the other side to the ground.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

13.  Baby Crawl – participants have to balance themselves on a double rope by pulling themseles vertically using their arms to progress through the course.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

14.  Commando Crawl – this time, participants have to balance themselves on a single rope pulling themselves using their arms to progress through the course.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

15.  Rope Bridge – participants have to balance themselves in an upright position using the two ropes as a bridge and walking the course as they reach the end part.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

16.  Cargo Net – participants climb the net until they reach the very top of the obstacle then go down the other side to the ground.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

17.  Gorilla Bars – participants grasp two rungs of te ladder and swing themselves in the air.  They need to negotiate the length of the ladder by releasing one hand at a time and swinging forward until they reach the end of the obstacle’s length.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

18.  Inclining Wall – participants need to jump and grasp the top of the wal and pull themselves over it.  They can either slide or jump down the incline to the ground.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

19.  Mud Pit – participants will pass through a mud pit and swim their way out.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

20.  River Traverse – participants move forward under a low rail on their bellies to continue on with a run to the coast of the Force Recon Cove and climb a steep uphill towards the road.  Penalty: 5 mins. time delay

Safety is of utmost importance! An emergency response team will be on standby.  Training for this event is compulsory.  All participants must obey traffic rules as there are courses which may pass through the main roads.  Participants are enjoined to adhere to the rules and regulations of the challenges to ensure safety.

Funds raised in this event will be used for the Philippine Marines Corps’ various projects such as MARFIT or the Strength and Conditioning Program and for its Wounded Warrior’s Recovery and Reintegration Program.