Micah True or Caballo Blanco, 58

I only had the opportunity to meet Micah True aka Caballo Blanco or White Horse from the pages of Born to Run written by Christopher McDougall. Thanks to fellow runner Master Eo for lending me the book three years ago. 

Born to run: a must read book
Born to run, the book: in a nut shell

Micah was famous for his advocacy of running free.  I even promoted the book in this blog, got some important running tips and wrote them in my running journal, and even placed one of his famous running quotes, “Running should be free, man,” on my blog’s sidebar.

Micah’s story inspired me to try ultra distances and a little barefoot running.  His feat in long distance running is incomparable and truly amazing!    
I learned of his passing (Please see story here) just recently from fellow runner Master Mykolant or Mykol.  

May we all be inspired by this legendary figure to run happy and free.