Lost Command and their Panata Run

I’ve learned that some people in Manila, both young and old, walked for several hours towards the church of Antipolo as a religious tradition during Holy Week. I didn’t know how this tradition really started but a simple invite from the Lost Command running group made me say yes for their yearly Panata (religious vow) Run to Antipolo on a Holy Thursday. They’ve been doing it since 2001. Lost Command is a running group composed of hardcore and veteran runners.

Since I didn’t have any activity early in the morning except going to Batangas, I opted to run with them. They fetched me from my place and together we headed towards the meeting place in Ortigas. The group started to run at 5:05AM and reached Antipolo Church after running for over two and a half hours. Super thanks to Mel for the ride, to Jimmy for pacing with me, to Jun L for the photos and free bananas, and to everyone who made this run a nice one indeed.

L to R: Abe, Roger, Rely, Tisha, Mar Q, Mar “45”, Mel, Running Diva, and Jimmy

L to R: Boy S, Abe, Rely, Mar Q, Jun L, Mar “45”, Roger, Tisha, Mel (partly hidden), Jimmy, Ben, and Ver

(Photos Courtesy of Jun L)