Mizuno Infinity Run Blogging Contest

This year, Mizuno is coming up with a blogging contest dubbed as “Mizuno Infinity Run 2010: Best Running Blogger’s Ad,” which officially started on March 1 and will end on April 4.



Must be a runner ~ Must have a blog (doesn’t matter if the blog is new or has been existing for ages) ~ Must know what the Mizuno Infinity Run 2010 is all about ~ Must be present on 11 April 2010 to claim the prizes

Criteria for Judging

Content (30%). This criterion will judge the ability of the blogger to convey the message to the audience. The post itself, from the headline to the manner and style of writing is considered. Content and how the content was presented is critical. This criterion will also judge the ability of the blogger to effectively communicate the message of the event, event organizers, and event sponsors to the people.

Creativity (20%). This criterion will judge the ability of the blogger to attract the audience. It is the total package, from the headline to the grammar to the effective use of images and sound.

Knowledge of Mizuno Items (15%). This criterion would judge the blogger’s ability to tell the audience about the Mizuno items he/she is using, and how they affect his/her performance.

Audience Impact (30%). This criterion would be based on the actual number of likes on the blog entry’s picture, on the Mizuno Run Club Facebook Fan page. One like serves as one point.

Hits (5%). This criterion would be based on the actual number of comments on the blog entry’s site. One comment serves as one hit.

How to Join

~ Create your blog entry

~ Email the link to the blog entry to infinityrun@mizuno.ph with the Subject: Mizuno Infinity Run 2010 Blog Entry
~ Visit www.facebook.com/mizunorunclub and check the links corner to see if a link to your blog entry is there, as well as the photos tab, to see if a picture of your blog entry is there
~ Tell your friends about your blog entry as well as ask them to check out the fan page, the more comments and likes you have on your blog entry’s picture, as well as on your blog entry’s site, the more chances of winning


Mizuno Running Shoes or 5000 GC (whichever you would prefer), Suunto T1C Watch, other stuff from our sponsors such as Gatorade

For more question, please email infinityrun@mizuno.ph.