Men’s Health Urbanathlon Strikes Again!

Last year, a friend of mine, a fellow blogger and a race organizer, invited me to join this race but I begged off. This year, well, I think I have to try this one. Not so sure what will happen, or, whether I can finish this, but let’s see. After all, we’ll never know until we try, right?

So, if you are a runner who’s willing to do something different, or, is tired of running the usual races, then, try urbanathlon with its tough and intense obstacles. This year’s race is expected to be the most demanding urbanathlon to date.

The Men’s Health Urbanathlon is a city-based, multi-disciplinary race that integrates various urban structures as part of the course and will be held on Nov. 7, 2010, Sunday, 5AM at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Note: Only 10K participants will get a finisher’s medal.


100 Route marshals to direct participants
30 Water Station Marshals
15 Lap Marker Marshals
4 Obstacle Control marshals on every obstacle, 2 Cue marshals and 2 penalty recorders
Lead Escorts and Traffic Police


Tire Dump
Balance Beam
Scaffolding Maze
Low Crawl

The tire dump is an enclosure with 200 tires differently stacked to one another. All participants must pass the tire dump.

There will be four balance beams which participants can use. Participants who didn’t want to go through the obstacle will be penalized [for] 5 minutes.

Participants would have to go inside it which has its inside heavily tied-up with garters to prevent participants to easily pass through. Length: 6 feet width x 18 feet length. Penalty: 10 minutes.

All participants will have to go on all fours to pass through the low crawl. The trick here is to use the flat of your inner thigh and the flat of your arms to crawl with ease. The length of the obstacle is about 10 meters with a height of 3 feet.
Penalty: 10 minutes.

Participants are not allowed to stand and run at the top of the hurdles. There will be a 30-second penalty for participants who will not climb up the obstacle. Penalty: 5 minutes.

The famous 8 foot wall which all participants must scale using a rope to go up and go down on the other side. Participants can help one another by carrying the other by going up and scaling down. Height: 20 feet x 8 feet. Note: Penalty of 15 minutes.

Artwork by Ian Alacar

Registration for the Men’s Health Urbanathlon begins Sept. 28 and ends Oct. 26, 2010. The registration fee for the race is P500.00 and includes a race shirt, drink stubs from Gatorade, food stubs courtesy of Century Tuna and an issue of Men’s Health magazine.

The Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2010 requires more than just perfect running form and endurance so make sure you are properly trained and fit for the event. 360° Fitness Club, the official gym partner of the Men’s Health Urbanathlon, offers race registrants a discounted membership training program designed by 360° Fitness Program Director Chappy Callanta. Visit the 360° Fitness Club at Strata 100 bldg., Ortigas Ave., Pasig City to experience the 360° workout and get race-ready in no time!

For more information about the race, visit or add [it] on Facebook,

[It] is brought to you by official sports drink Gatorade, official food sponsor Century Tuna, major sponsors V+ Jeans, MSense, Sun Cellular, minor sponsor Lipout, official heart rate monitor Suunto, official gym partner 360° Fitness Club and registration partner R.O.X. Special thanks to radio partners Magic 89.9, Jam 88.3 and RX93.1.