MILO® Celebrates 50 Years as a Brand and the 38th National Marathon

MILO Celebrates 50 Years as a Brand and the 38th National Marathon …

      To Build a Nation of Champions, 
              One Child, One Sport at a Time.

In 1974, the brand’s first ever sports event-the MILO® Marathon was launched.  With only 747 runners from a single race, it’s now a year-round, nationwide, multi-race event with over 200, 000 participants.  

On July 27, Sunday, the MILO® brand will celebrate the 38th National Marathon.  It has grown into a globally renowned running event having certified by the Association of International Marathons (AIMS) and International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), and hosts foreign marathoners from Kenya, Ethiopia, and other countries across the globe.  The race is organized by Runrio, lnc.

From a Greek Character

The name MILO® was coined after the Greek character Milo who was known for his extraordinary strength.  Inspired by its namesake, the brand MILO® uses its energy to strengthen Filipinos through sports (1964).

1980s witnessed the rise of the MILO® Sports Clinics which propelled many sports development programs including its life-long commitment on Building Champions.

A ‘MILO® a Day’ and ‘Growing Up with MILO® ‘ jingles became household hits in the 1990s. It was also at this time that the B-vitamins was launched.

In 2004 (40 years), the highlight of the celebration was the campaign that featured sports legends led by Lydia De Vega passing on the torch to upcoming champions.

Be part of its history!  See you at the starting line!