Missed Reaching the Finish Line!

Happy to get her race kit
Photo Courtesy of Carlos Serrano
Yes, a first time for Running Diva not to reach the finish line.  Definitely not because she gave up during the race.  The experience of running her first international marathon outside the country was kind of overwhelming for her.  

It was a different kind of route, a different level of difficulty and competitiveness, one has to factor in cold weather (her waterloo), every 5KM water hydration, no sports drinks provided, freaking sloping bridges, hilly tunnels, and different kind of runners, a bunch of world-class athletes who can finish running a full marathon in just over 2 hours, and runners who can finish a half marathon in just an hour.    

She’ll share with you in her next post what happened, what caused her not to finish the Macau International Marathon, and the beautiful experiences she had in Macau.