Kick the Habit Fun Run

Every smoker who wants to quit needs the support of friends and family for him or her to be able to reach the goal towards a smoke-free life.”

17 October 2010
Newport City [Manila]


Family: 3K and 5K composed of at least four members each
Individual: 3K and 5K open for both male and female participants

The Kick the Habit Fun Run highlights the Buddy Run where a smoker and a runner are to be paired and simultaneously run with arms tied together in the 3k and 5k categories.

The objective is that the runner will continuously give the smoker the needed push for him to keep running during the whole duration of the course—both never letting go until the tandem crosses the finish line.

This fun run is brought to you by RunnerSpeak, the country’s first TV show about running and the active lifestyle together with the QC Lodge 122, an organization of Free and Accepted Masons under the jurisdiction of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of the Philippines and organized by Blue Magnet Marketing Solutions, Inc. urge you to take the first step at the Kick the Habit Fun Run, the first ever race in the Philippines particularly designed for smokers and their runner friends and family.

For details, contact Blue Magnet Marketing Solutions, Inc., race organizer.